C. J. Mahaney takes leave of absence after accusations from former leaders in Sovereign Grace

For many years I have personally benefitted from the ministry of C.J. Mahaney. I remember several sermons that have shaped my life, including ones on the following subjects: people God killed, the cross, humility, and suffering from the book of Job. I have had the privilege of meeting him on a couple of occasions. Both in private and in public he has always struck me as being a man who is passionately in love with Jesus, eternally grateful to God for saving him, intensely aware of the grace … [Read more...]

Terry and Wendy Virgo Listing the Nations of the World in Prayer

UPDATEThis was up for less than an hour before I received three responses! The list of the nations can be found on the Stoneliegh 2001 CD, The Fathers Embrace, which is available on iTunes, at least in the UK. I would be interested to know if that URL works in the USA as well.ORIGINAL POST I received this e-mail recently, the plea for which I definitely echo . . . I enjoy reading your website and am one of those who remember very clearly the message by C. J. Mahaney at the Downs Bible Week on … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 3 and 4

Number 4 in the list of most read posts this year so far is a post linking to a number of sermons by C. J. Mahaney, as well as my interview with him. If you missed it, do also check out his sermon on People God Killed.Number 3 is a post summarizing a series from back in 2005—my interview with the ESV Bible translators, which seemed to launch my blog as a place where Christian leaders would agree to be interviewed. It has gained one place from last year.Join us tomorrow for the top two posts! … [Read more...]

C. J. Mahaney on People God Killed – A Sermon That Changed My Life

If you are an avid C. J. Mahaney listener, you may well have heard of a series of talks he did many years ago on people in the Bible who God killed. In which case, I've got a real treat in store for you! But first, let me set the context.I would like to share with you a few sermons over the coming weeks or months that have impacted me so much that I still remember them. I am convinced that the gentle "drip drip" effect of being continually exposed to good teaching over many years is as important … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Tope Koleoso Reports on the Dwell Conference – Mahaney, Driscoll, Keller, Stetzer, Patrick, Masoners

My dear friend and the leader of Jubilee Church recently went to New York to the Dwell Conference on building city churches. The conference had Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller,  C. J. Mahaney, Ed Stetzer, Darrin Patrick and Eric Mason as its speakers. You can read more about the conference on the Acts 29 website, where I understand the talks will be made available.In the meantime, here is a video of Tope's thoughts. If you live in the UK make sure you listen to the very end when he makes an invitation … [Read more...]

C. J. Mahaney on the Resurrection

I have just been watching the following sermon by C.J. It is a great message to watch this Easter Saturday. … [Read more...]

Book Both "Together" Conferences NOW

I can't offer two conferences for the price of one, but I can—in one post—discuss two conferences which, for all the similarities of their names, do have some important differences. For a start, they are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so booking into the wrong one would be a significant logistical headache! I am quite sure, however, that many will cross the "pond" to attend one of what I am calling the "Together" conferences. In fact. they don't happen at the same time, so it is very pos … [Read more...]

C. J. Mahaney – Pastoral Character and Loving People

Well, sleep or a sermon by C.J.? Tough choice, huh? You can see from this that the C.J. talk won that battle in the Warnock house. Listening to both Driscoll and Mahaney "live" on the same day has to be every preacher's dream!C.J. read from the opening of 1 Corinthians 1: “Paul, called by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and our brother SosthenesTo the church of God that is in Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every p … [Read more...]

Piper, Mahaney, and Driscoll on Preaching – The Resurgence Conference

In a few hours time, a preaching conference begins which looks like it's going to be very interesting.  The folks at Resurgence will be live-streaming the video from the conference for those of us not fortunate enough to be in Seattle this week.  See you online in a few hours? … [Read more...]

8th Most Read Post – Interview With C. J. Mahaney

No. 8 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on October 10, 2005, when I had the honor of interviewing C. J. Mahaney via e-mail.C. J. has, in recent years, been introduced to a new audience because of his friendship with Mark Dever and Company. I have known of him since the 1980's, and loved to listen to him live at early Newfrontiers Bible Weeks.In January 2008, C. J.began blogging at the Sovereign Grace Blog—C. J. Mahaney's View From the Cheap Seats and Other Stuff. The headlines … [Read more...]