Guest Post – Calling all Leaders

Calling All Leaders Written by Curt McCutchan Church leaders have an ongoing need for fresh inspiration in their active lives. As leaders we are constantly in need of renewed vision, training and equipping to lead others in new or better ways and rich times in God’s presence. Leaders also need good friendships that provide joy and strength to their hectic lives. It can be a challenge to find time and resources to get these accomplished. The Equipped For Mission (EFM) Leadership Conference o … [Read more...]

Guest post: Roadblocks to Being Charismatic by Terry Virgo

The Reformed, Charismatic & Missional conference, put on by Acts29 and Newfrontiers was a great success this year.  The speakers for the weekend included Terry Virgo, Jeff Vanderstelt and Eliot Grudem.  Confluence author Bryan Mowrey got a chance to sit down with each of these leaders and ask some questions a lot of people have been asking.In this video, Bryan speaks with Terry Virgo about roadblocks he has hit in helping people fully embrace charismatic gifts in life and leadership . … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A pioneering woman, pt 3

A pioneering woman, pt 3 By Claire MustersHere is the third part of my interview with Wendy Virgo.As you have both grown in your ministry, to the local church and internationally, has your understanding of any issues changed over the years? Have your approaches changed at all?I think that principles do not change, but the ways they are applied must be flexible. As we have got involved in church planting in other countries we have had to learn a lot about cross-cultural issues; we had … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A pioneering woman, pt 2

A pioneering woman, pt 2 By Claire MustersHere is the second part of my interview with Wendy Virgo.How did you juggle supporting your husband and being involved in ministry while you raised such a large family? What were the biggest challenges?Very early in our marriage, Terry and I redefined what we meant by “ministry”. Everything in our lives was to be seen as under the umbrella of serving God; there was no distinction between “sacred” and “secular”. So my ministry to God included loving … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A pioneering woman, pt 1

A pioneering woman, pt 1 By Claire Musters Wendy Virgo has always had a pioneering spirit. She married Terry in 1968 and they moved to a small town on the south coast called Seaford. At that stage, they had no idea that eventually the work that began there would spread to hundreds of churches in 60 nations around the world. I had the privilege of interviewing Wendy Virgo in the run up to the last Newfrontiers International Brighton Leaders’ Conference. I asked her about various different points i … [Read more...]

TOAM Session 4 David Stroud on the future of UK Newfrontiers

David Stroud explained that he would not be preaching as such this session but instead sharing his heart for the future of Newfrontiers here in the UK. You can download the audio or read my notes here:He began by saying how grateful he was to be part of this family of churches. We left churches because of nostalgia. So we don’t want to do that. But, there is a difference between nostalgia and gratitude. He explained that he went to one week at the Downs Bible week had totally changed his l … [Read more...]

TOAM: Interview with Nigel Ring

Nigel Ring is a great hero of mine. I love the way he has faithfully served the ministry of Newfrontiers for decades. He has been so loyal, so humble, and so willing to lay his life down that the ministry of others might develop to the full potential. He has personally run every Downs, Stoneleigh and Together On A Mission event. No wonder Terry Virgo dedicated his new book Spirit-Filled Church to this man. But as I point out at the beginning of this interview, he did steal away my favorite … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on the future of Newfrontiers, transition, but not retiring just yet

Adrian: So here’s the thing, you look at all of that, it’s all going fantastic. And there are points along the line where there’s been these transitional moments. Like Downs comes then you stop it. Then you have an advance. Stoneleigh comes along and 10 years in you stop it and advance. Now the Brighton conference, and thats now coming to an end. This is the last Brighton conference. But there’s other changes as well. But why would you kind of mess it up? When actually it’s worked so well? You an … [Read more...]

C. J. Mahaney takes leave of absence after accusations from former leaders in Sovereign Grace

For many years I have personally benefitted from the ministry of C.J. Mahaney. I remember several sermons that have shaped my life, including ones on the following subjects: people God killed, the cross, humility, and suffering from the book of Job. I have had the privilege of meeting him on a couple of occasions. Both in private and in public he has always struck me as being a man who is passionately in love with Jesus, eternally grateful to God for saving him, intensely aware of the grace … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on keeping humble when God blesses you and Newfrontiers

Adrian: Now I would like to take you right back actually... but sort of partly on route to that, my mum said something interesting today. It was through them, because I was very young, back in around 1978 when I met you first. And she said something really interesting. She said, ‘Back then it was just a tiny handful of people’. I think you were pastoring a church in Seaford and I think Haywards Heath was the very first church you’ve travelled to, if I remember correctly. There we were, a bunch of … [Read more...]