Tim Challies Signs New Book Contract

Blogging legend Tim Challies has just announced he is writing his second book. It will be published by Zondervan in 2011: The book’s working title is The Next Story. I’m really pleased with the title, but it does have a downside in that it is remarkably difficult to pronounce (try saying it out loud). It is a book about technology in general and digital technology in particular. Even the least technical among us are being pressed from all sides by technology. Like it or not, we rely upon it in un … [Read more...]

10 Million Words – Has Tim Challies Bitten Off More Than Even He Can Chew?

Tim Challies has started a new blog over at the Gospel Coalition. He calls it 10 Million Words. His goal? To review from a Christian perspective every book that appears on the New York Times bestselling non-fiction books list in 2010. To warm up, he has started doing some already. The guy is a phenomena. Here is how he introduces it:My wife thinks I’m a little bit crazy, I’m sure of it. During eleven years of marriage I’ve done a lot of things that have led her to roll her eyes and sigh. I gu … [Read more...]

Spiritual Gifts – That’s It From Me, But More From Others

If my series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is now finished, has left you wanting to know more, then I encourage you to listen to three talks from my friend, Joel Virgo. Joel leads the Brighton Newfrontiers church, CCK. His first talk speaks about something I have blogged about previously, apostles today. The second goes through some of the gifts, and in the third he speaks about how the gifts can operate in meetings.Joel argues for a different approach, depending on the size of the … [Read more...]

Blog Tour – Day 4: Tim Challies Answers Questions Concerning Discernment

Although I am on a blog holiday at the moment, it gives me great pleasure to welcome my friend and newly published author, Tim Challies, to the blog for the next portion of his blog tour. Today he will answer a question submitted by another blogger.As I discuss spiritual discernment with other people, one of the questions that always seems to arise is this one:“Isn’t spiritual discernment a gift of the Holy Spirit?”The answer to this one is, “Yes, but . . .” Let me explain.“In 1 Corinthians 12:10 … [Read more...]

Discernment: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

I just received the following announcement in my e-mail about a blogging tour that Tim Challies will be taking next week. I have previously highlighted Tim's book here on my sidebar, and in my review of it, in which I said:"Tim Challies takes us from the turbulent marketplace of ideas that is the modern western church back into the world of the Scriptures. Sadly, today many people fall into the trap of being naively blown from one wind of teaching to another. Others become so expert at straining … [Read more...]

Applying Discernment – Far From Simple

If there is one thing that the discernment debate between the Pyromaniacs and myself has confirmed these past few days, it is surely that discernment is far from easy!! It’s a good thing Tim Challies has written a book on it. I really like the following extract from his book, which I think totally sums up what I think has been happening over at the fire-lovers’ place. Of course, the whole point about wisdom and discernment is that it is very situational, so I am quite sure that some others see th … [Read more...]

Blogging, Discernment, and a Book by Tim Challies

UPDATE—February 19, 2008In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 2nd all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 3rd most-read post was "The ESV: A Bible Translation for Everyone?"This post was an expression of some of my own concerns and frustrations about the blogging world I have come to love so much. I said some things I had been wanting to say for a long time, and it was not a great surprise that the aftermath of this post would lead me to disable comments on m … [Read more...]

Mrs. Challies Says, "I'm No Blog Widow!"

Few readers of Christian blogs will have failed to come across Tim Challies, the uberblogger who will shortly become a Crossway-published book author. In fact, I'm almost willing to bet that no one will first hear of Tim's blog through this post. If I'm wrong, do leave a comment to that effect and/or drop me an email! Anyway, Tim has a bit of a tradition over at his place. Unlike lesser mortals such as yours truly, Tim blogs EVERY day. I really do mean EVERY day. Christmas, Easter, summer … [Read more...]

Blogging – Raising Issues for the Church to Think About

Tim Challies has started a series stemming from the seminar he lead at the Basics Conference last week in Cleveland. He has some interesting facts and insights into the medium of blogging and the world we know as the blogosphere. He starts off with these comments: "I . . .found that there was a lot that was worth saying when I looked deeper than the simple nuts and bolts of blogging. When I dug a little bit deeper and looked at the history, value and impact of blogging, I found all sorts of … [Read more...]

Highlights of Challies Seminar at the Basics Conference

Here are some key thoughts from the seminar Tim is giving at the Basics Conference, currently ongoing at Alistair Begg's church in Cleveland, Ohio. (HT Russell Smith)Tim begins his seminar by describing the way blogs communicate:Blogs are a more PERSONAL means of communication. The tone is informal and conversational, as opposed to books and magazines, which are more formal.Blogs are an INSTANT form of communication.Blogs are a TIME-STAMPED form of communication. They are organized by … [Read more...]