PIPER FRIDAY – Let's Learn from Others

Today's Piper Friday comes from a sermon The Lips of Knowledge Are a Precious Jewel:"First of all, "the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel" to me when I find them in another person, and so I seek to listen as much as I can. C.S. Lewis had the "lips of knowledge" and still speaks through his books. I have read almost all of his theological and fiction works, I think. And if you offered me ten million dollars right now in exchange for what I learned from C.S. Lewis, I wouldn't consider the … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – A Sermon From Proverbs

Not unsurprisingly, I am somewhat preoccupied by Proverbs at the moment. Today I want to share with you an extended quote from one of John Piper's sermons on Proverbs. I will share the quote and allow Piper to speak. I cannot encourage you enough to go read the whole sermon, or even listen to it online.This extract shows how Piper laboured with a single proverb to put it in context and truly understand it. It is a great illustration of what we were learning about proverbs from Dan Phillips … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – It is Impossible to Elevate Emotions Too Highly!

Today, I have a treat for you from John Piper, thanks to ScottyB. It's a link to some audio in which Piper addresses this issue of the importance of experience in the Christian life.Scotty has kindly typed out a short quote for us from the talk - it is the third one listed at this link over at Covenant Seminary. In this talk, Piper is answering objections to Christian hedonism, and the third objection he addresses is:"Don't I elevate the importance of emotions too highly?"While at Wheaton … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Why God Tells Us He Delights in His Children

This excerpt is the latest "Fresh Words" from the Desiring God website. Incidently, thousands of audio sermons and some video sermons have just been quietly added to that site!The question is not whether God delights in his children. He does. The question is twofold: One, What is it about us that He delights in? And two, Why does He tell us that He delights in us? What effect does He want it to have? (When I say “God,” I mean all that God is for us in Christ. I mean the triune, Christian God.). . … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – Hope by the Spirit and How Logos Helps Me

I am not ashamed to admit that I learn from others in my Christian walk and in my preparation. Today's Piper Friday will give you a rare peek behind the scenes of my preparation for preaching a sermon before I preach it. This Sunday I am preaching on hope. So, it is no great surprise that I would turn to Piper to see what he has to say. I have also made significant use of what Logos gave me when I simply put the word "hope" into its Word Study section. I have attached a word document on hope … [Read more...]


As regular readers will already know, I devote space each Friday for quotes from John Piper. Dr. Piper is the preacher of his generation, as Lloyd-Jones was of his own. John combines authentic experiential Christianity with a solid doctrinal foundation. There is no Christian preacher alive whom I think would consistently benefit you more to read or listen to. Fortunately, there is (as far as I know) no Christian preacher alive who has more material available for free on the net!Later this month … [Read more...]

Piper Friday – John Piper is Back!

John Piper is back, and with a vengeance. Following a long sabbatical, he has preached his first sermon. It is a clear message on justification entitled This Man Went Down to His House Justified. So it seemed appropriate to devote Piper Friday to a quote from this sermon.As far as we know, this Pharisee was a total lover of the sovereignty of God. As far as we know he would have said, “Not I, but the grace of God in me has worked this righteousness.” He says, “I thank you, God, that I have this r … [Read more...]

John Piper on Worship

This Friday's Piper quote is inspired by the thought of Tim Challies sitting in the Sovereign Grace WorshipGod06 conference—that’s if they allow him to sit! The idea of Tim surrounded by men and women dancing, raising their arms, and (dare I say it) CLAPPING, amuses me for some reason. I am not being cruel, and I honestly hope and pray, and even expect that he will enjoy it a lot more than the unfortunate caricature us charismatics have of the rest of our brothers and sisters would lead me to sup … [Read more...]

Legalism is More Deadly than Alcoholism – Piper Friday

This week quotes from John Piper return to the blog, and I want to share a deliberately provocative, but short, quote with you from a sermon of his back in 1983. I have been reflecting a lot on my post on my need to repent from legalism, and this quote certainly helps to crystallize even further in my mind the critical nature of rooting out all legalism from our lives:When I wrote in The Standard this month that legalism is a greater menace to the church than alcoholism it wasn't for shock … [Read more...]

Piper Friday – Truth and Pragmatism (T4G Article III)

This post is part of an attempt to bring John Piper along for the ride, blogging through the Together for the Gospel statement. I have already posted a quote from him on Building our Lives on the Bible, the subject of the first two articles. Today we will bring you Piper on "Truth and Pragmatism" - the subject of the third article of the T4G statement. I have also posted from Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones writings on The Introduction and Articles 1, 2, and 3. I have also posted myself on the … [Read more...]