Today: Digital release of "Higher" by Phatfish

Today is the digital release of 'Higher' by Phatfish. It is available to purchase worldwide through a variety of sources including iTunes and Amazon.Watch the video of "And Can It Be" from 'Higher' and read my thoughts on the song. You can also visit Phatfish’s website to download the sheet music or learn about their other songs on their new album. … [Read more...]

In Jesus – New Phatfish CD that Rocks – Special Offer

Leading Christian band, Phatfish, have just released In Jesus on CD and MP3 download.I am not very good at writing a review of CDs, but in my mind this an even better sound than their previous CDs. There is a great rocky feel to the whole CD and the songs are biblically robust, as well as being great to listen to. No wonder this is one of the most popular Christian bands in the UK.I urge you to consider getting this, and they have been kind enough to offer a special price for blog readers.Make … [Read more...]

In Jesus – Free New Christian Song that ROCKS by Phatfish

My friends at Phatfish, one of the coolest Christian bands out there have made available the title track of their forthcoming album for FREE download. I love it, and I am sure you will too. Watch this space for a special offer to buy the full CD or download at a special discount to readers of In the meantime, their compilation album, 15 is still available to order.The 'IN JESUS' tour starts in just a few days so if you are in the UK, book your tickets today. Catch the band … [Read more...]

Interview – Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish

Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This is an interview with Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish filmed at New Word Alive 2009. Louise was in a cheeky mood and we had a good time talking about their forthcoming albumn, what its like to be a mum and a member of a band, and how they both found New Word Alive. For more information about this wonderful family band, see the Phatfish website where you can buy CDs of their music or my interview with Nathan from … [Read more...]

NWA09 – Terry Virgo on The Prodigal Son Luke 15

This was the first talk I have been able to hear at New Word Alive this year. I got my book submitted on the 1st April as planned (at least by Chicago time, which is all that really counts!) Got here around lunchtime and already have lots of video but so far no way of uploading it. But be warned, when I do get to upload it, you will see all kinds of school boy errors of filming! I may have a fancy camera, but I am just learning how to use it. Anyway, Terry spoke tonight followed by a time … [Read more...]

OFFER – Music That Will Draw You Closer To Jesus

SPECIAL OFFER FOR READERS OF ADRIANWARNOCK.COMOne of the things I love most about the group of churches of which I am a part is our worship music. We do use music coming from elsewhere, but God has given us some extraordinarily gifted songwriters, almost all of whom are from Church of Christ The King, Brighton, including Stuart Townend, who wrote In Christ Alone together with Keith Getty. But Stuart is far from the only great musical gift in that church.The family band called Phatfish … [Read more...]

Lou Fellingham's Mum Died Yesterday

Many readers of my blog will know of Lou Fellingham, and some will have been praying for the family situation she has been facing lately. Her mother, only 56, died yesterday.The family would like people who knew her to be made aware of the fact that there will be a celebration service for her on Saturday, October 18th, at Jubilee Community Centre, Charlwood Road, East Grinstead, RH19 2HL with a 4 o'clock start. All are welcome. There will be tea, coffee, and cake afterwards. Should you wish to … [Read more...]

Fishtank Creatives – A Great New Venture By Phatfish and Lou Fellingham

Regular long-time readers of my blog will be no stranger to the Fellinghams and Phatfish, and I have previously interviewed Nathan Fellingham.I cannot commend them highly enough as possibly the premier examples of godly, humble, reformed, and charismatic musicians who for years have been in the business of helping the Church worship in a contemporary and yet biblical way. I can't think of anyone else who has been around as long as they have who I would commend as highly. The following clip … [Read more...]

Your Invitation To Attend A Worship School

This autumn a Worship School will be taking place on the south coast of England. Home of some well-known Christian worship leaders such as Stuart Townend, Phatfish, Paul Oakley, and Simon Brading, among others, Church of Christ the King is something of a worship center. This autumn, if you want to learn more about leading worship or playing in a worship band, why not sign up to attend training sessions in which they will all be sharing.You can also join a Facebook group for worship leaders … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – What's Next for Phatfish and Lou Fellingham?

In this, the fifth and final segment of my interview with Nathan Fellingham, we talk about what the future holds for Phatfish and for Lou Fellingham. The four previous segments can be found here: Phatfish's Nathan FellinghamNathan Fellingham on Writing Songs for WorshipNathan Fellingham on the Theology of Worship SongsNathan Fellingham on New Word Alive and Being a Reformed CharismaticAdrianSo, where next for the Fellinghams, Phatfish, and everything else you’re involved in? I know you’ve got a f … [Read more...]