Disagreeing with Frank Viola on Baptism with the Holy Spirit


I love Frank Viola and really rate his writings, but it surprises me how often it seems to me like people I totally respect seem to apply different rules of interpretation to usual when it comes to issues connected with the Holy Spirit. So far in his first post on baptism with the Holy Spirit he begins by mentioning people being coached to "speak in tongues" which is surely something everybody can agree is totally wrong!Secondly he seems to assume that everyone who believes in the baptism … [Read more...]

Evangelicals – Heirs of the Reformation


I wish you all a Happy Reformation day. This video below from John Piper explains why almost 500 years later Evangelicals should still grateful to God for the Reformation, and very much recognize ourselves as heir of that move of God.Much as I love my Catholic friends, and as much as they have indeed themselves reformed (especially since Vatican II) I am very much a Protestant. To me, the Reformation very much lies at the heart of the Evangelical movement. Of course Catholics can be … [Read more...]

Still Not Professionals: hear Tope Koleoso at Desiring God


I am thrilled that John Piper has announced the line up for his 2013 conference Still Not Professionals, and my pastor Tope Koleoso will be one of the main speakers. I plan to accompany Tope, so I hope to look forward to meeting many of you there.   … [Read more...]

John Piper on the passing of another year and our glorious future

This is a great video of the Piper family, it was created by Carolyn McCulley and is well worth a visit. … [Read more...]

John Piper on self promotion vs being influential for Jesus

In keeping with my theme this week of self-examination, I thought I would highlight two things I found on Justin Taylor's blog.The first was a post on self-promotion by Dane Ortlund. This really hits the mark and is a great provocation to us. Like many such pithy thoughts it is of course, however, one sided. There is nothing wrong with that as sometimes we do well to allow a truth, in this case "do not promote yourself" to hit us full in the face without nuancing it in that moment. If in … [Read more...]

Popular posts: John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine and The Purpose Driven Life

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.  Today we feature, John Piper's interview with Rick Warren on doctrine and The Purpose Driven Life.John Piper and Rick Warren are friends who come from slightly different wings of the modern church.  It was great to see them discuss what unites them.  As I keep saying, we have enough true enemies of the gospel at work today that all who love the age-old truths of the … [Read more...]

John Piper on How to Recognize a Wolf-In-The-Making

This quote might be old, but it is bang up to date! Let me just mention one feature to watch out for in the recognition of wolves. As I have watched the movement from biblical faithfulness to liberalism in persons and institutions that I have known over the years, this feature stands out: An emotional disenchantment with faithfulness to what is old and fixed, and an emotional preoccupation with what is new or fashionable or relevant in the eyes of the world.Let's try to say it another way: … [Read more...]

Keller, Piper and Carson on aging graciously and transition

I know many of my readers are pastors. So this video will be especially relevant to them as three great men of God talk about the losses that aging brings, and wise transition. But it is also of relevance to all of us as we remember our human frailty, and strive not to allow ourselves to be defined by what we do for God. … [Read more...]

More reflections on the Piper Warren Interview

Here are some thoughts in my mind as I think more about the interview I linked to earlier this week. Firstly, Warren and Piper clearly respect and love each other greatly.  There are some areas, especially in style, where they disagree.  But they do so as brothers.  They do so as two people who value and prize the Bible and love the God of the Bible.  They do so as people who tremble at God's word.  They also do so as two people who actually believe the Bible has something clear to say.  There is … [Read more...]

John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine and the Purpose Driven Life

Back in 2009, I wrote about why, unlike many other reformed bloggers, I really appreciate Rick Warren. So you can imagine my pleasure was as great as some others displeasure when John Piper invited him to speak. A detailed meeting of the minds was promised, but delayed due to family health issues that prevented Rick from actually being at the conference.I love long interviews. This one, though to be fair I have not yet watched it all the way through, promises to be very interesting indeed. … [Read more...]