Love Truth and Power. Guest Post From Andrew Fountain

Andrew is a dear friend of mine and leads Newlife Church Toronto. He blogs at In Christ. Andrew has an interesting story in that he was principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary when the "Toronto blessing" hit. Circumstances seemed to conspire to force him into making a choice between his reformed heritage and a charismatic experience. He refused to make that choice and in this guest post explains his passion for building a different kind of church:I was once visiting a church and the pastor … [Read more...]

Jubilee Prayer Meeting – A visitor's view

It was a delight for us to have two sets of visitors from two different continents at Jubilee this past weekend. Andrew Fountain from New Life Church Toronto was one of them. He has posted a report on his time with us, which included the following view of our prayer meeting.The first 20 mins were a time for coffee and fellowship and as more and more people arrived I wondered how we were going to fit into the meeting hall. (I counted over a hundred—more people than chairs.)We began with Tope K … [Read more...]

Andrew Fountain On God Speaking Today

My friend Andrew has posted on his blog after a long gap. He shares a personal example of how a friend of his recently heard God speak to them. I won't spoil the story by sharing any of it here, pop over and take a read. … [Read more...]

What Are Your Worst Writing Peeves?

I have now almost finished polishing my manuscript ready for submission to Crossway. In the process I have discovered a number of terrible habits in writing that I have to break. Well, what I mean is, other people have discovered them.I want to offer a big thanks for everyone who has helped me by reading the manuscript before submission. Some have made comments about structure, others about the theology, and others have focused more on grammar and style. Thanks to AndrĂ©e Warnock, Andrew … [Read more...]