Churches lead by teams of very different people change the world

It is important to note that the churches in Acts were led by teams. This was such a crucial thing to Paul that there was an occassion when he refused to preach when a door was open to him because his team were not with him.This point is so vital that I intend to dwell on it for several posts, in a sub-series "leadership teamwork that changes the world"For today suffice it to say that the bible nothing of the modern concept of one man exclusively leading. Teams need a leader for sure, and Paul … [Read more...]

Teamwork: what stands in the way of real community?

For those who have read the post from earlier about the biblical "one-anothers", I hope it has inspired you to consider the need for community life and teamwork. I thought I would share a great quote about this with you "Community is the commitment to care for each other and act together- it is not friendship" John Hosier 1991John then went onto list some hinderances to community which I have adapted slightly: * 1.Some don't want it * 2. Some say they want it but really they don't- they are … [Read more...]

Team work as defined by the One Anothers of the bible: true community

Church is all about community, and teamwork. I intend to blog a lot more about team in the next little while (UPDATE: I have now done so at It is teamwork that will change the world) . To whet your attitude and to underline to any unchurched christian out there that solitary christianity is deeply unsatisfying, here are a list of many of the "one anothers" of the bible- we cannot do these unless we are in a real community that allows us to interact with each other. Please read these slowly, … [Read more...]

Social Styles Questionnaire- scored version!

Thanks for the many of you that have been helping me to design a new Social Styles in Church questionnaire. I think I have got it pretty much how I like it. If you want to know what the questionnaire means, perhaps if it is not too much trouble you could complete it one more time, and at the end it will tell you a little about what the results mean. … [Read more...]

The Social Styles in Church Questionnaire v2.0

I know this must be annoying for many of you who are no doubt itching to know what your scores mean. I have ammended the questionnaire somewhat and it is now available to take online at Click here to take surveyI am afraid that there is still nothing to tell you about the results. Please bear with me on that, as I will be letting you know just as soon as this thing is performing a little better. Any further comments would be great, and it would also be nice if some of you who took the test … [Read more...]

What social style are you?

Am developing a questionnaire, and would really value your help with it. Please download it the questionnaire itself complete it then let me know in either an email or as a comment to this post the total number of each letter results you chose. (ie A=10 B=5 C=1 D=0 etc)I will explain the scores and what this means after a period of "blind" testing. … [Read more...]