Books every Christian should read: Spurgeon's Sermons

The Metropolitan Tabernacle pulpit and New Park St Pulpit include 3200 sermons by Spurgeon and are one of the marvels of English language publishing.Widely believed to be the greatest English-speaking preacher ever known Spurgeonexpected to win souls with every message. His preaching created a stir in Victorian England and beyond. He was every bit as well-known as any televangelist of today.These two series of sermons together are encyclopedic in their extent. I will never forget first seeing … [Read more...]

Books every Christian should read: The Soulwinner

Many years ago, I participated in a week of outreach led by Lex Loizidesat the end of the week he presented everyone with a copy of a paperback Christian book- C. H . Spurgeon's the soulwinner. Why that book you might well ask. Why would a book written during the Victorian era in London make my list of books every christian should read?Quite simply there is no book more calculated to unsettle us from our willingness to accept a form of chrisitanity that was as alien to Spurgeon as it was to … [Read more...]

The Cost of and rewards of preaching to be a Soul-Winner

Preaching the simple gospel is not as easy as it looks. I think that what Spurgeon says below is true to a greater or lesser degree of all preachers used significantly by God. Paul was not the only preacher of whom God has said "I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name." (Acts 9:16).But it is of course a great blessing to be involved whether as a preacher or as a friend in seeing someone become a Chrisitan. After all it brings great joy in heaven.Spurgeon: "It is a … [Read more...]

Keep them hanging on……. more on the power of preaching

Blogotional quotes someone who says: "As Christians, we are first and foremost a people with whom God dwells. We are a people of His presence.....So often, we seek to know God through many methods other than the one thing needful which is direct personal knowledge." and is sceptical that such personal knoweldge can be imparted through preaching. He is however eager to hear more about what kind of preaching changes lives. This study is the study of a lifetime, and in many ways is an extension … [Read more...]

How to Win Souls for Christ: the simple gospel in action

Spurgeon:"We are sent to say to blind eyes, 'See,' to deaf ears, 'Hear,' to dead hearts, 'Live,'.......It seems as if the sign and token of Christianity in some preachers was not a tongue of fire, but a block of ice. You would not like to have a barrister stand up and plead your cause in a cool, deliberate way, never showing the slightest care about whether you were found guilty of murder or acquitted. How could you endure his indifference when you yourself were likely to be hanged? Oh, no! … [Read more...]

How to Raise the Dead: preach the simple gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit

Spurgeon: "To raise the dead is our mission!...... How is so strange a work to be achieved? If we yield to unbelief, we shall be staggered by the evident fact that the work to which the Lord has called us is quite beyond our own personal power. We cannot raise the dead. If asked to do so, we might each one of us, like the king of Israel, rend our clothes, and say, 'Am I God, to kill and to make alive?' We are, however, no more powerless than Elisha, for he of himself could not restore the … [Read more...]

Obstacles to the gospel winning souls

Spurgeon lists the reasons that hinder our efforts in preaching the gospel to win soulsIndifference "I would far rather have a man an earnest, intense opposer of the gospel than have him careless and indifferent. " Unbelief "These people are very hard to influence; but I would warn you not to fight them with their own weapons. I do not believe that infidels ever are won by argument; or, if so, it very seldom happens. The argument that convinces men of the reality of religion, is that which … [Read more...]

Sermons Likely to Win Souls

Spurgeon lists characteristics of sermons that are likely to be associated with salvation: sermons which are distinctly aimed at the conversion of the hearers. sermons that interest the hearers "The people will not be converted while they are asleep; and if they go to sleep, they had better have been at home in bed, where they would sleep much more comfortably." sermons that are instructive. sermons that cause an impression "Preach, for instance, as you would plead if you were standing before a … [Read more...]

The implications of denying the simple gospel of penal substitution

Have just been reading Dabney on the atonement online. People wonder why many of us prefer theology by a bunch of dead guys to some of the modern stuff.Dabney catelogues many scriptural proofs of penal substitution and highlights Galatians 3:10-14 as one of the foremost texts: "For all who rely on works of the law are under a curse; for it is written, 'Cursed be everyone who does not abide by all things written in the Book of the Law, and do them.' Now it is evident that no one is justified … [Read more...]

Speaking the truth with tenderness

Spurgeon once again : "When you preach, speak out straight, but be very tender about it; and if there is an unpleasant thing to be said, take care that you put it in the kindest possible form. Some of our brethren had a message to deliver to a certain Christian brother, and when they went to him they put it so awkwardly that he was grievously offended. When I spoke to him about the same matter, he said, 'I would not have minded your speaking to me; you have a way of putting an unpleasant truth … [Read more...]