The Pipers Respond to Dever in the Baptism Debate

Desiring God has published the following response to Dever's contribution to the Baptism debate John Piper says-On almost every disagreement that Christians have about what should be believed and what should be done, someone is living in "unrepentant sin”—that is, they are not doing what they ought to do and they are not confessing it as sin.... The question is: what do we do with all these Christians who can't agree on what ought to be done and therefore do the wrong things and don’t confess it … [Read more...]

John Bunyan and the Grudem & Dever vs Piper Baptism Debate

John Bunyan has been brought in to butress Piper's posisiton which had suffered from the declaration of Dever for the other side. This remains a very good natured discussion, and demonstrates clearly the ability to be united around the gospel but disagree on secondary issues. Aaron Menikoff of the 9Marks Blog begins his post as follows -Maybe it simply worth noting that there is a long history, first in England, then in the States, of Baptists addressing the question of whether the unbaptized … [Read more...]

Mark Dever Joins the Grudem vs Piper Baptism Debate

I am really enjoying the latest debate on baptism and church membership. My "lite blogging" plan for August has so far prevented me from entering the fray and declaring my own thoughts on it. Mark Dever has now posted briefly about his views. It is great to see some of our theological heroes respectfully disagreeing with each other. It is a model for the rest of us. (HT Alex)Baptism SHOULD be required for church membership: Because Jesus clearly commanded baptism and to disobey this … [Read more...]

Penal Substitutionary Atonement – Precious Gospel or Divine Child Abuse?

UPDATE In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 25th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 26th most-read post was "25% Off Logos Bible Software by Libronix.This post summarizes some of my series on the atonement, and links to a number of other posts on the subject. There are many other posts within this series—the most popular of which was one entitled "J. I. Packer on the Atonement."***************As we finally draw near to the conclusion of t … [Read more...]

Mark Dever to Speak in London

THEOLOGY FOR ALLAnnual Day ConferenceSaturday 22nd September 2007Speaker: Dr. Mark DeverPastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D. C.Mark Dever received his doctorate in ecclesiastical theology from Cambridge University. He has authored several books, including Richard Sibbes (a historical study) and Nine Marks of a Healthy Church. He has also edited a collection of historic Baptist documents on ecclesiology entitled Polity: Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life, and … [Read more...]

Mark Dever and Ancient Baptistries

Mark Dever has been visiting ancient baptistries during his ministry trip to Italy. This picture is of the baptistry in which Ambrose baptised Augustine.Everybody's favorite Presbyterians, Lig Duncan and David Wayne, will be interested to know some facts about this baptistry.Firstly, it's BIG — surely only necessary if you are planning to baptise an adult by immersion?Secondly, it's round so that everyone can get a good view, suggesting that baptism is seen as a testimony to others at least as m … [Read more...]

The Atonement – The Historical Background to the Cross

In a previous post in this series on the atonement, we asked, “Does the Cross of Jesus Matter?” Today we will look at the historical background surrounding the cross in the Bible. You will find a list of some of the most recent posts about the atonement from my blog at the end of this post — and if you follow the xml link you will see a longer list.This series is based on teaching I first gave at Jubilee Church. If you want a sneak preview of what is coming you can download the audio (you may nee … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Ten Conclusions About Expository Preaching

Well, here it is. I finally draw to an end a series that could have run and run. Almost all my posts for the last month or so have been inspired by Article 4 of the T4G Statement, which is quoted in my post John Piper on Expository Preaching. As I have said, I am sure I will return frequently to this topic as it is, of course, never far from my mind — and in a way preaching is the over-arching theme of this blog.In this final post, I will list ten personal conclusions I have made, having spent t … [Read more...]

Books to Help You Read The Bible

We have been speaking about preaching and the importance of Christians understanding the message of the Bible. We are drawing near to the end of this extended series. I felt, however, that I should not leave the series without sharing a few resources with you that are still fairly new and will definitely help you to study the Bible yourself.The last year or so has been a great year for Christian publishing, with some fantastic books being published. The following list is some of the best of … [Read more...]

Mark Dever on Expositional Preaching – The 1st of 9 Marks of a Healthy Church

I am drawing close to the end of my longstanding series on preaching based on the Together For The Gospel Statement, Article 4. This does not mean, of course, that the subject of preaching will disappear from this blog—far from it. Since this is a blog by a preacher, and many of my readers are preachers, this topic is never far away and will keep returning. Indeed, in many ways the whole blog is relevant to the subject of preaching and living the Bible's message.As we get close to the end of t … [Read more...]