A personal note on the planned Spurgeon Documentary


I wanted to share a bit more about the Spurgeon documentary we are currently seeking crowd-sourced funding for. Our goal is simple: we want to introduce Spurgeon to a new generation and encourage people to find out more about him. If we cover our costs, then the documentary will be made, and will at some stage be made available to stream free online.  Making it will involve a group of us taking annual leave and filming at some of the key sites in Spurgeon's life what we hope will be a … [Read more...]

Faithfully Pursuing Fruitfulness

This is taken from a guest post I have written this morning on the Desiring God Blog:One key aspect in how we faithfully pursue fruitfulness is what we are hoping for. After last week’s post on Spurgeon, I was asked by someone which of his books I would recommend to begin with if they’ve never read him before. I am tempted to just say, Any of them! But perhaps that’s not a very helpful answer! If you are wrestling with this issue of what our goals in ministry should be, then The Soul Winner w … [Read more...]

How carefully do you look? Can you beat the radiologists?


OK, I want you to imagine for a moment that you are a top radiologist, examining CT-scans for minute traces of possible cancer. Get yourself into that mindset, then examine this scan:So, what did you notice? Did you fixate on a couple of white dots and try to decide if they were cancer or not? Or, did you see the gorilla in the top right hand corner?If you missed the gorilla, you are actually in good company. 83% of all highly skilled, highly trained, highly focussed radiologists … [Read more...]

Don’t read the Puritans, read Spurgeon!

This post was a guest post about Spurgeon, surprisingly enough given my current interest in him over at Desiring God's fabulous blog. If you don't read that blog already, I urge you to do so. I must confess to having slightly overstated my point in the title of this post. I rejoice in the recent resurgence of interest in the Puritans, who have so much to teach us. Perhaps a better way to capture the thought propelling this post would be “Use Spurgeon to Create a Bridge to the World of the P … [Read more...]

“No God? I live in him!” Spurgeon’s divine experience

In this quote from Spurgeon he reveals a depth of spiritual experience that frankly surpasses that of the vast majority of Christians today, whether charismatic or cessationist. But surely we can and should all aspire to know something of the depths of experience he knew?"Beloved brethren and sisters in Christ, I think that you and I can say, that to us the surest fact in all the world is that there is a God. No God? I live in him. Tell a fish in the sea there is no water. No God? Tell a man … [Read more...]

Videos from Desiring God Pastors Conference

All of the videos of the talks at the recent Desiring God Conference for Pastors are now up online together with the audio and a songlist. I thought I would share the video from Tope's and the Q and A here, but the rest of them are all well worth viewing too. The event as a whole will have major reverberations in the lives of hundreds of pastors and their churches. Please pray for wisdom for everybody that was there to know how to implement what they learnt. Whether you are a pastor or not, I … [Read more...]

Mack Stiles – Supernatural Missions

My notes from the Mission talk here at the DGM Pastors Conference. We affirm the power of the gospel and the call of God to make disciples of all nations.The world can be turned upside down by a few people, with a little funding, and biblical strategy.In missions we must not move from the supernatural to the professional.Gospel primacy. Our lives must line up with the gospel. Teach your people to be confident about the gospel.Gospel purity. Cultural context doesn't trump the eternal … [Read more...]

Darrin Patrick – The Work of an Evangelist

We are told to be humble but confident. We are told of the sovereignty of God, and our responsibility. We are to do the work of an evangelist but Jesus saves.How can we possibly help dead people become alive? We can't but Jesus can.We have come up with many ways to do evangelism.1. Attractionalism 2. Legalism 3. Individualism 4. Culturalism 5. RelationalismHow are we meant to do this thing? Acts 16.1. Appropriately contextualise. Not over- or under- contextualisation.2. … [Read more...]

John Piper on George Herbert

Surgeons can do their works without words. Pastors can't. But the great aims of our work are not decisively brought about by our word but by God.But the way we use words matters. The content clarity and spirit in which we use words are critical.George Herbert emphasised the poetic nature of much of God's communication in the Bible.Paul planted. Apollos watered. God gave the growth. The way you plant and water makes a difference.Herbert chose preaching in a small church rather than an … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso on Sovereign grace, spiritual gifts and the pastor

The shepherd has to know who to handle the sovereign grace of God and spiritual gifts.It can be done. It should be done. It must be done. These are not optional.Tope explained he is standing on the shoulders of men like Terry Virgo, Jack Hayford and John Piper.Why would anyone be hesitant, cautious, resistant to the Holy Spirit? It comes down to fear.I am careful not to despise prophecy but I do recognise nonsense. Sometimes people in the name of the Holy Spirit are hurtful, … [Read more...]