Lex Loizides releases a new book for new Christians

Lex Loizides is a great friend of mine, and a very gifted church-based evangelist who has faithfully served God over several decades all over the world. His wisdom in helping new Christians in legendary. In this book Lex skillfully guides those beginning a lifetime of following Jesus. It makes the perfect gift for any one who just became a Christian.  You can get his book on  Kindle in the USA and UK stores:US amzn.to/XxjcBH UK amzn.to/11xtV24  … [Read more...]

Guest post by Lex Loizides

What Readers of Church History are interested in!I’ve found it intriguing to note what posts are becoming more popular on The Church History Blog, as well as the often completely daft (and often highly entertaining) search terms that lead people there.Here are the top 6 posts during the last quarter:John Wesley and his Wife (part 2) John Calvin and Martin Luther – some differences Mary Slessor the 'Mother of all Peoples' John Wesley and his Wife (part 1) The God Delusion Debate John Wesley … [Read more...]

Lex Loizides inteview on personal tracts

As you read this I am in South Africa for the second time in six months, and also the second time in my life. All my posts this week were written and scheduled before I went. I am definitely finding as a result of my first trip that Africa has a growing place in my heart. How could I not love the continent on which my wife was born and raised? While I was there last time I filmed the following interview with my friend Lex Loizides. In it we discuss his recently released DVD on creating and using … [Read more...]

Urban Mission and Reconciliation – Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town | The Lausanne Global Conversation

Lex, who has been my friend for twenty years recently wrote the following article for the Lausanne website about Jubilee Church Capet Town. I can also let you know today that on 31st October this year I will be preaching in their evening service. Pray for me as it will be my first trip to Africa. I want a little bit of Africa to get inside me. I love Africa as it gave me both my wife and my pastor!Since the birth of the new South Africa in 1994, the country has been affectionately referred to … [Read more...]

Popular Posts On Church History

My friend Lex Loizides keeps plugging away at his excellent church history blog. It is well worth dipping into for some inspiring snippets of what God has done in the past. New posts appear in my sidebar with the other “Warnie” winners.Lex has identified and updated his five most popular posts, adding links that help them serve as gateways to the rest of the content of his blog. I thought I would share them here:1. John Calvin and Martin Luther—Some Differences2. The Birth of Modern Revi … [Read more...]

What is Your Favorite Quote? Guest Post From Lex Loizides

Today's quest blogger is my friend Lex who blogs short, inspirational stories and illustrations from church history over athttp://lexloiz.wordpress.com/Lex is an elder at Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town and travels throughout the world as an evangelist.http://www.jubilee.org.za/I recently completed an article for a Christian magazine. As part of the ‘get to know the author’ section, I had to answer several questions including ‘What is your favourite quote?’I must admit that I’m not certain I … [Read more...]

Time For A Change – A Sermon By Lex Loizides

This is the video of a sermon preached by Lex Loizides (who I also interviewed) at Jubilee Church, London last Sunday. You can also download the audio. This message is a great introduction to the Christian faith and we saw a good response to the gospel as a result. … [Read more...]

Lex Loizides – Interview With A Church-Based Evangelist

I have known Lex for approximately twenty years. His passion for Jesus is, if anything, more infectious now than when I first met him. Spending this twenty minutes or so with him left me wanting to tell more people about Jesus. I suspect that if you pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, and join us, you will feel the same.We spent some time together speaking about how he came to be an evangelist who travels to many countries sharing the good news alongside local churches. He said that his … [Read more...]

Front Edge Evangelism Event 16th-17th May

On Saturday 16th May, my good friend, Lex Loizides, will be leading a day conference aimed at equipping Christians for the work of reaching out with the gospel. There are still spaces available at this event, which will take place at Kings Church Catford.On Sunday 17th May there will be special guest services taking place across Southeast England. Lex will be speaking at one of these events which will begin at 10 a.m. at Jubilee Church in the Enfield Cineworld (on the A10). Lex will be … [Read more...]

Luther's Moment of Conversion

Last week Lex Loizides shared this fantastic quote from Martin Luther in his church history series: "I was seized with the conviction that I must understand [Paul’s] letter to the Romans. I did not have a heart of stone, but to that moment one phrase in chapter one stood in my way. I hated the idea, ‘in it the righteousness of God is revealed’ . . . according to which God is righteous and punishes the unrighteous sinner.I lived without reproach as a monk, but my conscience was disturbed to its ve … [Read more...]