TOAM Session 4 David Stroud on the future of UK Newfrontiers

David Stroud explained that he would not be preaching as such this session but instead sharing his heart for the future of Newfrontiers here in the UK. You can download the audio or read my notes here:He began by saying how grateful he was to be part of this family of churches. We left churches because of nostalgia. So we don’t want to do that. But, there is a difference between nostalgia and gratitude. He explained that he went to one week at the Downs Bible week had totally changed his l … [Read more...]

Together at Butlins 2 – Dave Stroud

This morning I again plan on sharing only a short summary of Dave Stroud's talk.  He spoke about how we are called to be salt and light in the world.Dave begun by speaking about the difference between Plato's view of the physical body and realm and the Christian one.  He told us not to think of our eternal state in heaven as a place of disembodied spirits hanging around.  Our bodies are part of God's creation, and there is no divide between the spiritual and physical, rather all is spiritualWe ar … [Read more...]

TOAM08 VIDEO INTERVIEW – David Stroud, Part 2, How to Prepare for Church Planting

I continue this interview by asking about how someone who believes God is speaking to them about church planting can begin to prepare themselves within Newfrontiers. … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – David Stroud on 1 Samuel 14

During the worship time this morning, Keith Hazell shared an interesting prophetic word. It spoke about a wind coming that would shake things in our land, but also a great time of blessing for us. He felt that there would be new alliances forged and new opportunities presented to the church by the government.This morning's preacher was David Stroud. Dave leads ChristChurch, London, and the Newfrontiers UK team. He has been involved in leading churches for over sixteen years; ChristChurch is the … [Read more...]