Theology for All – Lessons for the Present by Mark Dever

Mark began the second session of his day conference in London by taking us to 1 Corinthians 9. He briefly overviewed 1 Corinthians as a whole, and said that he felt one of the key themes was considering each other. Paul teaches the Corinthians what the Church is like and how it is supposed to be. We need to learn theology in order to know how to live as a Church. The Church is meant to be holy. Holiness is strangeness to the world. Our message is different to this world's. We are special to God … [Read more...]

Theology for All – Lessons From the Past by Mark Dever

To be quite honest, when reading the publicity, this talk was the one that most inspired me to attend the Theology for All conference. Mark is somewhat of an expert on Church history, and in particular the Puritans. As a pastor, he is concerned not merely with transferring knowledge to his congregation, but also in showing them the lessons to be learned from what has happened in the past.Mark underlined the old maxim, “What one generation knows and teaches, the second generation assumes, and the … [Read more...]

Theology for All – Mark Dever in the UK

Last month Mark Dever was on tour. In the middle of central London, somewhere off Picadilly in a large church—complete with organ—I sat with a gathering of church leaders and others eager to hear Mark speak. (OK, so it's been a long time since I sang a hymn to an organ!) Anyway, Mark began the day by turning to 1 Timothy 1:12-17.True to form, Dever began with the Gospel. Paul reminds his son in the faith of the dramatic call he himself had received to preach the Gospel. He wanted to be sure that … [Read more...]

Theology For All – An Interview with Mark Dever

On Saturday, September 22nd I attended the Theology For All Conference in central London at which Mark Dever spoke. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about attending as I wondered if I would be the only charismatic in attendance. Since the concept of Together for the Gospel hasn't really crossed the Atlantic, I almost felt like an interloper.It was great then to arrive and to feel so welcomed by a good number of my readers who were also attending. It still surprises and pleases me when I … [Read more...]

Mark Dever in the UK Next Saturday

I have just booked in to attend next Saturday's "Theology for All" conference. Mark Dever will be speaking about what we can learn from the past in developing the churches of the future. Date Saturday 22nd September 2007Time 10:30am-4.00pmVenue Christ Church Mayfair, London. Map The cost is £15. If you are free and can get to London I will see you there!Book online here … [Read more...]

Rediscovering Theopedia

I have spent a bit of time over the last few days rediscovering Theopedia. It is not quite so frenetic and unstructured as Wikkipedia. This is probably due to its requirement that you acknowledge a statement of faith and be registered before editing items. They are keen for more contributors and if you have good quality material you have blogged and are willing to adapt, they are happy for it to be included in their articles with the appropriate acknowledgments. Would be great to have a few more … [Read more...]

"Lig Duncan Baptized as a Believer," Reveals Justin Taylor

In news that will shake the blogosphere, Justin Taylor has not only shown that he is with Sam Storms on these issues, he has exclusively revealed that Lig Duncan was not baptized as an infant! Anyone questioning his commitment to the Presbyterian cause would no doubt be told "It wasn't my fault my parents didn't baptize me!" which perhaps to a credobaptist is precisely the point! Anyway here is what Justin said: Trusted sources tell Between Two Worlds that Ligon Duncan was not baptized as an … [Read more...]

Sam Storms Feels Mark Dever is Confusing on the Lord's Supper

In the comments section of Sam Storms’ contribution to the baptism debate is a comment that is too good to leave there. Here is what the commentator said:Adrian,I think Sam might be misunderstanding Mark's position. He keeps referring to the idea that Mark would deny a [paedobaptist] (visiting his church, maybe even speaking in his pulpit) access to communion. Hence Sam writes:“One more thing should be noted. In his recent post, Dever indicated that he planned on having an Anglican and a Pre … [Read more...]

Sam Storms, John Piper, and John Bunyan vs. Wayne Grudem, Al Mohler, and Mark Dever

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 4th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 5th most-read post was "Steve Chalke and the Lost Message of Jesus."The 4th most widely-read post was one in a series of posts that catalogued a major debate about baptism and church membership, and took place online between such theological heavyweights as John Piper, Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem, Lig Duncan, and Mark Dever. The posts listed below were all so popular they … [Read more...]

Baptist and PCA Agreements About Baptism

Justin Taylor has shared a number of statements on which Mark Dever agreed with David Coffin from the PCA about baptism. The following extracts stood out to me (hence the odd numbering), but they are all worth reading. Do any of you, my readers, disagree with any of these?You will note that, for once, I'm standing on the sidelines of this debate, simply pointing out what various people are saying. I should, however, at least say that there are a couple of the statements on Dever's list with … [Read more...]