I love the short biographical talks Piper gives. Today, I want to share with you some quotes from a talk given by John Piper about C. H. Spurgeon He preached over 600 times before he was 20 years old. His sermons sold about 20,000 copies a week and were translated into 20 languages. The collected sermons fill 63 volumes equivalent to the 27 volume ninth edition Encyclopedia Britannica, and "stands" as largest set books by a single author in the history of Christianity.Even if his son, Charles, … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Fear Shot Through With Joy

Today I want to bring you a quote from a sermon by John Piper: The Present Effects of Trembling at the Wrath of God. Thanks to the wonders of the new Desiring God website, you can watch, read, or listen to the full sermon there.This quote expresses the results of a view of God that is balanced between fear and joy. Too many Christians veer into one or the other extreme. Sometimes we see only the kindness of God and imagine that he is some kind of sugar daddy in the sky who is all sweetness and … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – The Power of the Spoken Word and Treasuring Jesus

Hi, my name is Adrian Warnock and I am a's been three days since I last posted on my blog ...Yes, I know posts have been appearing in this time, but I cheated by writing them earlier and having my editorial assistant publish them and post a couple of links whilst I was away!Anway, despite my addiction to the written word, I am a great believer in the power of the SPOKEN word. I believe that there is a reason why the Bible says that faith comes by HEARING the word of … [Read more...]

DG06 National Conference mp3s Now Available

This is Adrian's editor, Annette. The mp3s of the Desiring God 2006 National Conference are now available. (HT Scott Burness.) The transcripts (except for John Piper) are not yet available, even though both "read" and "listen" are listed below. I believe that, for now, if you click "Read" you will be taken to the page where the transcript will eventually be located once it has been made available. On that page, you will also find access to the audio. However, for direct access to the audio, … [Read more...]

DG06 – Final Session – John Piper

Tim Challies has not yet published on this session, so again here are some quotes from New Attitude on the closing session:"Tears welled up in Piper’s eyes as he talked about the cross: I don’t like getting angry at people in evangelical churches. This is not fun. It’s heart-breaking. But what can you do when they attack the center with blasphemous cynicism? Nothing is more crucial for humanity than to escape the omnipotent wrath of God. It’s not the goal of the cross, but it’s infinitely necessa … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – A Charismatic Mandate

This week I want to direct your attention to an article from 1991 in which Dr. John Piper makes the most charismatic statements I have seen anywhere in his material, and argues for his position very clearly. If you are interested in a more extended explanation of Piper's views, there is also a fourteen-part sermon series on the gifts entitled, "Are Signs and Wonders for Today?" which he preached in 1990. Piper is not your typical charismatic, but is more open to gifts than many assume of him. I … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Let's Learn from Others

Today's Piper Friday comes from a sermon The Lips of Knowledge Are a Precious Jewel:"First of all, "the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel" to me when I find them in another person, and so I seek to listen as much as I can. C.S. Lewis had the "lips of knowledge" and still speaks through his books. I have read almost all of his theological and fiction works, I think. And if you offered me ten million dollars right now in exchange for what I learned from C.S. Lewis, I wouldn't consider the … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – A Sermon From Proverbs

Not unsurprisingly, I am somewhat preoccupied by Proverbs at the moment. Today I want to share with you an extended quote from one of John Piper's sermons on Proverbs. I will share the quote and allow Piper to speak. I cannot encourage you enough to go read the whole sermon, or even listen to it online.This extract shows how Piper laboured with a single proverb to put it in context and truly understand it. It is a great illustration of what we were learning about proverbs from Dan Phillips … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – It is Impossible to Elevate Emotions Too Highly!

Today, I have a treat for you from John Piper, thanks to ScottyB. It's a link to some audio in which Piper addresses this issue of the importance of experience in the Christian life.Scotty has kindly typed out a short quote for us from the talk - it is the third one listed at this link over at Covenant Seminary. In this talk, Piper is answering objections to Christian hedonism, and the third objection he addresses is:"Don't I elevate the importance of emotions too highly?"While at Wheaton … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Why God Tells Us He Delights in His Children

This excerpt is the latest "Fresh Words" from the Desiring God website. Incidently, thousands of audio sermons and some video sermons have just been quietly added to that site!The question is not whether God delights in his children. He does. The question is twofold: One, What is it about us that He delights in? And two, Why does He tell us that He delights in us? What effect does He want it to have? (When I say “God,” I mean all that God is for us in Christ. I mean the triune, Christian God.). . … [Read more...]