Spurgeon on the role of prayer in the blessing his ministry received

If most people were asked what was the reason for Spurgeon's success, they would probably say 'his preaching.'  But it is very interesting to note how strongly he believed prayer was responsible for the remarkable blessing that came on his ministry:WHEN I came to New Park Street Chapel, it was but a mere handful of people to whom I first preached; yet I can never forget how earnestly they prayed. Sometimes, they seemed to plead as though they could really see the Angel of the covenant … [Read more...]

Remembering Spurgeon: not just his success but also his depression

Today in 1856 my friends at Christian Heritage London reminded us, a great trial of depression was unleashed on Spurgeon.  We quite rightly think of him as a great preacher. But in an instant, he was transported into great depression. This was not the only time he experienced depression, either.None of us is immune from the troubles this world.  For Spurgeon the trigger was the carnage and death unleashed when someone cried out 'Fire!' during a gathering of 12,000 who were there to hear him p … [Read more...]

‘Leader? Be a servant of all’ – Jesus

 And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” (Mark 9:35) Leadership is all about servanthood, or so the saying goes. Jesus encourages us to be first at being last. To put the needs of others before our own. To not use people but spend ourselves on their behalf. This means developing the people you are responsible for.  It means actually caring for them. It means loving them more than you love yourself.  Of course the greatest example o … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso interviewed on BBC Radio 5 by Dotun Adebayo

Last night as our Jubilee Crossover Service came to an end, Dotun Adebayo interviewed my pastor, Tope Koleoso, for BBC national radio. It makes for quite an informative and amusing little clip, I'm sure you will enjoy it. … [Read more...]

The simple sermon that saved Charles Spurgeon

An unknown, unheralded, unremembered, unlearned substitute preacher impacted Victorian London, and the English speaking world beyond it more than he could ever have imagined.A young man, who happened into a small chapel, was arrested. These simple truths, spoken by a simple man who was never acclaimed during Spurgeon's life (several men claimed to be the preacher, but were not recognized, and it seems the real preacher was content to remain unacknowledged). These same words which … [Read more...]

Twenty differences between the Psalms and modern worship songs. 

Beware of presumption. We serve a holy God not a cuddly best mate.  There is a major difference between many modern worship music and the Psalms. Too many modern songs speak only of the love of God, and he is seen only as a gentle and loving friend.It's not that the worship songs are wrong. It's just that they can almost completely miss a different side of God's character. I want to explore that a little today before we focus in another post to an event that happened in 2 Samuel 6 which … [Read more...]

Leaders: remember the reason for your leadership 

There are two verses in 2 Samuel 5 which together make a very important point for every leader. Whether your leadership is at work, in the church, or at home, you do well to take notice of these verses. The first answers an important question: "how did David become a great King?" The answer is simple: because God was with him. It is God who raises up leaders. It is God who determines our positions. And it is God who grants success. This is a vital antidote to pride. "And David became greater … [Read more...]

The joy of being who God designed you to be. Or how to become a square peg in a square hole

Many of us go through life feeling like a square peg in a round hole.If we have any sense of destiny at all we think of it as something out there, unreachable.We feel like King David probably did for many years: out of place, awaiting that sense of fulfilling our destiny.I'm not altogether sure which is harder: not knowing what it is you were put on earth to accomplish, or knowing what you think it is, but being unable to achieve it.David had known since he was a young boy out … [Read more...]

Don’t despise new beginnings. On battling bloggers block and going back to the Bible

I'm back.Truth is, over the last few months I have been struggling.Struggling with a new job, which I enjoy but has been demanding more of my time, effort, and emotional energy than I expected.Struggling to balance work with all the other demands on my time.Struggling to be all that I am meant to me.Feeling like a failure many days and in many ways.Struggling to find both the time and emotional space to write.Struggling to know what I want to say, when it feels like I … [Read more...]

Q and A on Evangelism and the Evangelist with Rice Broocks and Tope Koleoso

The final session of last years 300 Leaders was a Q and A, which I chaired. Watch Rice Broocks and Tope Koleoso answer questions on Evangelism and the Evangelist. You can also watch other 300 Leaders videos: … [Read more...]