Choose What Mark Driscoll Preaches on in January

You can help choose nine topics for Mark Driscoll to preach on in January. In a novel idea, he is allowing the whole Internet to vote on a set of questions he will answer in a series of sermons. You have until the 14th to vote and you have ten votes a day. Voting is surprisingly close, though it does drop off after about the tenth question, so I suspect the final list will look similar to what is there now. … [Read more...]

Driscoll on the Defeat of Shame and the Scotland MP3s

The MP3s of three talks from Mark Driscoll's recent visit to Scotland are now online. The first one is the only one I was there for, and for which I wrote notes.God's Plan for the Church in This City (right click to download MP3).Sex—A Study of the Good Bits from the Song of Solomon by Mark Driscoll (right click to download MP3).The Gospel We Preach—A Message for Leaders by Mark Driscoll (right click to download MP3).Driscoll is an important voice for the Church today. One thing he addressed in h … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll at MenMakers in Scotland

This second session, and sadly for Tope and myself our last session, was taken by Mark Driscoll. Mark was introduced by Andy Owen as someone who is a gift from God to the entire body of Christ.Mark started by telling his story. His upbringing, salvation, and the way his father also was saved made a moving story. He was thrilled to be able to report that the gospel really does work.Mark took us to Genesis 1-3 in order to look at our first father, Adam. The race is named man because men rule … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Preaches on the Atonement in Edinburgh, Scotland

UPDATE The Audio of this talk is now available to download.----- Tonight's event took place in an ex-cinema, so I felt at home! It is the home of Destiny Church, Edinburgh. Destiny is a family of churches across Scotland, and they have some churches elsewhere in the world as well. The audience that gathered was a young one, and following an energetic time of worship, Mark Driscoll came to the platform to share with us. Here is a short video clip from the message. Following this, I will … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Apologizes For Not Being Humble

UPDATE This sermon clip is making a stir in the blogosphere for all the right reasons—a great example of the typical reaction comes from Josh Harris.The influence of C. J. Mahaney on Mark Driscoll is becoming ever more plain. In this clip Mark 'steals' an outline of practical advice on how to be humble from the man who he calls his dear friend. He also confesses to not having always demonstrated these traits himself. Interestingly he urges us to ask others about the appropriateness of o … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Firm, But Kind, About Joel Osteen on Prosperity Teaching

In the context of my ongoing debate with the fire-lovers about the best way to critique those from other churches, the following clip is most illuminating. Mark Driscoll is not known for being a weak feminist man. In this video he gives us a fantastic example of how to call out the errors of the "health, wealth, and prosperity" movement, and specifically Joel Osteen. He does so with clarity, and is very firm. But he does so with grace.I am willing to bet that this is a recent clip from … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll in Christianity Today

Christianity Today has a profile of Mark Driscoll. This piece is a great introduction to the man and the controversy surrounding him. I have previously interviewed Driscoll and one of the Mars Hill deacons. Here are some sections of the interview that stood out for me:"Driscoll can't stand in front of a crowd for long without stirring things up. That's what you get from a pastor who learned how to preach by watching comedian Chris Rock. Before long, he has the audience going . . .The spectrum of … [Read more...]

Rediscovering Theopedia

I have spent a bit of time over the last few days rediscovering Theopedia. It is not quite so frenetic and unstructured as Wikkipedia. This is probably due to its requirement that you acknowledge a statement of faith and be registered before editing items. They are keen for more contributors and if you have good quality material you have blogged and are willing to adapt, they are happy for it to be included in their articles with the appropriate acknowledgments. Would be great to have a few more … [Read more...]

Limited/Unlimited Atonement – Just Who Did Jesus Die For?

As regular readers will know, this week I am swiftly working through the glorious doctrines of grace—the so-called "TULIP." Today we reach the Limited Atonement item which is, in my opinion, the most misunderstood, and the item with possibly the most nuances needed in our understanding of it. As such, it will get the largest number of quotes so far.I found a couple of interesting quotes in a post and comment section that asked, What does Mark Driscoll mean by limited/unlimited atonement?. The f … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo On Healings Driscoll and Theology

One of the temptations for us Reformed Charismatics is to just not talk about our experiences of the Spirit and the things we see. If we just don't talk about our charismatic experience it is much easier for us to fit in with our reformed brothers. At times I feel I am more interested in fitting in with my reformed brothers than my Arminian Charismatic brothers! I wonder even if I have many Arminian readers? If you are one, do let me know....Anyway, I am thrilled with Terry Virgo for not … [Read more...]