Mark Dever preaching near London THIS sunday!

The Together for the gospel guys are fast becoming heroes of mine both individually and as a group. Regular readers may remember I gave "Deliberate Chruch" a positive review last year. Imagine my joy to realise that Mark Dever is preaching around three quarters of an hoursdrive from my house this Sunday! I intend to go if at all possible, so if you are anywhere near St Albans, I hope to see you there God willing!The meeting is This Sun, Jan 29 at 6:30pmThe Independent Chapel,Spicer Street,St … [Read more...]

You spoke, CJ listened and a new group blog was born

You, the great blog-reading public demanded it - CJ had to listen!  Being the humble and wise man that he is, he knew that even better than a blog of his own would be a GROUP blog.  And what a group! Mark Dever, CJ Mahaney, Lig Duncan, and Al Mohler are now blogging at Together for the Gospel (T4G) blog where I am told "they will discuss a variety of topics (from preaching to culture to theology) in the context of warm friendship"  These men are well known for … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Justin Taylor

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 19th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 20th most-read post was "Twelve Literary Features of the Bible."Few editors are as well known as Justin Taylor. He has expertise in editing others' writings, highlighting interesting posts, and creating his own work. He is now an integral part of the Crossway Books team. He is also someone I am pleased to be able to call a friend.***************AdrianIt is a real … [Read more...]

Interview with Maurice McCracken who heads the UCCF relay worker scheme

Adrian: Following on from my interview with Richard Cunningham before Christmas, it is a delight for me to welcome Maurice McCracken who works for uccf:thechristianunions co-ordinating Relay a year long discipleship and training scheme for recent graduates. "Mo" also occasionally blogs here which he was too modest to tell me about (thanks to Bish for the tip off!)First, welcome to the blog Maurice please could you tell us a little bit about yourself.Maurice: Thanks for the welcome! I was … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Josh Harris On Being Discipled by C. J. Mahaney

UPDATE In January of 2008, the following post was identified as the 29th most widely read post on this blog. The 30th most-read post was "How to Use the Google Calendar."This is the first of several interviews that appeared in the top-30 list. In this interview I talked with Josh Harris about being discipled by C. J. Mahaney.***************Adrian Welcome to the blog, Josh. In this interview I'd like to focus a bit on the important role C. J. Mahaney, who I also interviewed awhile back … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Richard Cunningham, director of the UCCF

In todays blog interview Richard makes it very clear that as far as the UK's Christian Unions are concerned charismatics (especially from newfrontiers) are welcome but those who question the atonement ought to go elsewhere......Adrian: It is my pleasure to welcome to my blog today the Director of UCCF in the UK, Richard Cunningham. For my American readers, UCCF is equivalent to your Intervarsity Fellowship Richard, it is a pleasure to welcome you, please can you begin by telling us a bit about … [Read more...]

Grudem on the charismatic part 2

Challies Dot Com has the second part of his interview with Wayne Grudem who believes that moderate charismatics will prevail:"What happens is over time the vast majority of God's people come to the right decision. Then, like the Arians in the fourth century, or like the anti-inerrantist people in our lifetime, the people on the other side eventually are marginalized and continue but with very little impact on the church as a whole. I think that is going to happen with egalitarians in the … [Read more...]

Challies interviews Dr. Wayne Grudem on charismatic gifts

Challies has published his Dr. Wayne Grudem interview I will just quote one extract for now to encourage you to go read the rest:I think we have in the twentieth century a historical aberration not essential to Reformed theology that cessationism has become the dominant view. … [Read more...]

Preparing a Sermon (with John Stott and Josh Harris)

Josh Harris has a great post on sermon preparation:"Call the congregation to act! Our expectation as the sermon comes to an end, is not merely that people will understand or remember or enjoy our teaching, but that they will do something about it. If there is no summons, there is no sermon!The precise application of your sermon depends on the character of the text. The dominant thought points us to how people should act in response. Does the text call to repentance or stimulate faith? Does it … [Read more...]

Al Mohler gives Narnia the thumbs up!

Aslan Is On the Move on Film says Al:Like many admirers of Lewis' work, I harbored deep suspicions that the movie would not be faithful to the book. After all, the movie world has robbed and pillaged many of history's greatest works of literature. Furthermore, given the unmistakable Christian allusions in Lewis' work, The Chronicles of Narnia would be particularly susceptible to cinematic subversion.Those fears were unfounded. The film is a tour de force, combining faithfulness to Lewis' story … [Read more...]