Knowledge Puffs Up

This quote from Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones is taken from his Ephesians series of sermons which I keep going back to. He challenges those who settle for a purely intellectual dimension to their Christian faith. Like so much of what he said it is if anything MORE relevant to us today than it was when he said it:It is possible for a believer who . . . sincerely recognizes the Bible as his sole authority, and desires to submit himself wholeheartedly to its evident meaning—it is still possible for s … [Read more...]

John Piper The Charismatic

John Piper's website has many places where he reveals a charismatic or as some call it continuationist perspective. Earlier in the week he argued that even in the New Testament the gifts of the Spirit were non-authoritative and inferior to the Apostles teaching:The apostles viewed their teaching as from God in an authoritative, inerrant way. All of the spiritual gifts are from God in a non-authoritative, non-inerrant way, and therefore always subordinate to the inspired word of God. READ … [Read more...]

30 Years Ago Today John Piper Responds To God’s Voice

Justin Taylor has served us well by putting together a fantastic post explaining how Piper responded to God's call to the pastorate 30 years ago today. There are a number of links in the post that are all worth following. I will share just three extracts here which combine to make it clear that Piper definitely believed God himself was speaking to him back then, and reflect that he was under no illusions thanks to his dad as to what he was about to take on! I am sure that given his other … [Read more...]

Charismatics Are Not All Crazy

My friend Marcus Honeysett has been talking about the gap that still remains in places between the "reformed" and the "charismatic" wings of the church. This gap is one that I have in some ways been very aware of all my life, and yet, having grown up in a family of churches that combines both emphases, I have never really understood why some people are adamant that the two must never meet. Marcus speaks of the tendency of some Reformed Charismatics to simply withdraw and get on with building … [Read more...]

Love Truth and Power. Guest Post From Andrew Fountain

Andrew is a dear friend of mine and leads Newlife Church Toronto. He blogs at In Christ. Andrew has an interesting story in that he was principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary when the "Toronto blessing" hit. Circumstances seemed to conspire to force him into making a choice between his reformed heritage and a charismatic experience. He refused to make that choice and in this guest post explains his passion for building a different kind of church:I was once visiting a church and the pastor … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo At Mars Hill Church, Seattle

Terry is currently in the USA with Mark Driscoll's home church. He has actually been in the USA for most of the time since Together On A Mission. He was there when a sudden explosion of interest in his sermon on prayer happened. By the way, if you watched that video but never made it to the second part, you can see both parts easily on vimeo.He has found time to post his own perceptions of the conference and videos of the first and second of his talk on his blog. The videos each include a … [Read more...]

Reformed Charismatic Church Plants in European Cities

One of the passions of this blog is to do everything I can to promote the growth of reformed charismatic churches. I have spoken already about the drive to plant Newfrontiers churches in the top 100 cities of America, and highlighted a plant in Chicago.Today, in an update to news discussed during the prayer meeting in Brighton, I can report that two European church plants now have websites — Emmanuel Church, Greenwich and the Amsterdam church plant. If you are interested in joining either of t … [Read more...]

SERMON – A Song Of Hope – Psalm 121

On the 24th of August, I preached a sermon at Jubilee during our summer series on some famous psalms. I took Psalm 121, which served as a starting point for me to share some of the most important planks of my personal doctrinal framework—a framework that has sustained me through hard times.As blogging around here at least begins to return to normal—if there is such a thing at—I thought I'd share both the audio to download and a condensed version of the message below. You can als … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 7 and 8

The 8th post popular post on my blog at the moment is the summary of my interview with Wayne Grudem.At number 7 is my post defining "What is a Reformed Charismatic?" Don't miss two closely related posts — "Wanted - 1000 Reformed Charismatic Churches" and "I Don't Want Balance, I Want It All." … [Read more...]

Driscoll in Australia

Driscoll had a fascinating and substantial video interview with the Sydney Anglicans which I just had to draw to your attention. Intriguingly they are happy to describe him as "Apostle to the generation wired"!The fact that he can be well received by both Newfrontiers and the Sydney Anglicans says a lot about the ministry of this man. … [Read more...]