Plagiarism Principles for Pastors after the Mark Driscoll controversy


There are some controversies online that I chose to sit out deliberately. In recent weeks there has been one such raging on the subject of plagiarism. Certain accusations were made about Mark Driscoll in a radio interview online which was then withdrawn from the Internet, whilst some "citation errors" were then acknowledged by Mars Hill. The use of research assistants and even ghost writers by a number of well-known pastors  has also been discussed. I am not interested in commenting on the … [Read more...]

Strange Fire: Mark Driscoll open letter to John MacArthur

There has been an interesting twist to the Strange Fire controversy and the side-show which is Mark Driscoll vs John MacArthur. In an open letter, Driscoll has challenged MacArthur to a duel I mean genial discussion with himself or Wayne Grudem at his Resurgence Conference. The Strange Fire conference felt like one group in the Church erecting a large wall, and then yelling over the top of at it at another group. If they really want to help the Global Church, Grace To You must look for ways … [Read more...]

What Mark Driscoll likes about Joel Osteen

In the middle of an interview about Driscolls new book (which I reviewed here) is a fascinating aside from Driscoll, never one to pull his punches, about America's most prominent pastor, Joel Osteen, who many like to criticise:  "I am aware of the theological differences that exist between our tribe and Pastor Joel. I also know my Reformed brothers like to treat Pastor Joel like a piñata, but there are worse things than being happy and encouraging at a time when the most common prescription … [Read more...]

Steve Chalke and others on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

UPDATE: My recent interview with Sam Allberry, a conservative minister who also experiences same-sex attraction is worth a watch on this subject. I am increasingly convinced that how we choose to respond to this issue is the biggest challenge we will face in the next few years as churches in the West. I thought I would simply today catalogue some recent statements from various Christians about homosexuality. You will see that there is quite a spectrum of opinion represented here, as I have … [Read more...]

Who do you think you are? by Mark Driscoll

Driscoll has brought out a new book entitled ""Who do you think you are? Finding your true identity in Christ". I was honoured to be asked to write an endorsement for the book. Here is what I said: This is not a self-help book. It reminds you that your life is not about you, it's all about Jesus. Driscoll's latest book teaches Christians that true freedom can only be found in rejoicing in who you are in Jesus. Did you know that you are a saint? What an antidote to low self esteem! Forgiven? … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll on British Christians – hear it for yourself (the full interview with Justin Brierley)

Over the last few days there has been a fair amount of discussion online about the interview I link to below.  It is a conversation between two people whom I both consider to be my friends. Mark Driscoll, the sometimes controversial pastor of Mars Hill Church, Seattle has done much to advance the cause of Christ, and for that I am very grateful to God. Justin Brierley's Unbelievable?  radio show and podcast provides a unique opportunity for people from different wings of the church, and … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll on Rick Warren

I know Rick Warren is something of a controversial figure and I have blogged previously about why I like him.  Here is an interesting post from Driscoll which shows the kind of person Rick is: I first heard from Pastor Rick Warren perhaps a few years ago. He said he wanted me to fly down to a conference he was hosting, hang out, and get some time together. So, I did, along with a few friends. We learned a lot from Rick and his staff. They were incredibly nice, showed us around, and seemed … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll has a new website

Mark Driscoll has now gathered all his web content into one site, and will be adding some more theological and practical content from him and his family. Sounds interesting, check out Here is an extract from the introduction: Through various posts, I’ll cover the theological and the practical, doctrine and life, what Christians believe and how Christians behave, and the text of Scripture and context of life. The big idea is that we need both a theology of something (e.g., … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on the reverberations of Mark Driscoll's visit to TOAM

This morning Terry Virgo tweeted "Thanks @PastorMark for your courage & clarity in motivating us in Newfrontiers to move forward. Here we go!"  He was of course referring to the time Driscoll came and lobbed a few grenades in our direction.  Driscoll urged us to pray for Terry that he would know the right timing to hand over this movement.  He actually said "to a man, or men," though most of us heard it as to a single man.  This week, Terry is handing over Newfrontiers but not to a … [Read more...]

The Offence of the Cross or Why the day Jesus died is called Good Friday

It is astonishing that at the heart of the Christian message of good news lies a death. Of course this good news is only so because of the resurrection, as I argue in my book, but today lets remember the horror of the cross, and how that very shocking nature of the death of our Lord, compels us to pay attention: Mark Driscoll writes, The curious paradox of the atoning death of a bloody Jesus rising above the plane of human history with a mocking crown of thorns is that he is offensive in an … [Read more...]