A Cessationist Healing?

This is a short excerpt from a quote on Challies Dot Com which Tim says is entirely consistent with a cessationist perspective. It sure doesn't sound like the cessationism I love to caricaturise!". . . My friend knelt down in the middle of a circle of elders. We anointed him with oil, laid lands on him, and began to pray. Since I had started the process, I was appointed to offer the closing prayer.As soon as we began to pray, I had an overwhelming sense that God was, at the moment, healing my … [Read more...]

The Power of the Pen, the Blogger's Keyboard, and the Way I Write

As you can see, I've been adding a few pictures to my sidebar in an attempt to make it look less cluttered - sorry if you noticed the mess as I moved the furniture around in here!The pen has always been the tool of the writer. So, here is a picture of a pen in honor of the power that it has wielded for centuries. Words really do have power - Christians must believe that if they are to remain faithful to the Bible. Ours is the most book-friendly of all world religions, and it is no surprise to me … [Read more...]

Tim Challies Reflects on T4G

Tim says: "Speaking personally, while I am not a pastor and thus was not the primary audience for this conference, I left Louisville deeply challenged. As Paul can attest, the conference gave me much to think and talk about. The Spirit moved this weekend to convict me of sin in my life and to challenge me to strive towards godliness. Simply being in the presence of so many godly men - some who were on the stage, some who were in the seats, and some who labored tirelessly to serve, whether by … [Read more...]

Challies on emotion in worship

Challies had better watch it - he is almost sounding like a charismatic! "True worship relies on both feeling and understanding, or as Jesus said, on spirit and truth. Worship that is devoid of feeling and emotion will be dead worship, for the God we serve is worthy of feelings that express His worth. It is the very height of hypocrisy to pay lip-service to God when we do not truly feel affection for Him. At the same time worship needs to be thoughtful. While it engages our feelings it must … [Read more...]

Adrian interviews Tim Challies

Adrian It is my great privilege and delight to welcome to the blog today Tim Challies. Tim is one of the most prominent of all God bloggers and though he wont tell you his traffic, I can tell you he gets more readers than I do just from looking at his comment section! Or perhaps his readers just like commenting more than mine. Welcome, Tim. As we start can you just tell us a bit about yourself?TimSure. In fifty words or less? I live in the Toronto area, just far enough outside the city to … [Read more...]

Josh Harris is jealous of Tim Challies

Josh Harris has a list of links to blogs on his main website. I was greatly honoured to find myself included in such a list and loved the comment about Tim Challies, which I suspect is a reference to Tim's post on being jealous of Josh for being discipled by CJ. Anyway Josh has chosen some great blogs- anyone want to nominate any of these for the last warnie of the year?Between Two Worlds: a blog by Justin Taylor that I find consistently useful, provoking and informative.Rebelution: my … [Read more...]

Tim is growing to love the ESV

Tim has a great post where he is being the Tim we all love. He shares his thoughts from his reading of the ESV Old Testament, and shows in detail the weakness of some of the other translations. He concludes:"As I indicated earlier, I was grateful this morning that I have access to such a solid translation of Scripture. While I do not know Hebrew, I still have access to an accurate translation of the author's original words, complete with the phrases, words and metaphors that set one author … [Read more...]