Wrighteousness By Andrew Wilson

Today Andrew Wilson continues his guest series on as he puts it "Wrightesousness"! John Piper and Tom Wright are my two favourite theologians. So I feel somewhat intimidated by the prospect of explaining why I think Wright’s most recent book, Justification, despite being outstanding and inspiring in many places, hasn’t really answered Piper’s questions. If I hadn’t just written my own book arguing both for Wright’s big picture and for Piper’s view of justification and imputed righteousness, then … [Read more...]

Wright, Piper, The Earth And The Sun By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson has been kind enough to write the following guest post for me. You really should get a copy of his books God Stories and Incomparable - they have been very well received. For more about the New Perspectives, and Wright in particular, there is a Sinclair Ferguson talk on the Gospel Coalition website. I’ve noticed a puzzling trend emerging in the last year or so, in all the debates we’ve seen over the gospel. It goes like this. If a Reformed theologian writes a book defending the his … [Read more...]

Easter Wouldn't Be Easter Without A Row About The Atonement

The battle lines continue to be clearly drawn despite the best efforts to be "charitable" to both sides by those who try to occupy the middle ground. In an outrageous newspaper article which only cites one Bible verse and even that out of context, Giles Fraser declares "What vicious God would demand Jesus sacrificed for our sins? We should ditch this view of Easter"I am not surprised by the strong language used by the opponents of the view of the cross generally called "penal substitutionary … [Read more...]

THE ATONEMENT DEBATE – Steve Chalke Confirms He Does Not Believe in Penal Substitution

I do want to thank Steve Chalke for the honesty and openness in his contribution to the recent book, The Atonement Debate. He is very bold, and explains his position with far more clarity than I feel he has done before. Reading his chapter was worthwhile as there is much confusion about what Chalke really believes. Indeed, many people, including N. T. Wright, have gone so far as to make pronouncements about what they are sure Chalke believes. But in this book we find the answer to the question … [Read more...]

11th Most Read Post – The Atonement: Wright Attacks Both Sides of the Debate

No. 11 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on April 23, 2007, and examined what is possibly the most controversial article Bishop Tom Wright has ever written. In it, I questioned his ability to criticize some who dismiss Penal Substitutionary Atonement while approving of Steve Chalke, stating his own support for a form of PSA, and decrying angrily the value of the book, Pierced For Our Transgressions. I posed a number of questions to Wright in private e-mails, and sadly, he … [Read more...]

13th Most Read Post – Tom Wright's Response to John Piper

No. 13 on the list of most read posts on this blog appeared on November 19, 2007, and was part of a series of posts on the debate between Bishop Tom Wright and John Piper over justification. Other parts of this series which would have made the top 30 in their own right include: John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious DiscernmentJohn Piper: Is N. T. Wright Preaching Another Gospel?The series is summarized here: Piper on Wright Conclusion: What is Justification?The post is republished here in its … [Read more...]

Review of the Blog – April 2007: Atonement Wars

UPDATE - Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.Today I will continue my review of the last year's blogging which we began yesterday. April was a very interesting month for me on this blog. So much so that it deserves an entire post. It was a month which single-handedly seemed to dramatically raise my UK readership, and that rise persisted after the month ended. Since I have historically had so many US readers … [Read more...]

John Owen on the Atonement and Justification

You can count on John Owen to bring some light and clarity into a debate. The following lightly edited quote was sent in by a reader and is really helpful:"That which we affirm is that our sins were so transferred on Christ as that thereby he became responsible to God and liable to punishment in the justice of God for them. He was perfectly innocent in himself; but took our guilt on him, or our liability to punishment for sin. He may be said to be the greatest debtor in the world, who never … [Read more...]

BOOK – Piper on Wright, Conclusion: What is Justification?

I have now come to the end of my series responding to John Piper's new book, The Future of Justification. Here is a list of the previous posts:John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious DiscernmentJohn Piper Challenges N. T. Wright on JustificationPiper Explains the Classic View of Justification Versus N. T. Wright's ViewPiper and Wright: Does Justification by Faith Save Us?John Piper: Is N. T. Wright Preaching Another Gospel?Legalism Versus Grace in First Century JudaismHard and Soft … [Read more...]

Does Piper Neglect the Resurrection?

Many of the opponents of the doctrine of justification and penal substitution criticize us for not being as interested in the resurrection as the cross. I increasingly think that it is not so fair to accuse most evangelical theologians of not having a place for the resurrection in our system of beliefs. I do feel, however, that we perhaps under-emphasize the resurrection at times.As I was reading this book, I was aware that, of course, Piper was interacting with Wright's views of the cross, so … [Read more...]