Was John Owen a Charismatic?

You may remember a simple definition of the word charismatic I shared from a recent book review which began: “Those who recognize that the gift of the Spirit is to be received . . .”While it is anachronistic to ask if John Owen was a charismatic, it is very interesting indeed that, like John Piper and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, he makes a clear distinction between the work of the Spirit in saving us and another experiential work that is available to those who desire a dynamic relationship with God. Her … [Read more...]

John Owen, the Trinity, and the Atonement

The atonement is never far from this blog. It seems that misconceptions common in our day were, sadly, also common in John Owen's day. We see in this quote something incredibly topical today. Perhaps sometimes the answers to today’s debates do indeed lie in studying the theological upsets of the past:“Unfortunately, many Christians often have a distorted view of the heavenly Father. We tend to view him as angry and full of wrath toward us. While we imagine Jesus as the one who loves us, the Fat … [Read more...]

John Owen and Knowing God Through Jesus

Sometime ago I posted about the fact that it is Jesus who best reveals to us the attributes of God. It was therefore thrilling to see that this concept echoed down the centuries in the writings of John Owen. “The great revelation of Christ to us is that of “God as a Father,” and this matters greatly, “for the love of the Father is the only rest of the soul” (page 31). Those words are worthy of much thought and meditation. Owen's thinking is explained further as follows:“While Owen’s theological a … [Read more...]

John Owen on the Trinity

Some today argue that the Trinity is a relatively novel concept. Owen demonstrates this is not true and cites Gregory of Nazianzus’ statement: “No sooner do I conceive of the One than I am illumined by the Splendour of the Three; no sooner do I distinguish Them than I am carried back to the One” (cited on page 28 of Communion with the Triune God). We can learn much from Owen's teaching on the Trinity:"We do not have competing gods, but rather one God in three persons, free and united, wise and … [Read more...]

John Owen on the Vital Place of Knowing God

Yesterday we shared a great definition of the Gospel taken from the Forward to the forthcoming Crossway book, Communion with the Triune God.Today we will share more words from the introductory portions of that book which will explain this further and show the emphasis Owen placed on an experience of God: “I pray God with all my heart that I may be weary of everything else but converse and communion with him.” (John Owen, letter to Sir John Hartop, cited on page 14.) The editors explain this fur … [Read more...]

John Owen on the Gospel and Communion With God

Yesterday I began a series of posts inspired by the introductory materials to the forthcoming Crossway book, Communion With the Triune God by John Owen.One major preoccupation of this blog which has been overarching much of my writing has been that of the Gospel itself. In an age which tends to assume or even deny the Gospel, I have been eager to examine it again. This major theme has been inspired by the Together for the Gospel Statement, which I will return shortly to blogging my way through. … [Read more...]

Introducing John Owen to a Generation That Desperately Needs Him

Every now and then a book arrives in my hands that I realize is too important for me to wait until I have finished reading it before I comment on it here. The book I want to discuss is so important that I knew before I had even finished the introduction I had to tell you about it.Justin Taylor and his friend, Kelly Kapic, have done it again. Following the advice of his previous boss, John Piper, Justin knows that dead Christian leaders have much to teach us. Sadly, with the passing of time it … [Read more...]

Baptist and PCA Agreements About Baptism

Justin Taylor has shared a number of statements on which Mark Dever agreed with David Coffin from the PCA about baptism. The following extracts stood out to me (hence the odd numbering), but they are all worth reading. Do any of you, my readers, disagree with any of these?You will note that, for once, I'm standing on the sidelines of this debate, simply pointing out what various people are saying. I should, however, at least say that there are a couple of the statements on Dever's list with … [Read more...]

Lig Duncan Speaks Up for Paedobaptists

Lig has written about his main reasons for believing in paedobaptism. What he hasn't said is whether he thinks he should be allowed to become a member in a baptist church if he wanted to, or whether a baptist would be free to join his church. Here are Lig's arguements for christening babies:-1. God, in both the Old and New Testaments, explicitly makes a promise to believers and to their children (Genesis 17:7; Acts 2:39).2. God, in both the Old and New Testaments, explicitly attaches specific … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Justin Taylor

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 19th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 20th most-read post was "Twelve Literary Features of the Bible."Few editors are as well known as Justin Taylor. He has expertise in editing others' writings, highlighting interesting posts, and creating his own work. He is now an integral part of the Crossway Books team. He is also someone I am pleased to be able to call a friend.***************AdrianIt is a real … [Read more...]