Video of Adrian appearing on Ed Stetzer’s The Exchange

Ed Stetzer was out of the country, so my old friend Micah Fries was the interviewer when I appeared on The Exchange. We spoke about blogging, the prime importance of the church, the priesthood of all believers, and the centrality of the resurrection.I really enjoyed the interview. My friend Rice Broocks also appeared on the show, and we discussed God's Not Dead. If you want to just watch the segment about God's Not Dead see the video embedded on my review post. You can watch the video below o … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler, and others on TBN

This was one of the things I missed during January when I scaled back my social media commitments dramatically. Matt Chandler, Jefferson Bethke, Priscilla Shirer, Josh Wilsonm and Christ August, who are all solid evangelicals, appeared on special TBN's Praise the Lord program hosted by Ed Stetzer. The whole program faithfully proclaims the gospel of grace, and is very nicely produced.This video thrilled me. Too many of us in the circles I move in have made a sport of mocking all Christian … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer writes for CNN about Mental Illness and the Church

Ed Stetzer is one of the most widely respected Christians in the West with a broad appeal that goes beyond most of our tribal boundaries. I have had the privilege of getting to know him personally a bit as well, so I was thrilled to read him speak about  his article at CNN Regarding Mental Illness on his own blog.  I have decided that I will highlight a couple of other articles on mental illness before returning to my own series, which so far includes two posts:Can a Christian get dep … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer reflects on my New Frontiers USA brothers and sisters

Ed Stetzer is a great friend to many movements.  I do not think that there is anyone who preachers today to a broader range of evangelicalism. One thing that makes that possible is that he is ever eager to understand what movements actually do stand for.  It was such a blessing having him preach at Jubilee Church London a while back.  It was a flying visit (though we did get to go round the Churchill museum with our wives!) and I think it was his first introduction to a Newfrontiers meeting. Now … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer’s research on Transformational Churches

If, like me, you are fascinated by the work that has gone into Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer's latest book Transformational Church then the following video will give you a relaxed, longish presentation on just what they have been getting up to: … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo’s book reviews from Brighton

Having spoken just yesterday about the fine line between self-promotion and hiding one's light under a bushel, it might surprise you that I would share a video at the begining of this post in which  Terry Virgo (who incidentally has recently joined Facebook) begins his slot recommending books at the Brighton conference by commending mine. There are a number of reasons why I feel very comfortable doing this, however.Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Terry's book review segments have been … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer interviews me on unpaid Christian leadership

A friend of mine recently turned the tables on me and interviewed me in a post entitled Ed Stetzer - My Interview with Adrian Warnock: Why We Need Non-Paid Christian Leaders. If I am quite honest, until recently I never really thought of myself as a Christian leader at all. Ed seems to be talking here about leadership as influence. And so, understanding that I really do not have any of the responsibility and accountability of leadership (except to a limited extent in my local congregation), by … [Read more...]

SERMON: Ed Stetzer on Engaging the Culture (Acts 17)

The following sermon is by Ed Stetzer preaching at Jubilee Church. The video follows my brief notes.Engaging the culture: What does it mean for us to be on mission ?In Acts 17 Paul finds a space within the culture to proclaim the gospel. He uses this as a bridge to share Jesus. We want to avoid being stained by the world. We must not do certain things and go certain places. But it is also true that holiness is not about being separated from people. We must engage.Paul acknowledged … [Read more...]

EdStetzer on How to do church

These are my notes from the final session of Dwell London. Ed Stetzer was the speaker.He wanted us to focus on Why not how. Tools not rules. We are in a time of transition. Many churches are frustrated. Looking for new ways, new models. We need to think biblically and culturally about how do church.Ecclesiology is the study of the church. If our ecclesiology is driven by mission, this should lead to contextually appropriate churches. Culture does matter. We all live in culture. Evey church … [Read more...]

The State of the Evangelical Movement – from Ed Stetzer with my own thoughts interjected

These notes reflect my own impressions of what Ed Stetzer had to say at the recent Dwell London event. He was doing a seminar for cross-cultural workers to help them understand the current evangelical movement.  There are many of my own comments entwined with what Ed actually had to say. So blame me, rather than him for anything you disagree with, and credit him and not me for anything useful! Anytime I use the word “I” in these notes, this definitely reflects my opinion, not Ed’s necessarily. An … [Read more...]