TOAM07 – Interview with Rob Rufus

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 24th most-read post here on my blog. The 25th most popular post was "25% Off Logos Bible Software by Libronix."Interviewing Rob at the end of the Together on a Mission 2007 Conference was memorable, and those who listened to the mp3 will know just how much laughter was a part of the conversation. In December 2007, the written transcript of this interview with Rob Rufus was published on my blog and included the following segments: … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on the Future

UPDATE - In 2008, I was also able to record a video interview with Terry Virgo, that has also been transcribed.UPDATE In January 2008, this post was identified as the 14th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 15th most-read post was one in which I announced a major gift of free audio messages from Sovereign Grace Ministries.The following post is the summary post of an interview with the father of the family of churches of which I am thrilled to be a part, and a man I … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on the Distinctives of Newfrontiers

On the first day of my interview with Terry Virgo we spoke about his ministry and his view of the wider evangelical scene. Yesterday, we began to speak about how newfrontiers began, and how Terry was led to a radical view that apostolic ministry was never intended to stop when the Bible was completed. Today we will begin by examining in more detail what that looks like in practice.Terry, can you tell us a bit more about what are the distinctives of a group like Newfrontiers?In addition to the … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on The Early Days

I am joined again today by Terry Virgo, leader of the reformed charismatic group, Newfrontiers.Yesterday I spoke with Terry about his ministry and his view of the wider evangelical scene. Today I would like to begin by taking him back to the early days of his Christian life.AdrianTerry, can you tell us who particularly inspired you when you were a new Christian?TerryMy first pastor was a man called Ernest Rudman, who loved the Bible, was a real man of prayer and was committed to world missions. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo: Leader of Newfrontiers

It was a real delight to have the opportunity to spend some time with the leader of the family of churches I am a part of when Terry Virgo came to preach at the church I attend. He was kind enough to sit with me for what was a very interesting and open interview.Terry is perhaps not as well known to my American readers as he ought to be. He is , however, widely perceived among Christians of different backgrounds as something of an elder statesman in the UK church. Together with John Piper and … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – The Authors of Pierced for Our Transgressions

UPDATE - I have commented on criticism this post has received in a post entitled "Who is preaching another gospel?"The history of the Church is quite simply the history of unlikely heroes who God raises up to meet the challenges of the hour. It was a great delight for me to recently spend some time with two such heroes—Dr. Andrew Sach and Dr. Steve Jeffery. They are both Anglican ordinands studying at Oak Hill Theological Seminary and yet, together with their new Principal-Elect, Dr. Mike Ovey, t … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Four

UPDATE I have since also had filmed a video interview with Liam Goligher.This is the last post in my interview series with Liam Goligher. In previous posts we have addressed our distinctives, things that unite us, the atonement, and now to conclude, we will look at some very interesting comments Liam made about church government and structure. Towards the end of our time together, I asked Liam what he felt the current crisis in evangelicalism was teaching us about how we define evangelicalism. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Three

In the first post of my interview with Liam Goligher we focused on the distinctives on which he and I differ. In the second post we discussed some important challenges facing the church today. We now turn to an issue which is never far from my blog — the atonement.Perhaps because it is most topical right now, and perhaps because he has already written a popular book on the subject (The Jesus Gospel), the atonement seemed to arouse the most passion in Liam as we spoke. Liam’s book should, in my vi … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Two

In the first post of this interview with Liam Goligher we focused on the distinctives between our backgrounds. In this post we discuss important doctrinal challenges facing the church today which should prompt confessing evangelicals like Liam and myself to stand together. Tomorrow we will address the atonement and Liam's book on the subject.To Liam, unity is not everything. He reported receiving strong criticism from some prominent evangelicals over his stand on some of the issues we will … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism

It was a real privilege to speak with Liam Goligher recently, and it is a delight to now bring a report of that conversation here to my blog. Liam is a trustee of the Keswick Convention and a well-known Bible teacher. He leads Duke Street Church, an independent church in Richmond, UK which has approximately 400 members, with many more attending, making it a large church for England.Liam comes from a very different church background than I do. For example, he is happy to use the identification … [Read more...]