Terry Virgo – The Leader of newfrontiers

UPDATE - I have published an interview with Terry VirgoWell, I am back! I thought to begin with I would share a few links with you about the leader of newfrontiers - the worldwide family of churches on a mission of which I am thrilled to be a part. Terry is widely known on this side of the Atlantic, even outside of charismatic circles - I am not sure how true that is in the States. I do hope that you enjoy finding out a bit more about him.Pages On My Blog Terry Virgo in the blogosphere and UCCF … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – Visiting Covenant Life Church

Having visited this church on Sunday, I can see why C.J. frequently describes his home church as "the dearest place on earth." Somehow I suspect if I, too, had been a part of this church for decades, then I would feel the same way. It was a real joy just to be able to pose as "guests" on a fairly typical Sunday morning, and even get to observe some baptisms.I know some of you will want to know what the church was like. Well, it is hard to put into words. What I can say is that their … [Read more...]

Links for July 8, 2006

newfrontiers Conference Summary Post(tags: newfrontiers adrianw article)"Reformed theology offers certainty, with a masculine God who names our sin, crushes Jesus on the Cross for it, and sends us to hell if we fail to repent."Whereas "Emerging theology offers obscurity, with a neutered God who would not say an unkind word to us, did not crush Jesus for our sins, and would not send anyone to hell."(tags: driscoll hell emerging reformed)United In Passion: Back from Together on a Mission"God's … [Read more...]

Together On A Mission – newfrontiers Conference Summary Post

Now that the Together on a Mission conference is over, I thought I would share the highlights from my perspective. If you have never heard of us, my newfrontiers Special Edition of Links post should give you a good starting point. We had a great time with 54 nations represented at the confernece.In true blogging fashion, these excerpts from the last few days are in reverse chronological order – which can be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to it!Just a note before we get going about these pos … [Read more...]

TOAM – Final Session – Numbers 10, 11 – Terry Virgo

This is one of a series of posts about Together On A Mission – the newfrontiers conference The sense of prophetic expectation and commission was heavy in the air throughout the worship time. One prophetic word which stood out spoke of how newfrontiers has been one of God's best kept secrets! The word said we should expect others to suddenly want to know more about us. Perhaps this blog will have a small role to play in this. If you are intrigued about this family of churches on a mission about w … [Read more...]

TOAM – Seminars, Worship, and MOBILISE

My coverage of this newfrontiers conference has largely omitted whole aspects of the time together. To get a feel for the worship of the conference, live worship CDs have been produced over the years by newfrontiers, including the Stoneliegh Praise albums, but being here is even more potent.Mobilise is a bit like a parallel track, or conference within a conference, with their own sessions and seminars but they do join us for some of the main meetings.Seminars and training tracks have largely … [Read more...]

TOAM – Session 8 – P. J. Smyth on "Penetrating Leadership"

This is one of a series of posts about Together On A Mission – the newfrontiers conference Terry, during his introduction, recommended the series on Ephesians by Lloyd-Jones which is now available in a reduced price paperback version. He also recommended the new volume released, Preach the Word, edited by Greg Haslam. I can add my recommendation to the first - it having been foundational in my life many years ago, and having listened to the audio from the conference on which the second is b … [Read more...]

TOAM – Session 7 – Romans 1, 15, and 16 by Dave Devenish

Terry introduced Dave in the warmest possible way, telling us jokingly that if (like me) you have yet to read his book on the church, "you deserve a slap!" The friendship between these two men is palpable.Dave began by reading large portions of Romans 1, 15, 16. How to begin and end sermons is important - some start by telling a joke or with a story, or thunder out the main point; others will make confessions. Dave made the point that he had been insulted by both of the first two preachers - … [Read more...]

TOAM – Session 6 – The Person of Christ by Wayne Grudem

If you are wondering what a serious theologian like Wayne Grudem is doing preaching at a charismatic conference, then you have yet to meet a group like newfrontiers. There are charismatics who are as committed to the preaching of God's Word as the average cessationist. Indeed, many of us would argue that we take the whole of the Bible seriously as our guide to doctrine and practice - including the books of Acts and 1 Corinthians! In fact, there has already been a lot of biblical teaching at the … [Read more...]

Links for July 5, 2006

Answers to Common Questions About CreationFor one year, Mark Driscoll preached through the book of Genesis, verse-by-verse. It was, he says, one of the most rewarding studies he has ever done. In this section, he attempts to answer common questions about the doctrine of creation.(tags: driscoll genesis)"When I think that my sins alone required the death of God's Son to enable me to have a relationship with God, it produces the right responses of grief, wonder, amazement, conviction, humility, … [Read more...]