Women in various religions

This morning here at the Global Faith Forum there was a conversation between three women representing the three Abrahamic faiths. I have interweaved my notes of the session which had a lot of back and forth.The first woman was Dr Nia Mackay. She is a Muslim, and originally from Indonesia. She grew up in a family that encouraged children to think. and was taught that whatever you do should be for the love of God. She was shocked to hear that some women in Islamic countries were not allowed to … [Read more...]

A Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew walked into a church in Texas . . .

I am here in Texas, in the heart of the Bible Belt. I have met here not just one Muslim, Christian and Jew but a number, and I believe there are Buddhists here also. The speaker list is quite impressive.I’ve already realized that this Global Faith Forum is going to be unlike any other event I have ever attended. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people already. These are just some of them:A Christian who is serving in Iraq to help in the provision of specialist hea … [Read more...]

See you in Texas? Come and join the global marketplace for Faith

The vision of Patheos.com who are kind enough to host this blog is to "host the conversation on faith." I outlined in my first ever post on the site why I was thrilled to join in. We really do live in a global village, and so it is vital that we learn how to really listen to each other, and show true respect.  Sometimes that mutual respect and understanding is absent in conversations even with those in our own faith (resisting the temptation to give an example...but regular readers will know … [Read more...]

300 Leaders: Bob Roberts on becoming engaged in God’s world on God’s mission

You can watch the video of this talk from 300 leaders here and read my notes below:The whole world is connecting. Bob spoke of his joy at being in Jubilee Church and meeting Tope Koleoso, a leader of a multicultural church. Such connections help us learn. For example, Bob has found interacting with Muslims has helped him strengthen his thinking eg on the Trinity.Bob spoke of his beliefs about and encounter with The Holy Spirit. He learnt of the Spirit through David Wilkerson who attended … [Read more...]

More from Bob Roberts Real Time Connections

Today I thought I would share some more quotes from Bob Roberts book Real Time Connections, this is the kind of thing you can look forward to THIS SATURDAY at the 300 Leaders Conference. If you are free, why not come along? There are a few more tickets available!"The message that the apostles preached demanded a specific response to the challenges of life. It would have been hypocritical to preach a gospel of love for God and for their neighbor, to teach about the life of Jesus, and not … [Read more...]

A taster for what is in store at 300 Leaders – Real Time Connections by Bob Roberts

In less than a week we will be enjoying the 300 Leaders Conference with Mike Betts, Dave Devenish and Bob Roberts. The combination of these three speakers is going to make for a potent day. It is not too late to book in, though there are not that many seats left. I look forward to seeing some of you there.I have been meaning to review one of Bob's books that I read a while ago, so thought that this week would be a good time to finally get round it. I really believe that in Bob has been given a … [Read more...]

The Three Constants of the Great Commission present in the first five books of the NT

Bob Roberts (one of our speakers at the next 300 leaders) has a great post today entitled The Three Constants of the Great Commission: "First - the coming of the Holy Spirit which is the power to fulfill the Great Commission.  It is present in all passages from baptizing in the name of the “Father, Son & Holy Spirit” to being “clothed with power from on high” to “signs and wonders” that go as the Gospel is spread.  The lesson for us is clear - no Holy Spirit - no Great Commission fulfilled.  … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes with Giants

Wendy Virgo's blog about her recent time with her husband, Bob Roberts, and some other key Christian leaders is well worth a read, here is an extract: A few days ago I was travelling in a van with a bishop from Mombasa, a church leader from Cote d’Ivoire, a Christian Palestinian, a converted Muslim now church planter from Bangladesh, an Indian pastor from Tamil Nadu among others. The people in that car represented about 3 million Christians around the world.What on earth do such giants talk a … [Read more...]

Where Bob Roberts' life message and mine intersect

In a sermon from the series  The Christian's Duty in a Hostile World, John MacArthur connects two glorious truths: the centrality of Jesus' resurrection and that "faith cannot be removed or detached from the realm of real life."It is no great surprise to me that I enjoyed Bob's book so much,  or that he seems to be enjoying mine.  For while their subjects may seem disconnected at first glance, in reality they have everything to do with each other!The truth that lies behind Bob's view of bo … [Read more...]

Bob Roberts on Getting Missional DNA into a church

Bob Roberts is a man on a mission, and he makes sure all his church plants are on that same mission: We require our new churches to do 3 things:  work somewhere around the world in a hard place, work with the poorest in the inner-city, and multiply churches.  We have them do all this in the first 12 to 24 months.  Why?  Because we are setting DNA.  If this is done early on, like the offering, like evangelism, then it will only grow as the church grows - but if it is not done until a church h … [Read more...]