Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?�

Are Stay at Home Moms �Letting Down the Team?� is a fascinating article by Albert Mohler on a recent attack in the US popular culture on "choice femminism". It is amazing how far our culture seems to swing. In a generation or so we have gone from the notion that a woman NOT to stay at home with here kids is a shameful thing to the very opposite - ie that a woman who DOES stay at home with her kids is shameful. Isnt it strange how quickly on certain issues our society's so-called "to … [Read more...]

Reclaiming fraternal love

Whatever the makers of certain films would like us to believe, the authors of Together for the Gospel blog continue to demonstrate how it is possible for real men to have deeply emotionally satisfying and edifying relationships with each other without a hint of homosexuality being present. CJs description of how he met Mark Dever today was great, and the honour he holds him in is an example to all of us. Guys do you have other men that you can say you really love without being at all … [Read more...]

links for 2006-02-13 Piper writes on the cartoon controversy...not all Muslims approve the violence. But a deep lesson remains: The work of Muhammad is based on being honored and the work of Christ is based on being insulted(tags: article religion islam theology gospel)Did the sun really stop? Is the earth old or young?My brief post on the time the Sun stood still for Joshua has developed into an interesting debate on old earth and young earth creationism thanks to you my readers....(tags: … [Read more...]

links for 2006-02-10 Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth by Wayne Grudem This book is Waynes latest and most rigorous defence of complementarianism. It is available to read online for free! (tags: book web theology textual femminism) Blogging the Gifts 1 Cor 12:1 (tags: gifts) GOD or NOT is coming to Cadmusings Do pop over here and submit an entry on faith if you are interested in getting some atheist have till midnight Sunday. If I get time I will enter.... … [Read more...]

Is Mark Dever an Apostle?

I received another great e-mail question today:I became interested in your blog when I found it through Mark Dever's 9 Marks website. I attended his church for a semester in college, and am friends with two of his former interns (James Santos and Paul Alexander). I'll be going to the T4G conference in April.While jumping around through your site, I came across your description of the various leaders in a church. Very apt! However, I was wondering if you could clarify the "Apostle" position for … [Read more...]

A deliberate mistake from Mohler?

Over on Together for the Gospel Al says of CBMW: "Randy Stinson does a great job as executive director and Lig as hairman". I reckon that it was a deliberate mistake and was a joke at poor CJ's follicularly-challenged state (ie CJs bald and Lig isnt!)I am enjoying their blog more than ever go read its much more interesting than mine is at the moment, especially as Tamasin and Henry have been hijacking it! … [Read more...]

When will we learn? My take on "The End of the Spear" controversy and Driscoll vs Maclaren

I was very sad to hear of the latest row that has been rocking the blogosphere.  Once again, Christians are giving ammunition to unbelievers who are only too eager to jump on unwise comments and over-the-top reactions.  I wish that I wasnt so embarrassed by the words and actions of some of the people who passionately believe the same gospel I do.  I wish that certain people would stop and think before they write the sort of throw away comment that can be said in a private … [Read more...]

Adrian interviews Tim Challies

Adrian It is my great privilege and delight to welcome to the blog today Tim Challies. Tim is one of the most prominent of all God bloggers and though he wont tell you his traffic, I can tell you he gets more readers than I do just from looking at his comment section! Or perhaps his readers just like commenting more than mine. Welcome, Tim. As we start can you just tell us a bit about yourself?TimSure. In fifty words or less? I live in the Toronto area, just far enough outside the city to … [Read more...]

links for 2006-01-31 Together for the Gospel The T4G Blog is an ongoing public conversation between Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Albert Mohler. It just has to be on your reading list right now! (tags: blog cool gospel) Mark Dever (tags: adrianw interview gospel) … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Mark Dever

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 21st all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 22nd most-read post was my interview with Dr. Albert Mohler, radio host and theologian.Mark Dever is a great man of God, and was very much the initiator of the set of relationships now described as "Together for the Gospel." I interviewed Mark for a second time in a post entitled, "Theology for All—An Interview With Mark Dever," and posted notes from a series of talks he … [Read more...]