READERS CHALLENGE – Spurgeon's Prediction of a Future Revival

I have a clear memory from a number of years ago of reading a sermon by Spurgeon in which he broke off into an extended passage in which he predicted what he believed would happen in the church in the UK. I remember that he spoke of a period when the Evangelical faith would almost seem to be vanquished. He went on to predict, however, that a future significant move of God would occur that would dwarf anything he had ever seen. My problem is that I cannot remember anything about the actual words … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on Revival

The word revival is back on the lips of people I know — I hadn't even heard it mentioned for a very long time until just recently. I thought I would share some quotes from Spurgeon on the subject of revival with you today. I hope and pray it inspires you to pray for revival, and to have an eye that is trained to see the signs of God's reviving work that are all around us every day. "And now, at this time, we want to have the old truths restored to their places. The subtleties and the r … [Read more...]


I love the short biographical talks Piper gives. Today, I want to share with you some quotes from a talk given by John Piper about C. H. Spurgeon He preached over 600 times before he was 20 years old. His sermons sold about 20,000 copies a week and were translated into 20 languages. The collected sermons fill 63 volumes equivalent to the 27 volume ninth edition Encyclopedia Britannica, and "stands" as largest set books by a single author in the history of Christianity.Even if his son, Charles, … [Read more...]

Sufficient and Efficient Grace – Spurgeon, Tongues, and the Toronto Blessing

There you go . . .that got your attention, didn’t it! This is a post written in response to two great posts that appeared over at my good friends' blog—the Pyromaniacs. (I don’t have to agree with a post in order to think it's great!)Earlier in the week my relations with the guys at TeamPyro were at an all time high. They were exhilarated by the receipt of the Warnie Award. I even began to understand their graphical jokes about link trolls, and all-in-all, we were all happy. I even got this email … [Read more...]

Spurgeon "Wins" Stolen Warnie Award

Well, there are no lengths that some people won't go to in order to honour their heroes. Spurgeon isn't even alive to thank him, but Phil Johnson has stolen the graphic he created for me and has unilaterally decided to award one to The Prince of Preachers.All I can say is that Spurgeon deserves it. With an output to rival any modern blogger, when Phil isn't creating graphics for the Web, writing MacArthur's books, or refusing to answer questions on cessationism, he is slowly placing all of … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on predestination and free will

Thanks Pyromaniac for todays dose of Spurgeon wisdom O for a restoration of preaching like this:The system of truth is not one straight line, but two. No man will ever get a right view of the gospel until he knows how to look at the two lines at once.I am taught in one book to believe that what I sow I shall reap: I am taught in another place, that "it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy."I see in one place, God presiding over all in providence; and … [Read more...]

Spurgeon: a forerunner of the moderate charismatic?

PyroManiac has served us well and honestly by providing quotes which show Spurgeons view of impressions. The balance he brings is fantastic. All of the quotes are worth reading, but here are some that stand out to me:'A Well-Ordered Life' (sermon #878):Some, I know, fall into a very vicious habit, which habit they excuse themselvesnamely, that of ordering their footsteps according to impressions.Every now and then I meet with people whom I think to be rather weak in the head, who will … [Read more...]

Spurgeon and mystery

Rebecca Writes: is doing Spurgeon quote month and has the following from the prince of preachers:"How is it that the Father is God, that the Son is God, and that the Holy Ghost is God, and yet that there are not three Gods, but one God? I cannot tell you. I know it is so, for it is revealed; but how it is so is not for us to guess, because it is not revealed or explained. Our understanding can adventure as far as the testimony, and no farther. Many attempts have been made by divines to find … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on substitutionary atonement

Anyone would think Spurgeon had met Steve Chalke It is amazing how our battle never changes throughout the centuries. PyroManiac has done us a great service by finding this fantastic quote which I stand behind 100%"Those who set aside the atonement as a satisfaction for sin also murder the doctrine of justification by faith. They must do so. There is a common element which is the essence of both doctrines; so that, if you deny the one, you destroy the other.Modern thought is nothing but an … [Read more...]

Assorted thoughts on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

This post is a gathering into one place of as many thoughts, verses and quotes on the Holy Spirit as I can find from my blog. I have posted much if not all of this before but here it all is together....Just to kick of with, I believe that the HS is given:1. To assure us of salvation2. To empower us to live godly lives since, "PRINT ON A PAGE CAN NEVER MAKE US HOLY ON ITS OWN."3. To make us more evangelistic (cf the boldness of Acts 2) 4. To give us giftsGal 3:13ff Christ redeemed us from the … [Read more...]