Mark Driscoll on the Resurrection

In the run up to Easter, Marc Driscoll ran a great series on the resurrection over at his blog.   It is well worth a read and can be found by following these links-Part One Part twoPart threePart four … [Read more...]

Interview with Mark Driscoll

UPDATESIn July 2008 I was able to record a video interview with Mark Driscoll. There are also a lot of other posts about him on my blog.In January 2008, the following post was identified as the number one all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 2nd most-read post was "Blogging, Discernment, and a Book by Tim Challies."Back in April 2006, I had only recently heard of Mark Driscoll. When we conducted this interview, he was already prompting quite a significant response … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll publicly apologizes to Brian Maclaren & Doug Pagitt

Since I foolishly set myself up recently as some kind of unofficial tone police" for the Blogdom of God, I was a little surprised that no one has picked me up on an apparent inconsistency. You see, I have been written very positively about Mark Driscoll without ever raising my one nagging thought about the tone he had used in certain places. I love the guy, his preaching style, his theology, his commitment but there have been a couple of occasions where my sensitive British ears (or rather … [Read more...]

You can read a man by his friends. Only if you know the friends.

The most recent post on Mark Driscoll's blog is entitled it's Like the Yankees of Missional Theology.As you may know I have only recently discovered Mark, and so it was with great interest that I started to scan the list of names and his paragraphs describing them. I am a great believer in being able to assess a person by the company they keep, or the speakers they invite, or in the case of a blog in the blogs they link to! Imagine my surprise to realise that only ONE of his invitees I had even … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll theological misfit and no longer emergent

Mark Driscoll who I have written extensively about over the weekend launched his blog Resurgence with the following revealing quote:"In the mid-1990s I was part of what is now known as the Emerging Church and spent some time traveling the country to speak on the emerging church in the emerging culture on a team put together by Leadership Network called the Young Leader Network. But, I eventually had to distance myself from the Emergent stream of the network because friends like Brian McLaren and … [Read more...]

Discovering Mark Driscoll

This week, the name Mark Driscoll came up in my reading once again. I decided it was about time I found out a bit more about him, and about time I listened to one of his sermons. I figured that John Piper is a pretty good judge of a person, and if he had invited Mark to speak at his conference, then it was at least worth listening to him!I really wasn't quite sure what to expect when I turned on his sermon on 1 Corinthians 1 which launced his exposition series through this epistle- this sermon … [Read more...]