links for 2006-02-01 Terry Virgo on personal prayer, church growth and preaching Top quote: "If Biblical truth is taught systematically with life and vitality, people are built up, set free and equipped." (tags: interview newfrontiers prayer preaching bible) Sovereign Grace - Worship God Live I found two great "new" hymns here two great updated versions of Spurgeons favorite "God moves in a mysterious way" and "O God our help in ages past". You can buy them on their own to dowload or … [Read more...]

Praying for the church

Last night I was on babysitting duty but my wife tells me that our evening prayer meeting focussed once more on our nation, but also the nations of West Africa. One of the most exciting things that happened in 2005 was us as a church beginning a partnership with the newfrontiers churches in West Africa. John Kpikpi is a real man of faith and prayer who heads up that whole region. His gentleness and devotion to the cause of Christ impacted us greatly when he came to London and preached at … [Read more...]

Gods Glorious multicultural church

John Kpikpi of newfrontiers west Africa joined us on Sunday and preached an excellent sermon on why the church should be multicultural. It is a challenge to many churches, and so it left us very grateful for the wonderful thing that God is doing in us at Jubilee - such a thing happening in many churches really does have the chance of changing the world. … [Read more...]

What is a Reformed Charismatic?

UPDATESI have posted more about definitions of a Reformed position, and degrees of being a charismatic elsewhere.In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 7th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 8th most-read post was my interview with C. J. Mahaney, who heads up Sovereign Grace Ministries.In this post I endeavor to explain that curious phenomenon—a charismatic Calvinist or "reformed charismatic." There was a time when we were considered an o … [Read more...]

Know your denominations and church groupings: newfrontiers

Pseudo-Polymath asks for an explanation of what it is that leads to us having divisions in the body of Christ. I thought I would spend a few moments explaining what it is about the family of churches I am a part of newfrontiers that draws me to be so glad to be a part of it.It is a FAMILY- not so much a denomination as a relationship based group of churches who work together and build team both within individual churches and between groups of churches. I love being cared for an having a part … [Read more...]

My favorite Christian authors – Terry Virgo

For more information on Terry Virgo, the leader of newfrontiers follow this link where I have collected a wealth of links from around the web or read my interview with Terry Virgo. Terry Virgo is a great hero of mine. I have been priviledged enough to meet him, and unlike many of our modern day Christian leaders he is incredibly humble and approachable. Having founded a network of newfrontiers churches that spans the globe he continues to be full of faith about the church.His autobiography, no … [Read more...]

Listen to newfrontiers Leadership 2004 training

You can now listen to audio sermons from newfrontiers Leadership 2004 conference. Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission. Some of these messages are really very important to listen to. I would especially commend the Tery Virgo sessions where he speaks on David and Saul. I owe so much to this family of churches which I am thrilled to be a part of. … [Read more...]

Reformed charismatics do exist

Further proof that such a creature exists if you needed it could be found in the talk I listened to this morning by Terry Virgo given at the recent Leaders conference in Brighton. Sadly I missed the conference as I was looking after the children so my wife could go.Anyway, his comments included the following which stood out to me....When speaking of Gods choice of specific people to be saved and have specific roles he made the point that whilst Golliath had said 'Choose a man for yourselves' … [Read more...]

Are the 'New Church' streams stagnating?

In common with the not so 'New' Labour, I guess many people must be ruing the use of the word 'new' in connection with church. For many within what is still called the 'New Church movement' -even though it started some 40 years ago- it would seem that the wind is going out of the sails.An article I came accross recently on the Christianity + Renewal magazine stated "John Finney, Chairman of Lee Abbey and former Anglican Bishop of Pontefract, who, in his book, The Fading Splendour, (DLT 2000 … [Read more...]

Songs of praise with a difference!

Songs Of Praise on BBC 1 gets the newfrontiers treatment on Sunday 5th October. Simon Virgo will be interviewed with comments from Terry and Wendy. The BBC wanted to do a programme featuring 'Prodigals' and Simon agreed to appear on the show to tell his story. This programme may show church in a rather different light to what you have experienced before! … [Read more...]