A public apology to Johnson for a perceived rebuke

It seems I have fallen into the very same trap that I have been trying to address in my recent posts on "tone" in the blogosphere. I recognised this trap yesterday and tried to address it to some degree in my post 2001 posts and counting.What trap have I fallen into? Well it is the trap of writing in such a way that I can be misinterpreted. My original post which was intended to serve as a complement to Phil for his measured and appropriate response to Michael instead led some - not least Phil … [Read more...]

2000 posts and a big thank you to The Doctor

This is the 2000th post on this blog, which means that I have been posting on average just short of two posts a day for almost three years. That's a whole lot of words one relatively recent reader has set out on a quest to go back and read 'em all. I am not sure that too many will want to join him!As I drew near to this post, I wondered how best to use it. I briefly considered a review post like I did at the end of 2005 and 2004. I also thought about doing a post on what blogging has meant to … [Read more...]

Mahaney vs MacArthur? No way!

I know that I keep banging on about all this, but I am sorry TONE matters in a Christian blog, it really, really does! How we disagree with others and the grace with which we do so is vital. There are two things that bring me hope and despair in almost equal measure - the God blogopshere and interchurch relationships in the real world.I am praying these days that Blogging will be a way of breeding more understanding in the real world between different Christian traditions. I am increasingly … [Read more...]

Update on Spencer v Johnson

UPDATE - please see my public apology to Phil after reading this post.Following my post yesterday entitled Power struggles in the blogosphere and the pulpit Michael Spencer has attempted to help us to understand everything with a post entitled "The titanic struggle explained."His funny post fills me with great hope that a thaw may indeed be possible in the God blogosphere's cold war. It just remains to be seen how the followers of these two giants of the blogosphere respond. Will they too begin … [Read more...]

Power struggles in the blogosphere and the pulpit

UPDATE - the following post has been seen by some as a public rebuke of Phil Johnson - it was never intended in that way and so I have left it in place without editing it. But, after reading it please see my public apology to Phil for more information and clarification.When I started this post, I was going to begin it by saying "It grieves me greatly to report that it seems hostilities have resumed." Having gone back and re-read my sources again, now I am not so sure. I am actually beginning … [Read more...]

links for 2006-03-06 Sovereign Grace Ministies Churches Audio sermons abound at this list of SGM churches who share their mp3s with us all! If you are looking for reformed charismatic preaching here is plenty! (tags: web charismatic reformed sermon mp3) C.J.Mahaney CJ's Audio sermons from around the web gathered into one place. (tags: web sermon SGM charismatic reformed) Gateway Community Church Boston Join this American newfrontiers church as they share their preaching via … [Read more...]


T4GB decoded and a complement worth having

Over at Together for the Gospel: you need the gift of interpretation of strange tongues from time to time to read! Take this example of Lig making sense of a previous post. Actually, I discern the spirit of Mahaney in some of these comments - the complements sound like just the sort of thing he would say! When you hear Al Mohler begin his radio program by a long speech praising the virtues of his producer and saying what an outstanding man the producer is and how worthy of emulation his … [Read more...]

links for 2006-02-28 God or Not The carnival where atheists and theists interact is now up and this time its on the subject of truth Packer on the Puritans Let one of todays great theologians put the record state on some of the greats of the past (tags: theology puritans church history) Albert Mohler's Bible Studies Al Mohler teaches Adult Sunday school, thanks to the internet you can enroll. (tags: web sermons) Mohler on "Hell under Fire" Yesterdays Mohler radio show focussed … [Read more...]


The Riddle of what Mark Dever meant….

Had an email from a reader today:"I have only been on your site a few times, but came to it again today through Google after reading something I didn't understand on the 'Together for the Gospel' blog. I'm sure you are aware that this is a site where four well known pastors/theologians discuss thing of interest to each other in a public format (Al Mohler, C. J. Mahaney, Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan).What I didn't understand was the title of one of the discussions, 'And it's not just Lloyd-Jones.' … [Read more...]

Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?�

Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?� is a fascinating article by Albert Mohler on a recent attack in the US popular culture on "choice femminism". It is amazing how far our culture seems to swing. In a generation or so we have gone from the notion that a woman NOT to stay at home with here kids is a shameful thing to the very opposite - ie that a woman who DOES stay at home with her kids is shameful. Isnt it strange how quickly on certain issues our society's so-called "to … [Read more...]