Hard Lessons in the School of Ministry

Mark Dever at Together for the Gospel announces he is starting a 9Marks Blog and shares two critical lessons learnt from a difficult period:"Lesson Number One: no accountability relationships will work if there is not a commitment to honesty on the part of the person in question.Lesson Number Two: the public success of your ministry is no indication of the true state of your relationship with God." … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Must Expository Preaching Always be a Series Preaching Through a Book?

This continues our series on preaching, which is based on the fourth article of the Together for the Gospel Statement. The previous post in this series was entitled "Are There Three Types of Expository Preaching?"Tim Challies defines expository preaching as “preaching that takes the point of the text as the point of the sermon.” In my view, he wisely differentiates it from his definition of textual preaching — not by whether it is part of a longer series working through a book, but because textu … [Read more...]

Should We be Optimistic or Pessimistic About the Future?

Mark Dever over at Together for the Gospel has written about how we should expect persecution. He may well be right. As I read his post, however, and also a few of his buddy, Al Mohler's, cultural observations, I wonder if I detect a more general note of pessimism about the future of the church.I may very well be wrong about that in the case of the individual people I mention, but I'm sure there are many Christians who are, indeed, very negative about the future. It certainly seems that … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Al Mohler, Part One

It is a real pleasure to welcome to my blog today, Dr. Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler should need no introduction to most of my readers, but I include a link to his biography for any who need to know more, as well as a link to my Together for the Gospel Conference Round Up Post.This interview will be serialized over several days here on my blog.AdrianAl, thank you for joining us. Can you start by telling us in your own words about yourself, your family, and your ministry?Dr. MohlerThank you, Adrian. … [Read more...]

Links for July 21, 2006

How to Sleep Comfortably on a Hot NightIt's hot over here right now. None of us has air conditioning. So, to those of you who live in places that were hot even before this global warming thing kicked in - which of these ideas works best?(tags: cool reference web)True Professions of Faith: The Problems in UgandaLig Duncan posts a prayer letter from an evangelist in Uganda, addressing some of the same issues raised by Mark Dever regarding the importance of true professions of faith.(tags: church … [Read more...]

Links for July 16, 2006

Just Out From Crossway . . . the Latest in ESV Versions . . . the TO DO Bible!!Justin Taylor gives this testimony: “I know when I am reading my Bible, things I need to do pop in my head, and because I am immersed in the study of God’s Word, I frequently forget them by the time I’m done."(tags: ESV humor)" . . . if evangelists know that we sinners can deceive ourselves, then it's not surprising that we want to try to make sure (with all appropriate qualifications about our limitedness) that conve … [Read more...]

Links for July 14, 2006

Legalism is More Deadly than Alcoholism - Piper FridayA provocative quote - check out the comments section!(tags: legalism)"It isn't that they are just so abounding in love that they won't fight. It is that they are bereft of love. For if they truly loved their fellow humans, they'd be unable to rest easy as men and women are sold the poison of a false, damning 'gospel.'Dan Phillips, in writing about "when an apostle 'gets hot,' says this: "Count me in as heartily opposed to quarreling about … [Read more...]

Links for June 18, 2006

"Driscoll says nonbelievers don't come to the church for the same reason that people don't gravitate to homes that are guarded by a couple of pit bulls..there are ways of guarding a house that are more discreet and that can give the house an inviting air."(tags: jollyblogger missional) Mathew Sims on the Atonement - T4G Article 6(tags: atonement T4GB)"I'd have to give Adrian's Blog a "D-" in salvation preparedness. There I was, in their midst for a whole week, and nobody tried to save me."Daily … [Read more...]

T4G – What's the Big Deal About Women Elders?

Mark Dever has a great post over at the T4G blog which hammers home their reasons for prioritising the complementarianism versus egalitarianism issue in their statement. You might feel that the issue of whether or not women should hold the position of elder is a relatively minor point of theology. These guys clearly do not! I am going to take the liberty of quoting the last few paragraphs of this, but do go and read it all: "Well then," you might say, "why don't you leave this issue of … [Read more...]

Mathew Sims – T4G Blogger Extraordinaire

I don't know how I missed what this guy has been up to, but I wanted to feature Mathew Sims over here. Perhaps his blog wasn't featuring on Google Blogsearch it is now.He is fairly STORMING ahead in a romp through the T4G statement, and is an inspiration to the rest of us sluggards like me about what is possible! If you are looking for inspiration as you join the free Christian book challenge, then look no further than this series of posts . . . .T4G: Affirmation & Denials, Part 3 T4G: … [Read more...]