INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part interview with Don Carson, which began yesterday. That segment can be read here. I previously shared the video of this interview here.*************************AdrianSo obviously from your own story, and also in your current role, you must have seen lots of people come through that path. Do you have any thoughts about how the Church can best develop its future leaders, or how, indeed, those people who might be beginning to feel similar stirrings to you, all … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 1

I had the great privilege of talking to Don Carson in April at the New Word Alive Conference, when this interview was recorded. I have already shared the video of the interview here.*************************AdrianHi! I’m Adrian Warnock. I blog at and I’m also privileged to serve as part of the leadership team of Jubilee Church in London. I’m here at New Word Alive, together with Don Carson, who has kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions. Thank you for joining us, … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 2

UPDATE The written transcript of this interview is now available and can be read here.In the second part of my interview with Don Carson we spoke about how to prepare people to serve as leaders and preachers in the Church. We spoke about the place of seminary, and about those who, like Martyn Lloyd-Jones, serve without spending time there. We also spoke about conferences, and the importance of recognizing that most of us are just going to be ordinary Christians. You can view part 1 … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 1

UPDATE The written text of this interview is now available. You can access it here.The following video was filmed at New Word Alive in April of this year, when I had the opportunity to speak with Don Carson. We spoke about his reasons for coming to the UK, about how he chose to leave the field of chemistry to become a pastor and then left pastoral ministry to train ministers in a seminary, the crucial importance of the local church, and his relationship with his father.My interview … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Don Carson on 1 John and Assurance

Carson closed the conference with his final talk on 1 John. I was home by this time, but I was able to listen to it over the weekend. You can do the same by ordering CDs from the New Word Alive website. I will share some short notes of it here.Because of his love for us, we should love others. If people can't see God, they can see his love operating in us as we love one another.In the previous talk, Don spoke of three tests—the truth test, the love test, and the obedience test. But, in fact, the … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Don Carson on 1 John, Part 3

I will share slightly briefer notes than usual on this morning’s talk—my fingers are getting tired!Don Carson began his talk on 1 John 3 by making a claim that it is actually only because of the Bible that religion and morality were first strongly linked together. It is only because of Christianity that our culture believes that we should be consistent in our behavior. Sin is broad. Sin is not just lawlessness, it is also a lack of faith that you will be able to not do something you want to do. B … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Don Carson on 1 John, Part 2

Don Carson began by talking about the many ways in which the love of God is spoken about in the Bible. We are both always loved by God and commanded to keep ourselves in the love of God. We must not over-emphasize either of these. The Bible speaks about the love of God being general and sufficient for all. And it also speaks about the love of God being specific to those who are elect. Christ loved the Church and intentionally gave himself for her. It is definitely for those who are his people by … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Don Carson on 1 John, Part 1

This morning the expositional Bible teaching by Don Carson is totally packed. It was only by begging help from a steward that I got in. I think I’ve taken almost the last available seat in the entire main celebration event. Fortunately his talk will be repeated later this morning. It is exciting to see so many people gathered for a verse-by-verse examination of an entire New Testament book. I will have to get here earlier tomorrow morning to ensure I get a seat!We began by reading some verses f … [Read more...]

Limited/Unlimited Atonement – Just Who Did Jesus Die For?

As regular readers will know, this week I am swiftly working through the glorious doctrines of grace—the so-called "TULIP." Today we reach the Limited Atonement item which is, in my opinion, the most misunderstood, and the item with possibly the most nuances needed in our understanding of it. As such, it will get the largest number of quotes so far.I found a couple of interesting quotes in a post and comment section that asked, What does Mark Driscoll mean by limited/unlimited atonement?. The f … [Read more...]

New Word Alive Bookings Open

As I write this, Together On A Mission has started. Perhaps like me, at the moment you can't be there and wish you could be. (I am looking forward to getting there soon though!). Perhaps you are there and enjoying it so much you are thinking that next year you would like to go to two Chrisitan conferences. If so, my friends at New Word Alive can help you out. With a line-up of confirmed speakers next April — Terry Virgo, Don Carson and John Piper — I hope to be able to attend with my whole fam … [Read more...]