John Piper Challenges N. T. Wright on Justification

On Friday I introduced a series on John Piper’s response to N. T. Wright in The Future of Justification. We saw that to Piper the most critical difference between N. T. Wright and himself is that Wright does not believe that Christ's righteousness is in any way transferred to our account. This is a vital, vital point. Without this concept of an alien righteousness either credited or transferred to us, ironically, both the Protestant and the Roman Catholic understandings of salvation unravel. W … [Read more...]

John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious Discernment

<iframe style="WIDTH: 120px; HEIGHT: 240px" align="right" hspace="20" vspace="12" src=" Tom Wright has long been the darling of many evangelicals. He is praised particularly for his work on the resurrection. But there is another side to Wright which is coming increasingly to the fore. His ability to woo evangelicals has, … [Read more...]

ATONEMENT – Who is Preaching Another Gospel?

My interview with the authors of pierced for our transgressions seems to have created something of a stir. The comments section shows two very distinct reactions to the way I chose to close the interview. When one uses google blogsearch to track the way others have written about it on their own blogs a similar picture emerges.Now, what is interesting to me is the strong reaction to me citing Paul's curse on those who preach another gospel to him. I did not curse anybody myself, and have no … [Read more...]

UCCF Issues Further Statement on Steve Chalke and the Spring Harvest Split

I reported here a while back that Bishop Broadbent, leader of the Spring Harvest team, has accepted that disagreements over Steve Chalke played at least some role in the split between Word Alive and Spring Harvest. Today the UCCF issued a follow-up statement on their website which seems to aim to be conciliatory.There is still no official statement or comment from Spring Harvest itself as an organisation in response to the ones from UCCF. Neither has Steve Chalke replied to the following … [Read more...]

N. T. Wright on Paul and the Resurrection Empowered Life

At the beginning of this series of “Resurrection Sunday” posts I bemoaned the relative lack of books on the subject. One of my readers was kind enough to remind me that, of course, N. T. Wright has written on the resurrection. I thought the following quote was definitely worth sharing with you: “For Paul, the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the heart of the gospel (not to the exclusion of the cross, of course, but not least as the event which gives the cross its meaning); it is the object of … [Read more...]

The PCA Considering Excluding Followers of N. T. Wright

Lig Duncan has been part of a committee that has been considering the teachings of the New Perspectives on Paul (NPP), and especially N. T. Wright, for several months on behalf of the Presbyterian Church in America.They have now made a number of clear declarations as listed below, and the closing paragraphs of the report suggest to me that they have concluded that to hold these views should become inconsistent with continuing as a minister or preacher in a PCA church. They make a number of … [Read more...]

Wright Quotes That Affirm Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Justin Taylor helpfully points to some quotes from N. T.Wright that seem to clearly affirm a penal substitutionary view of the atonement. I am left, though, with two questions from the article Wright published earlier in the week.1. Why then does he respond so very negatively to the new book Pierced For Our Transgressions?2. Does Steve Chalke really believe what Wright does despite his clear condemnation of all forms of PSA? … [Read more...]

The Atonement – N. T. Wright Attacks Both Sides of the Debate

UPDATE November 2008- Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.UPDATE #3In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 11th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 12th most widely read post was "The Toronto Blessing"—When the Church Seemed To Be Going Mad.This post examines possibly the most controversial article Wright has written. In it, I question his ability to criticize some who d … [Read more...]

BLOGDOM TODAY – Dinner, Conferences, N. T. Wright, and the State of Preaching

DINNER WITH CAROLYN McCULLEYCHALLIES CONFERENCE LISTTHE JOLLETTE BLOGSDAVID WAYNE TACKLES N. T. WRIGHTAL MOHLER ON THE STATE OF PREACHING Solo Femininity: A Charitable ConversationCarolyn McCulley was kind enough to blog about a great dinner a group of us had when Tope and I were in Washington.Tags: adrianw blogging"I believe in the value of good conferences. Though short-lived, conferences can be a wonderful time of growth, challenge and refreshment."As a service to the Christian community, Tim … [Read more...]

New Perspectives on Paul, by N.T. Wright

Found this article New Perspectives on Paul, by N.T. Wright. I havent had time to read it all yet, but would be interested in a critique from my blogger friends. Can we find good even in New perspectives which many of us largely disagree with? … [Read more...]