TOAM Joel Virgo on Gideon (Judges 6 and 7)

Gideon is instructed by God to lead God’s army, but he is having doubts. Two key stories. Gideon tests God out. He is not convinced, he is nervous. He saw the mighty army that you couldn’t count and it seemed too much for him. He wanted proof that God was with him. It is easy to be quick to speak of his unbelief and cowardice. But the commentator is writing that in a study, it is not really fair! You are not facing the Midianites while you are thinking of the Hebrew verbs. Gideon is fac … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Joel Virgo on 2 Samuel 10

These are my notes from the final session from this years Together On a Mission. The preacher was  Joel Virgo.David fought many wars. It initially seems odd that this one gets prominence. It is surely not just because the writer has a sense of humor and wishes to remind us of the humiliation of men effectively having their trousers removed.David is given outrageous promises. He is told that his descendant will rule over the universe for ever. This was someone who was not, and wasn't even in … [Read more...]

Nigel Ring on How He Serves Terry Virgo

Every leader needs a Nigel. I first met him and his wife many years ago as he will mention in todays guest post about how he has helped in the work of Newfrontiers:At the recent Newfrontiers TOAM Conference I felt God prompt me to testify at the end of Joel Virgo’s talk about being armour bearers to leaders. Several have generously said this was helpful so I will fill in a bit of the history Terry and I have had together. We first met in 1968. My wife and I wanted to start a Bible Study group i … [Read more...]

Spiritual Gifts – That’s It From Me, But More From Others

If my series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is now finished, has left you wanting to know more, then I encourage you to listen to three talks from my friend, Joel Virgo. Joel leads the Brighton Newfrontiers church, CCK. His first talk speaks about something I have blogged about previously, apostles today. The second goes through some of the gifts, and in the third he speaks about how the gifts can operate in meetings.Joel argues for a different approach, depending on the size of the … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Meets CCK Brighton

Pastor Jamie Munson is the elder who runs Mars Hill Church where Mark Driscoll is the preaching elder. He filmed Joel Virgo, lead elder of CCK Brighton and others from that church greeting Mars Hill on his recent visit to Brighton. HT: Mars Hill BlogBrighton CCK from Mars Hill Church on Vimeo.A message to Mars Hill Church from Pastor Joel Virgo and other folks at Church of Christ the King in Brighton, England. … [Read more...]