Book Both "Together" Conferences NOW

I can't offer two conferences for the price of one, but I can—in one post—discuss two conferences which, for all the similarities of their names, do have some important differences. For a start, they are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so booking into the wrong one would be a significant logistical headache! I am quite sure, however, that many will cross the "pond" to attend one of what I am calling the "Together" conferences. In fact. they don't happen at the same time, so it is very pos … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Being Reformed and Charismatic

In this, the final segment of my interview with Greg Haslam, Greg discusses being reformed and charismatic, Terry Virgo's spiritual influence on the church in the UK, and the role of the organization Terry heads up, Newfrontiers.If you missed any of the other four parts of this interview, you can read them here:Greg Haslam on Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' PulpitGreg Haslam on Leaving Newfrontiers for Westminster ChapelGreg Haslam on the Primacy of PreachingGreg Haslam on Unity Versus Doctrinal … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Unity Versus Doctrinal Integrity

Today we continue with the fourth part of my interview with Greg Haslam, pastor of Westminster Chapel in London (pictured here with his wife, Ruth). The previous three parts of this interview included an introduction to Greg and his ministry, on leaving Newfrontiers for Westminster Chapel, and Haslam on the primacy of preaching.AdrianYesterday we spoke of the remarkable advance for church unity that your preaching conference represented. Despite the unity displayed in your conference and book, … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On The Primacy Of Preaching

Today I continue with part three of my interview with Greg Haslam. In part one, Greg told us a little about himself, and in part two he discussed his relationship to Newfrontiers and his move to Westminster Chapel.AdrianIf Westminster Chapel has stood for anything over the years it is surely the primacy of preaching. Can you tell us a bit more about your own view of preaching and its importance?GregI've said it all in the collection of fifty-two addresses from our Preachers' Conference, now … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Leaving Newfrontiers For Westminster Chapel

Today I continue the interview with Greg Haslam which began yesterday in a post entitled “Greg Haslam on Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Pulpit.”Adrian Yesterday you mentioned your previous church, which is a part of Newfrontiers. You still speak at Newfrontiers conferences, but your current church isn’t listed as a member. What exactly is your relationship with Newfrontiers, both personally and as a church?GregWestminster Chapel has been a fairly unique and decidedly independent kind of place, with … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Pulpit

It is a pleasure to welcome to my blog, Greg Haslam, who is the current successor to Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel in London.Adrian To begin with Greg, can you tell us a bit about yourself?GregI am a 'scouser,' born in Liverpool in 1953, who lived in a rough area of the city called Bootle (where the kids played 'tic' with hatchets). I came from a broken home, with much sadness due to my parents' marital breakdown and eventual divorce when we children were still very young. It was … [Read more...]

Preach the Word – A Book on Preaching, Edited by Greg Haslam

This newly released 600-page book needs to quickly become part of the library of every preacher who wants to learn what some of the most influential preachers in the UK think of our shared art, which some have called the highest calling any man can ever receive.Based on an extended preaching conference, this book includes contributions by a wealth of the very best UK preachers.Editor Greg Haslam begins the book with an introduction to preaching and ends it with appendixes on the relationship … [Read more...]

Who Are Your Favorite Well-Known Living Preachers?

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 16th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 17th most-read post was my interview with Dr. Sam Storms.In this post I simply asked my readers to identify their favorite preachers, and listed my own as well. I saved all of the comments that were made to this post at that time and have now placed them at the end of this post. If you are interested in letting us know who your favorite preachers are, please e-mail your … [Read more...]

Preach the Word….

I had a a great day today, which was worthwhile even if to just be reminded of some great quotes, like "'To me, the work of preaching is the highest and most glorious calling to which anyone can be called.' Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones"AND preaching is 'Logic on Fire' (Again from The Doctor)One of my great priviledges in life was to know a man called Henry Tyler who was one of the founding fathers of the newfrontiers group of churches of which I am a part. He would have been delighted by … [Read more...]

Work- curse or call?

For many of us work seems like a curse and is something that we endure in order to earn money so we can do other things. I am not convinced that should be the case. Can we all get a job we love? I'm not sure but if we are realistic maybe we can get close to being in a job we love. Certainly I am hoping that my own change of direction- starting tomorrow- will prove more 'me' than some of the things I have done up until now. I listened to a tape by Greg Haslam (recorded on 14/4/02) recently … [Read more...]