Reformed Charismatic and Missional – you need not be alone

Todays post was first published on the fantastic new Confluence | Newfrontiers USA Reformed Charismatic Blog - Confluence | Newfrontiers USA Charismatic Reformed Blog. It caused quite a stir. If you are seeking to be part of each of these three movements, perhaps you feel like you are alone. You need not be. Check out the Newfrontiers site to find a church near you or at least on your continent. And why not come to the 300 Leaders conference or one of then many Newfrontiers conferences that run … [Read more...]

Urban Mission and Reconciliation – Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town | The Lausanne Global Conversation

Lex, who has been my friend for twenty years recently wrote the following article for the Lausanne website about Jubilee Church Capet Town. I can also let you know today that on 31st October this year I will be preaching in their evening service. Pray for me as it will be my first trip to Africa. I want a little bit of Africa to get inside me. I love Africa as it gave me both my wife and my pastor!Since the birth of the new South Africa in 1994, the country has been affectionately referred to … [Read more...]

What makes Terry Virgo tick? Relational, evangelistically relevant churches

Terry Virgo has posted the first of a series of videos looking at the seventeen values that have helped to shape his ministry over the years. They are expressed as what kind of churches he has been trying to plant and establish. The goal is therefore that a Newfrontiers church will reflect each of these values.The first value is: ‘A gospel-preaching church that is loving, righteous in its lifestyle, involved in world mission and reaching the unsaved in its community by both public and p … [Read more...]

Confluence Reformed Charismatic Blog launches today

Today is a big day. An exciting brand new blog has been born. Confluence aims to be a meeting place where the reformed, charismatic, and missional streams coalesce. If like me you, "want it all" then this blog should immediately be added to your reading list. You can subscribe to it today by RSS or by email on the blog itself. It's posts also appear on Twitter and I have added the feed to my list of Newfrontiers Twitterers.I have had a sneak preview of some of what is coming, and like it … [Read more...]

Mbonisi Malaba interview by Brian Mowrey

I really enjoy watching Brian Mowrey's video interviews. This one with "Bones" is no exception. Watch and enjoy! This reminded me of when I interviewed Mbonisi myself. … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Interview on Church planting in Australia

Pete Brooks leads the Pacific Rim team of Newfrontiers and Grace City Church in Sydney. He speaks in this video about the challenges and rewards of planting on the opposite side of the world, even though Australia was where he was born and raised. Pete was a great person to interview and I am sure that this story will thrill you, inspire you, and make you ask the important question before you rush into a church plant: am I SURE that this is what God wants me to do? Pete also talks about an … [Read more...]

SERMON: What has sustained John Piper for thirty years?

These notes are from the morning session of the 300 conference we recently had with John Piper. I have set them to auto-publish today, as I have been reliably informed that by now the video and audio of both this talk and the excellent Q and A should be available from pop over and watch it if like me you are getting Piper withdrawal syndrome! I hope you enjoy this talk which was vintage John Piper. He was clearly enjoying himself as he preached one of only a very few messages … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: On Grace

Terry's teaching on grace has radically changed thousands of Christian's lives. In this video he argues that many who claim to love the doctrines of grace have never truly heard it in their heart. When you have watched this, go and visit his website and listen to him preach on grace. It could change everything for you.from Watch on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: "apostolic" vs. "missional"

Today's video may challenge some of your preconceptions. In it Terry Virgo is asked if there is a difference between being apostolic and missional. In it he argues that the main task of apostles was not to write Scripture, and says that most Evangelicals today have only been taught to obey the Bible as individuals and not to obey what it says about the church.from Jubilee Church on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: Being Reformed and Charismatic

It seems these days that being Reformed and Charismatic is all the rage these days. I have recently posted video from Matt Chandler on this theme, as well as Sam Storms, and Wayne Grudem. Here is a great short interview with Terry Virgo on this subject.Watch on Vimeo. … [Read more...]