The Riddle of what Mark Dever meant….

Had an email from a reader today:"I have only been on your site a few times, but came to it again today through Google after reading something I didn't understand on the 'Together for the Gospel' blog. I'm sure you are aware that this is a site where four well known pastors/theologians discuss thing of interest to each other in a public format (Al Mohler, C. J. Mahaney, Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan).What I didn't understand was the title of one of the discussions, 'And it's not just Lloyd-Jones.' … [Read more...]

Reclaiming fraternal love

Whatever the makers of certain films would like us to believe, the authors of Together for the Gospel blog continue to demonstrate how it is possible for real men to have deeply emotionally satisfying and edifying relationships with each other without a hint of homosexuality being present. CJs description of how he met Mark Dever today was great, and the honour he holds him in is an example to all of us. Guys do you have other men that you can say you really love without being at all … [Read more...]

Is Mark Dever an Apostle?

I received another great e-mail question today:I became interested in your blog when I found it through Mark Dever's 9 Marks website. I attended his church for a semester in college, and am friends with two of his former interns (James Santos and Paul Alexander). I'll be going to the T4G conference in April.While jumping around through your site, I came across your description of the various leaders in a church. Very apt! However, I was wondering if you could clarify the "Apostle" position for … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Mark Dever

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 21st all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 22nd most-read post was my interview with Dr. Albert Mohler, radio host and theologian.Mark Dever is a great man of God, and was very much the initiator of the set of relationships now described as "Together for the Gospel." I interviewed Mark for a second time in a post entitled, "Theology for All—An Interview With Mark Dever," and posted notes from a series of talks he … [Read more...]

links for 2006-01-27 Mark Dever & others sermons Mark has almost 600 sermons from his church online. He is a master of the art of preaching in an expositional and engaging way. These sermons just cry out to be listened to (tags: sermon web cool bible textual) … [Read more...]

Listening to Mark Dever on humility about the future

As I cannot listen to Mark this weekend, I am listening right now to his sermon entitled "Faith and the Future" from 1996. I found this sermon by downloading a list of almost 600 sermons in a word document and searching it using my wordprocessor. The passage is James 4:13-5:11 which I intend to cover in my sermon on Sunday.It is a great sermon, and I can see why Mark is friends with CJ. In the sermon he quotes from two sources which do much to undermine our foolish pride:-First, John Da La … [Read more...]

Mark Dever preaching near London THIS sunday!

The Together for the gospel guys are fast becoming heroes of mine both individually and as a group. Regular readers may remember I gave "Deliberate Chruch" a positive review last year. Imagine my joy to realise that Mark Dever is preaching around three quarters of an hoursdrive from my house this Sunday! I intend to go if at all possible, so if you are anywhere near St Albans, I hope to see you there God willing!The meeting is This Sun, Jan 29 at 6:30pmThe Independent Chapel,Spicer Street,St … [Read more...]

Book review- The Deliberate Church, Mark Dever

This book was for me a book of two halves. The first half outlined the thesis of the authors, namely that it is God's word and in particular the gospel that should be allowed to set the direction of the church. The opening chapters were quite simply outstanding. I liked the fact that Dever is clear that we do actually need to do something quite deliberate if we want healthy churches that will grow in the right way. The following quote is in my opinion worth its weight in gold-"In whatever we do … [Read more...]

What makes a church healthy

Mark Dever of 9Marks lists 9 things that make a church healthy.  Incidentally, I noticed his name came up in more than one list of people's favourite preachers.1.  Expositional Preaching  2.  Biblical Theology  3.  Biblical Understanding of the Good News  4.  Biblical Understanding of Conversion5.  Biblical Understanding of Evangelism  6..  Biblical Understanding of Membership 7.Biblical … [Read more...]