Jason Meyer on succeeding John Piper as pastor

Here are my notes on Jason Meyer's talk entitled "Pastoral Transition after a 32 year ministry."Beware of copying strategy. Strategy and supernatural are not opposed to each other. We can use chariots and horses but we must not trust in them.Paul came in weakness fear and trembling which would not get him good marks in a preaching class!Gods thoughts are not our thoughts. We must trust him with all our hearts.When asked by Piper if he was interested in taking on this role he said … [Read more...]

Liberating ministry from the success syndrome – Kent Hughes

Here are my notes from tonight's talk at the DGM pastors conference.You don't need to be extraordinary to be in ministry just called.Can a man be a success in the ministry and pastor a small church?What is failure in the ministry?What is success in the ministry?Secular thinking puts a number on everything.1. No place in the Bible where God's servants are called to be successful but rather faithful. You can be hugely successful in ministry and be a huge failure in Gods eyes. … [Read more...]

Preach and pray, love and stay – Mark Dever

Here are a few notes from the pre conference session which just ended entitled "The disciple making pastor" by Mark DeverMatt 28 & 1 Peter 5Jesus is The Senior Pastor Like Jesus a good pastor lays down his life for his sheep. How should pastors do this?1. Preach Making disciples doesn't only happen one to one. Many churches are orthodox on paper and dead in practice. We must give ourselves to preaching and not programs. The heart of your ministry is your private study.2. Pray Show … [Read more...]

Help us make a documentary on the life of Spurgeon

A few weeks ago, Steve McCaskell approached me with an interesting idea to crowd source funding for a full-length high-quality documentary on the life of Spurgeon. He had already raised almost $9,000 on his first crowd-source funding to support the publication of a book of Spurgeon quotes, Through the Eyes of Spurgeon.Crowd sourced funding is simply a way to take the financial risk out of big projects like manufacturing a new product, or in this case producing a film designed to inspire a … [Read more...]

Desiring God live conference stream

I'm here at the Desiring God conference . As we landed my flight attendant said "welcome to Minneapolis where the time is 7:30 and the weather is very cold!"The weather may be cold but the fellowship and the teaching will be warm I am sure!Fortunately thanks to modern technology you can join in too! I will be sharing a few brief notes of my impressions of at least some of the sessions.But better than that, you can tune in and watch the conference live over the Internet.The … [Read more...]

God wants to bless you! Tope Koleoso in St Louis

You would think I hear Tope preaching enough, but here I am sitting in my host's house here in New Jersey watching some of this video from this morning's service in Jubilee Church St Louis where Tope was preaching. It's well worth watching, he preaches on how to receive God's blessing. God loves you and wants to, and is eager to bless you!Tope's main points were:Being blessed starts with obedience It is advanced by faith It involves sacrifice Is sustained by faith … [Read more...]

New Jersey, St Louis, and Minneapolis

I am very excited about my trip to the USA this week. God has been knitting my heart to a fantastic pastor of a thriving church in New Jersey, Kevin Brown and his wonderful family. I can smell the anointing that is on these folk and I'm thrilled to join them and Perfecting Church for the weekend and preach their.While I am preaching there, my pastor Tope Koleoso will be preaching at Jubilee Church, St Louis. I have spent some wonderful times in that church and have some great friends there. … [Read more...]

Spurgeon’s last words from his last sermon

I thought I would share the following which constitute the final words of the final sermon Spurgeon ever preached.  There are many other sermons that were published later than this in the published volumes, as they kept publishing them after his death.  These are fitting words to close such a remarkable ministry: Was he not a good Lord when he first took us into his army of salvation? What a curious crew they were that enlisted under David! “Every one that was in debt, and every one that was dis … [Read more...]

What Mark Driscoll likes about Joel Osteen

In the middle of an interview about Driscolls new book (which I reviewed here) is a fascinating aside from Driscoll, never one to pull his punches, about America's most prominent pastor, Joel Osteen, who many like to criticise:  "I am aware of the theological differences that exist between our tribe and Pastor Joel. I also know my Reformed brothers like to treat Pastor Joel like a piñata, but there are worse things than being happy and encouraging at a time when the most common prescription m … [Read more...]

Facts about Spurgeon 121 years since his death

121 years ago today Spurgeon died. 100,000 people lined his funeral route to mourn the passing of one of the Victorian era's most significant public figures.  You could do a lot worse than signing up for a new email devotional that begins tomorrow which is a lightly edited version of one of his devotional books.It seems highly unlikely that Spurgeon will ever be surpassed either in his influence as a preacher, or in his unrivalled status as the most prolific and most-read christian author of … [Read more...]