SERMON: What has sustained John Piper for thirty years?

These notes are from the morning session of the 300 conference we recently had with John Piper. I have set them to auto-publish today, as I have been reliably informed that by now the video and audio of both this talk and the excellent Q and A should be available from pop over and watch it if like me you are getting Piper withdrawal syndrome! I hope you enjoy this talk which was vintage John Piper. He was clearly enjoying himself as he preached one of only a very few messages … [Read more...]

Will you join me as part of the 1% ?

Desiring God is definitely my favorite ministry in the whole world (unless of course you include the family of churches of which I am a part). There is no doubt that they have done an incredible amount of good. For years they have been very generous offering a vast array of materials for free online.We seem to be beginning to realize as a culture that expecting individuals and organizations to give information away for nothing is not really viable. Desiring God are facing significant … [Read more...]

BOOK NOW if you want to hear John Piper in London: Last few places!

 As I have mentioned before, on June 26th John Piper will be the speaker at our second "300 Leaders" event here in London. This is an opportunity to you to hear Piper in a smaller, more intimate setting, and network with other leader from a variety of different backgrounds.  You need to book in now tickets are almost sold out.Piper will also be preaching at Jubilee Church in North London at 10 AM the next day. This will be following his speaking engagement at the EMA which I … [Read more...]

A Sentence can change your life

This post will explain why I am so keen to invite you to join us to hear John Piper live on 26th and/or 27th June, especially if you are already a leader or are thinking that God might be calling you to some leadership role in the church. The reason is very simple:  A single phrase anointed by the Holy Spirit might transform your life, and hence the life of the church you are in.  Tickets are disappearing fast, so book now!  The following is an excerpt from a John Piper sermon: I have often he … [Read more...]

Hear John Piper Live in London

On June 26th John Piper will be the speaker at our second "300 Leaders" event here in London. You will want to book in now at the site if you are a church leader of any level, or a potential one. We are expecting tickets to sell out very quickly.Piper will also be preaching at Jubilee Church in North London at 10 AM the next day. This will be following his speaking engagement at the EMA (where he is speaking on the Holy Spirit). I understand a few places are left and I am gutted that I will … [Read more...]

John Piper taking eight-month break from ministry

It was announced yesterday that from May 1 to December 31 John Piper will be taking a step back from his ministry for a prolonged period to refocus his priorities. I respect and admire the humility, honesty, and commitment this represents. No one, not even Piper, is indispensable to God's mission. But every husband is irreplaceable to his wife. This was also well explained in the second half of yesterday's sermon, the video of which is below. I recommend you watch the whole video as this is a … [Read more...]

Pastors Conference Day Three

The conference is now over.  Its reverberations now begin. And at the beginning of this post I want to say a massive thank you to all the staff and volunteers from DGM who ran this event.  Scott Anderson led the team and hosted the event incredibly well and the warmth and helpfulness from everyone involved was very much appreciated.  To partner in the gospel with so many brothers from another nation was a privilege.Once again I found myself feeling very much at home in the worship time. Hands r … [Read more...]

Pastors Conference Day One

Yesterday was an amazing day.  The relational warmth of the people here and their passion for Jesus is infectious.  It was exceptional to meet Sam Storms, who I interviewed via email back in 2006, and whose ministry I have watched from afar. Look out for a video interview with him in the not-too-distant future here.I went to a "pre-conference" with Paul Tripp. He relentlessly pursued us all to make sure our private lives matched the public, urging pastors to make themselves vulnerable to o … [Read more...]

My Travel Journal – Bethlehem Baptist Church

Usually when I attend a conference, I sit through the sessions typing furiously trying to capture as much of what God is saying to us through his Word as I possibly can. This is not an easy task, but it is one I enjoy. It is something I am sure I will do many times over the next few years, as I have no intention of stopping.However, preaching is not about making the process of transferring information from the speaker's notes to the hearers' notes as efficient as possible. We are meant to … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso Concludes His Assessment of the DGM National Conference 2008

This is the third and final video of Tope speaking about the recent conference in Minneapolis. In this video he speaks about both Driscoll and Piper's talks. … [Read more...]