John Piper on How to Recognize a Wolf-In-The-Making

This quote might be old, but it is bang up to date! Let me just mention one feature to watch out for in the recognition of wolves. As I have watched the movement from biblical faithfulness to liberalism in persons and institutions that I have known over the years, this feature stands out: An emotional disenchantment with faithfulness to what is old and fixed, and an emotional preoccupation with what is new or fashionable or relevant in the eyes of the world.Let's try to say it another way: … [Read more...]

Keller, Piper and Carson on aging graciously and transition

I know many of my readers are pastors. So this video will be especially relevant to them as three great men of God talk about the losses that aging brings, and wise transition. But it is also of relevance to all of us as we remember our human frailty, and strive not to allow ourselves to be defined by what we do for God. … [Read more...]

More reflections on the Piper Warren Interview

Here are some thoughts in my mind as I think more about the interview I linked to earlier this week. Firstly, Warren and Piper clearly respect and love each other greatly.  There are some areas, especially in style, where they disagree.  But they do so as brothers.  They do so as two people who value and prize the Bible and love the God of the Bible.  They do so as people who tremble at God's word.  They also do so as two people who actually believe the Bible has something clear to say.  There is … [Read more...]

John Piper interviews Rick Warren on doctrine and the Purpose Driven Life

Back in 2009, I wrote about why, unlike many other reformed bloggers, I really appreciate Rick Warren. So you can imagine my pleasure was as great as some others displeasure when John Piper invited him to speak. A detailed meeting of the minds was promised, but delayed due to family health issues that prevented Rick from actually being at the conference.I love long interviews. This one, though to be fair I have not yet watched it all the way through, promises to be very interesting indeed. … [Read more...]

The Apostle Paul's Blogging Checklist, Hell, and Rob Bell

Now that Rob Bell's controversial book Love Wins is on sale on both sides of the Atlantic and many other comments have been made, I am feeling like I cannot avoid engaging in the controversy, or at least should read some more material to understand it better. I did not seek out such involvement, as you can see from my post which ironically listed Five Reasons I hadn't previously blogged about Rob Bell. Since then I have posted a couple of highly relevant articles without directly addressing … [Read more...]

Why a belief in hell is so practically important

We don't believe in hell for practical reasons.  We believe in it because the Bible tells us it is so, and that settles it for us.  No matter what some may say, we cannot be shaken from that.  But, I ask, do we really live in light of that belief?  Is is something that emotionally impacts us?  Do we feel it's truth?  If not, as Piper points out, we will both be complacent about our friends and neighbours and lacking in passion in our gratitude to Jesus for what he has done for us:BROTHERS, WE M … [Read more...]

10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in Japan

As Japan braces itself for a possible further serious earthquake, and deals with the consequences of such massive devastation caused by the last one, not to mention the risk of a major nuclear incident, how should Christians respond? Please understand that none of this is intended to claim that we have all the answers to such a disaster. In fact, like Job's friends' initial response, often the best thing we can do is say absolutely nothing, and share people's pain.I write this article with … [Read more...]

How good things can rob us of loving God

What takes the place of love for God in your life and mine? Is it always sin? Not according to Piper. It is of course relatively easy to live an outwardly "pure" life, free from the most obvious of sins. But our hearts are way more deceptive than that:The greatest enemy of hunger for God is not poison but apple pie. It is not the banquet of the wicked that dulls our appetite for heaven, but endless nibbling at the table of the world. It is not the X-rated video, but the prime-time dribble of … [Read more...]

Making Jesus the central thing

I love this quote from Piper's excellent book "What Jesus demands from the World" It really captures in a nutshell what being born again is all about:When a person is born anew and experiences repentance, his attitude about Jesus changes. Jesus himself becomes the central focus and supreme value of life. Before the new birth happens and repentance occurs, a hundred other things seem more important and more attractive: health, family, job, friends, sports, music, food, sex, hobbies, retirement. … [Read more...]

Entrusted with the Gospel

Appropriately enough given what we were speaking about yesterday, this month an important new book was released by Crossway. Entrusted with the Gospel is based on expositions of 2 Timothy and has a broad range of contributors. Here is what I said about it, I encourage you to go buy a copy and read it! Here is what I said about it: “Piper, Ryken, Driscoll, Copeland, Chapell, and Duncan are very different people, but they are all proven champions of the unchanging gospel of Jesus. This book w … [Read more...]