Did Germany just ban being a Jew or Muslim?

A German court has taken aggressive secularism and it's attempts to establish an atheocracy a step further, and we should all be concerned. What happens in a single European country often spreads elsewhere in Europe and even to the USA.  In a case involving a Muslim family who had opted to follow their religion and have their son circumcised, the court ruled that circumcision, " . . even when done properly by a doctor with the permission of the parents, should be considered as bodily harm if it … [Read more...]

How a child with Down's syndrome can teach you about life

This wonderful short account of the impact an extraordinary daughter has had on this Mum is worthy of a read. Some may want to eradicate people like this. But God allows their suffering for a purpose.  Of course that does not remove all the pain. But it sure makes it more bearable.  I am sure you will appreciate this testimony.  Thank you My daughter, Megan, will be 18 this year. Over the last 17 years she has made me laugh, she has made me cry, she has shown me how to love unconditionally and sh … [Read more...]

A graphical weekend with my daughter – revising Chemistry GCSE Higher level Science EdExcel

My daughter is really an artist rather than a scientist.  But I am quite proud of what we just produced. This is the joys of having a 15 year old. You get to remind yourself what it was like to be stuck in revising.  I secretly quite enjoy working with her on all this.  And most of the time I think she is glad that her old man still just about remembers at least some of his science and can usually work out the rest!Anybody else out there doing a similar thing this weekend? … [Read more...]

Introducing George the Big Little Drummer

When I first started this blog it was very much for my kids and family. These days I think I don't talk about them on here often enough. But I reckon you lot will love these couple of videos, which I suspect demonstrates well which of his parents my son takes after. Well, actually perhaps both of us, as he is something of a confident public person, whilst also a budding musician perhaps? … [Read more...]

"One in ten single men prefer iPads to women"

Reported online is a poll that headlines One in ten single men men prefer iPads to women. The poll results showed that some 11% of single guys when given the choice of getting a new iPad would choose that rather than a new girlfriend. Clearly this tells us one thing: those who worry that Apple share are in danger of going south may be wrong! A product that is essentially a nice tool and nice toy rolled into one that in any mans eyes is better than having a girlfriend is some amazing product, … [Read more...]

Video invitation to this years Unbelievable? Reasons to believe conference.

The above video says it all. I am sure this will be a great conference, and if you are in the UK you may well want to consider going. More information is available from Premier. … [Read more...]

Your Easter video invitation to meet the risen Jesus at a church near you

I urge you if you are reading this blog, go to an Easter service this year. Maybe it's been a long time since you came to church. Maybe you have been hurt by other churches. But the question isn't have churches done wrong. The question isn't even has anyone lived up to the expectations God puts on them. We know the answers to those questions. The question is did Jesus rise again. If he did then we are compelled to follow him, to worship him. A church near you will be putting on an Easter guest … [Read more...]

Five reasons why you should read a book about the resurrection this week

1. Christians often speak about the need to stay close to the cross, and there are many who urge people to read a book about the Cross each year. Why not also read a book about the resurrection?2. When you read the preaching in Acts, or the teaching of letters like Romans it is very clear that the resurrection lies at the very heart of the gospel. Yet it is often not at the heart of our study or proclamation.3. In possibly the most wrongly neglected verse in the Bible, Paul proclaims Jesus … [Read more...]

Buy Phatfish’s New Single and support clean water for everyone

The video above explains why Phatfish have partnered with Samaritan's purse to promote a campaign to send clean water to people who don't have it in the name of the one who gives living water! Watch it, then buy the track on iTunes. … [Read more...]

Apostles today: Ed Stetzer – The Permanent Revolution: An Interview with Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim – Part 2

Fantastic to see someone like Ed Stetzer giving room on his blog to the idea that apostles today are critical:Let us be quite categorical here: We are in no way suggesting that the ongoing and legitimate role of the apostolic person in the life of the church in any way adds to, alters, or subtracts from the original canon of Scripture.  We don't know of anyone within broad evangelical circles who would say this.  Any such claims should be dismissed immediately. What we are saying is that the … [Read more...]