Terry Virgo’s favorite preachers

In this installment of Terry's video series, his son asks him which preachers have influenced him and that he listens to. His answers (with reasons) were as follows:His first Baptist pastor Lloyd-Jones "a man obviously of the word, but also a man of the Spirit." Mark Driscolll "I am fascinated by his mind. He has so much background information and he has a huge passion" Tim Keller "An extraordinary preacher, not a word is wasted." John Piper "I have enjoyed enormously listening to … [Read more...]

How a reformed charismatic views preaching

Terry Virgo was asked in the following video "How can a preacher improve?" I will share a few highlights from this video then embed the video itself. If you haven't been following this excellent series, I commend them to you."One of the best ways to learn preaching is to listening to a good preacher""In my praying before I preach, I am asking God "lord please let people feel that their Father in heaven is speaking to them""You have got to be true to the Bible…you want to be clear…you … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: Speak with confidence about the central things

Terry Virgo is continuing to share his series of video interviews with his son. Today I share here another video which addresses Terry's view of the Bible. Here is an extract from his words about things we must preach boldly and clearly: Present God in his person and character. Present Jesus without any disguise. We need the authentic Jesus. The fact that he is God and man. Be very clear about the trinity and these unchanging realities about God. People say he didn't actually rise from the … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on the authority of Scripture and the vital place of preaching

I am really enjoying this series of videos from Terry Virgo, I encourage you to subscribe to his blog if you haven't already. In this one, he begins to speak about his very high view of Scripture and preaching. It is prompted by the second of a series of values that have governed his work with churches over the past decades. These values are expressed in the form of the kind of church he is looking to build: ‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary role and w … [Read more...]

Prophecy Q and A from two American prophetically gifted men

I have met and respect greatly Sam Poe, Keith Hazel and Brian Mowrey. This Q and A on prophecy will be of much interest to many of my readers. The full video is here:The following specific questions are asked.  Watch the Confluence Blog for the specific videos What is prophecy? What's the difference between OT and NT prophecy? Did spiritual gifts end (cessationism)? How do we hear God? Does fasting and prayer affect prophetic ability? How do we weigh prophecy? Prophecies that don't come … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: restoring churches to New Testament model must lead to evangelism

In this the third of a series of videos from Terry Virgo, he speaks about how in the early days Newfrontiers was so much about restoring the church we almost forgot evangelism. Then God spoke to us. Terry went on to explain that in his view people do not always get converted having heard a detailed gospel explanation, explaining, you can get a healthy convert when he picks up a fragment of truth. However, the way you become mature is by the atmosphere of the community you get saved into. Thats … [Read more...]

Prayer meetings demonstrate if we are reformed and charismatic

In a great post about planting the Newfrontiers church in Tacoma, near Seattle, Bo Noonan makes the point that it is as we gather to pray that people can clearly see the flavour of Christian group we are:The first church was birthed out of a pretty amazing prayer meeting. In Acts 2 we see a gathered people who were desperate for God to move. I believe this is the pattern of church planting. Church plants are often conceived and birthed in prayer. Whether corporate or individually, your … [Read more...]

Reformed Charismatic and Missional – you need not be alone

Todays post was first published on the fantastic new Confluence | Newfrontiers USA Reformed Charismatic Blog - Confluence | Newfrontiers USA Charismatic Reformed Blog. It caused quite a stir. If you are seeking to be part of each of these three movements, perhaps you feel like you are alone. You need not be. Check out the Newfrontiers site to find a church near you or at least on your continent. And why not come to the 300 Leaders conference or one of then many Newfrontiers conferences that run … [Read more...]

Urban Mission and Reconciliation – Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town | The Lausanne Global Conversation

Lex, who has been my friend for twenty years recently wrote the following article for the Lausanne website about Jubilee Church Capet Town. I can also let you know today that on 31st October this year I will be preaching in their evening service. Pray for me as it will be my first trip to Africa. I want a little bit of Africa to get inside me. I love Africa as it gave me both my wife and my pastor!Since the birth of the new South Africa in 1994, the country has been affectionately referred to … [Read more...]

What makes Terry Virgo tick? Relational, evangelistically relevant churches

Terry Virgo has posted the first of a series of videos looking at the seventeen values that have helped to shape his ministry over the years. They are expressed as what kind of churches he has been trying to plant and establish. The goal is therefore that a Newfrontiers church will reflect each of these values.The first value is: ‘A gospel-preaching church that is loving, righteous in its lifestyle, involved in world mission and reaching the unsaved in its community by both public and p … [Read more...]