Top Five lessons from the life of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The final post in a recent series I wrote for the Resurgence was titled Martyn Lloyd-Jones: 20 Lessons from His Life.  Here I thought I would simply select my top five from that list, visit the original post for some explanation and the other lessons:Having a theological degree is not necessary for everyone who would be a minister. We should actively pursue a knowledge of God by his Spirit, as well as reliable theology. We should labor to build a community, not just a preaching center. … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Doctor’s Distinctives

In this, the second of a series on Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones first written for The Resurgence, we will explore some of the key elements of Martyn Lloyd-Jones' doctrine that might be less frequent in the doctrine of others. He was thoroughly Reformed and, in his day, he seemed to stand almost alone for these values, and for the centrality of expository preaching.The Doctor's View on Grace Lloyd-Jones emphasized the doctrine of grace, perhaps even more strongly than many preachers today. He argued … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Soul Physician

Next month it will be 30 years since The Doctor died. His influence continues to grow. The Resurgence asked if I would write a series of posts to offer an introduction to him, and to the lessons we could learn from his life. Here is the first:From promising doctor to preacher, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (a.k.a. "The Doctor") has a reputation that is still widely known in Evangelical circles. The Doctor was doctrinally in the same stable as Edwards, Spurgeon, the Puritans, and the Reformers. He … [Read more...]

Valuing Grace by Terry Virgo Part Two

This is the second of Terry's videos on his value of grace. You know how it goes by now, here is an extract to make you want to watch the whole thing: "I recall that it was as though I saw a break in the cloud, and saw some blue sky. I suddenly felt that God loves me freely, but it wasn't enough to establish me, and I quickly went back to are you praying long enough, are you meditating on the Bible long enough, and these so-called "means of grace" became duties you have to fulfill. Am I doing … [Read more...]

MLJ: Regeneration= unconscious, Baptism with Spirit= conscious

The Confluence blog has shared the following Lloyd-Jones quote:"It is clear that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is always something clear and unmistakable, something which can be recognized by the person to whom it happens and by others who look on at this person. This is obviously a most vital and important principle. Those, of course, who tend to identify the baptism of the Holy Spirit with regeneration, and say that all who become Christians receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit on … [Read more...]

Faith and Feelings Part Two – MLJ on why we can't rely on feelings

Regular readers of this blog will know that I sit firmly in the tradition of Piper, Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon, Edwards, and dare I say it Paul (!), who stresses the vital nature of the experiential side of Christianity. Now, as we begun yesterday, we are looking at the relationship between feelings and faith, initially by sharing some quotes from the very advocates of a pursuit of a real intimate relationship with God. Today Lloyd-Jones explains why we can't trust the sweetest frame that God may … [Read more...]

Faith and Feelings Part One – MLJ on the vital place but unreliability of feelings

As promised yesterday, we today begin a series exploring the implications of one line from an old hymn "I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholy lean on Jesus name." It is my assertion that the writer of the hymn must have known something of the sweet "frames of mind" that Jesus gives us. He would not have written as he did if he did not.These sweet experiences of God are to be sought, and according to the following quote from the good Doctor, they are actually essential. Yet the … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones: "Prayer is very difficult, probably the most difficult thing in the Christian life"

I listened to the first of nine new recordings that have been made freely available of the Doctor's last visit to the USA.  He chose to begin by talking about prayer. It is striking how he describes prayer as a real challenge.  We must learn how to wrestle in prayer.  I am constantly being provoked by that challenge to fight in the private place.  Rather than be discouraged by failure, lets press into God and meet him in the place of prayer. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo meets Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Terry was prompted by the release of several new recordings of the Doctor's preaching to blog about two times he met with Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It makes compelling reading.  He quoted the doctor as telling the young reformed charismatic,"the greatest sin of the evangelical church is telling God what He could not do."Terry also spoke about a powerful moment when the Doctor had been preaching: On another deeply memorable night at the Chapel, he started his sermon in Acts but was drawn into … [Read more...]

Preaching in your own strength vs the Holy Spirit's power

Too much Christianity today is devoid of the felt power of God. The following quote incisively speaks to our lack of dependence on God. Although it rightly focuses on preaching, the same could be said of blogging, or indeed everything we do. It is only as we are conscious of being carried along by a power outside of us that our limited successes will not cause us to become exhalted with our own puny self importance.On one occasion I had tea with Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Ealing, London, and … [Read more...]