Behind the Scenes with Giants

Wendy Virgo's blog about her recent time with her husband, Bob Roberts, and some other key Christian leaders is well worth a read, here is an extract: A few days ago I was travelling in a van with a bishop from Mombasa, a church leader from Cote d’Ivoire, a Christian Palestinian, a converted Muslim now church planter from Bangladesh, an Indian pastor from Tamil Nadu among others. The people in that car represented about 3 million Christians around the world.What on earth do such giants talk a … [Read more...]

Confluence Reformed Charismatic Blog launches today

Today is a big day. An exciting brand new blog has been born. Confluence aims to be a meeting place where the reformed, charismatic, and missional streams coalesce. If like me you, "want it all" then this blog should immediately be added to your reading list. You can subscribe to it today by RSS or by email on the blog itself. It's posts also appear on Twitter and I have added the feed to my list of Newfrontiers Twitterers.I have had a sneak preview of some of what is coming, and like it … [Read more...]

US City No. 52 – A St. Louis Church

Today I want to highlight Jubilee Church, St Louis which is the home of John Lanferman, the leader of Newfrontiers USA. This is found in St Louis, which is the 52nd largest USA city. The church has two locations and is something of a beacon church, running a church planting training school. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Lanferman on Reformed Charismatic Churches in the USA

As we drew to the close of the first segment of my interview with John Lanferman yesterday we began to speak about reformed charismatic churches. Today I begin by asking him if he believes there is a hunger for such churches in the USA. You can also download the audio of this interview.*************************AdrianYeah, that’s so important, isn’t it? So as you look out over the nation, do you feel that there is a hunger in the US for these kind of churches, a desire to see them?JohnAbsolutely. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Lanferman of Newfrontiers USA

Next week the main Newfrontiers International conference of the year starts. To whet your appetite, I thought I'd share the transcript of an interview I did at Together On A Mission 2007 with John Lanferman. The audio for this interview is also available here.John oversees a team of leaders who serve the churches in the Newfrontiers—USA family. His primary focus is leadership training, church planting, and supporting churches in the States. John and his wife, Linda, are a part of Jubilee Church i … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Interview with John Lanferman

UPDATEThe written transcript of this interview is now available. It can be read at the following pages: John Lanferman of Newfrontiers USAJohn Lanferman on Reformed Charismatic Churches in the USA*************************In case any of you think that Together On A Mission is just a UK conference, I decided to interview John Lanferman, who is the leader of Newfrontiers USA. There are, in fact, many here from a multitude of different nations.This interview with John Lanferman was a lot of fun, and … [Read more...]

Newfrontiers Magazine Focuses on Healing

The next issue of the newfrontiers magazine is now available online. It has a special focus on healing. There are some great healing testimonies and some interesting articles about how we seem to be beginning to learn as a movement how to make room for God to heal.Newfrontiers Magazine In Brief Firstline A Journey Into Healing Healing Testimonies Expecting the miraculous! Healing Testimonies (2) Confessions Of A Healing Sceptic Healing Testimonies (3) Friends First Book Reviews A healing King … [Read more...]

John Lanferman on Elijah

God moves in a mysterious way. I was thinking about revival and found a talk by John Lanferman on revival. I liked that talk, so I decided to listen to another talk by John Lanferman, which turned out to be on Elijah. Interestingly, I have been thinking about Elijah this week as well! I found the talk to be very encouraging, focusing on the idea of Elijah as a man of purpose. This Old Testament character is well worth spending some time studying and reflecting on his successes and setbacks. He … [Read more...]

BLOGSPOTTING – 2007 Round-up

It's been awhile, so I thought it would be a nice idea to do a blogspotting post today. Blogspotting was initiated by Phil Johnson and ruthlessly copied by me and others. It is simply a way for me to thank all of you for linking to this blog. Links are the lifeblood of the Internet, and the more of them we send each other's way, the healthier the Internet is as a whole. They also help Google out a lot. Think of links as bonds of friendship that also form the signpost system for the Internet … [Read more...]

Getting to Know John Lanferman – Leader of Newfrontiers USA

UPDATE - I had the pleasure of interviewing John Lanferman at the newfrontiers TOAM conference.OK, if the truth be told, I have never met John Lanferman, nor have I exchanged e-mails with him. I have, however, listened to a couple of messages he preached just recently at a newfrontiers Canada conference. The mp3s from John Lanferman and others are available. It sounds like they all had a lot of fun at this conference. John is the USA leader of newfrontiers.As you can see from this photo, my … [Read more...]