Preach the simple gospel with passion and force

Spurgeon once more: "If any gentleman here would present me with a cannon-ball, say one weighing fifty or a hundred pounds, and let me roll it across the room; and another would entrust me with a rifle-ball, and a rifle out of which I could fire it, I know which would be the more effective of the two. Let no man despise the little bullet, for very often that is the one that kills the sin, and kills the sinner, too. So, brethren, it is not the bigness of the words you utter; it is the force with … [Read more...]

Preaching whilst open to the Spirits guidance- was Spurgeon a charismatic?

Spurgeon once more: "If you yield yourself thus unreservedly to the mind and will of God, by-and-by, when you get out into the ministry, you will sometimes be impelled to use a strange expression or to offer an odd prayer, which at the time may have a queer look even to yourself; but it will be all explained to you afterwards, when someone comes to tell you that he never understood the truth until you put it that day in such an unusual way. You will be more likely to feel this influence if you … [Read more...]

How not to preach the simple gospel

Spurgeon said You may depend upon it that you may make men understand the truth if you really want to do so; but if you are not in earnest, it is not likely that they will be. If a man were to knock at my door in the middle of the night, and when I put my head out of the window to see what was the matter, he should say, in a very quiet, unconcerned way, "There is a fire at the back part of your house," I should have very little thought of any fire, and should feel inclined to empty a jug of … [Read more...]

Expect the simple gospel preached to save people

Spurgeon said "You must also believe in the power of that message to save people. You may have heard the story of one of our first students, who came to me, and said, 'I have been preaching now for some months, and I do not think I have had a single conversion.' I said to him, 'And do you expect that the Lord is going to bless you and save souls every time you open your mouth?' 'No, sir,' he replied. 'Well, then,' I said, 'that is why you do not get souls saved. If you had believed, the Lord … [Read more...]

The simple gospel changes us

One thing that I hope I have made clear enough is that although God saves us entirely as a result of grace and not because of anything we have done, because it is hime that has changed us on the inside, we should expect such a work to have an impact in lives for the good. We cannot simply say "I believe" and continue in our old life if we want to say we have been saved. Spurgeon put it like this in soulwinner: "A drunken man came up to Rowland Hill, one day, and said, 'I am one of your … [Read more...]

Win their hearts if you believe this simple gospel

It challenges me how indifferent we can be to the plight of those who don't know Jesus. IF we really believed that people were on their way to hell unless they were saved shouldn't we care a little more than we do about the plight of those who are not as blessed as we are to be saved? Spurgeon put it this way:"to win a soul, it is necessary, not only to instruct our hearer, and make him know the truth, but to impress him so that he may feel it. A purely didactic ministry, which should always … [Read more...]

Preach the simple gospel!

More from the Soulwinner: "The best attraction is the gospel in its purity. The weapon with which the Lord conquers men is the truth as it is in Jesus. The gospel will be found equal to every emergency; an arrow which can pierce the hardest heart, a balm which will heal the deadliest wound. Preach it, and preach nothing else." … [Read more...]

Winning souls with the simple gospel

Its been too long since I have quoted Spurgeon here so time to remedy that with this fantastic quote from his book on soulwinning which I have just started to re-read online where it is available free:"if we do not teach men something, we may shout, 'Believe! Believe! Believe!' but what are they to believe? Each exhortation requires a corresponding instruction, or it will mean nothing. 'Escape!' From what? This requires for its answer the doctrine of the punishment of sin. 'Fly!' But whither? … [Read more...]

More on Unconditional election, "double predestination" and the wills of God and man

JOLLYBLOGGER has now posted on Unconditional Election, which he posted after my own post on the same subject.As usual he does a great job- a much better one than I- but as is my want I will once again be slightly nit-picking. This is not so much because I think he and I really differ on this, but rather to make the point clearer for some of our readers.I was a little surprised by the quote that he uses to describe Election, since it seems to say that God has chosen people both for salvation … [Read more...]

What would C H SPurgeon have made of charismatics?

Spurgeon is one of my heroes of the faith. He was probably the greatest English speaking preacher ever. If you don't have it already Ages software do a fantastic deal on a disk containing all of Spurgeons sermons for a ridiculously low price!Anyway back to our question- what would he have made of the charismatics ERIC HAYDEN replied by quoting a sermon entitled 'Receiving the Holy Ghost #1790 Vol 30, Year 1884, pg. 386, (Acts 19:2) and it is clear that the answer is not entirely … [Read more...]