Tim is growing to love the ESV

Tim has a great post where he is being the Tim we all love. He shares his thoughts from his reading of the ESV Old Testament, and shows in detail the weakness of some of the other translations. He concludes:"As I indicated earlier, I was grateful this morning that I have access to such a solid translation of Scripture. While I do not know Hebrew, I still have access to an accurate translation of the author's original words, complete with the phrases, words and metaphors that set one author … [Read more...]

Here's praying that the charismatic vs cessationist debate will enhance our Blogging community

Blogging is a format that permits the formation of community that crosses the boundaries we feel in the real world.The so-called on coming storm of the cessationist vs charismatic debate in some ways proves it. For, whilst I think Rob somewhat overstates his point, he is I hope and pray correct in his prediction. There is a real sense of community and trust among many theobloggers. Such trust leads me to be convinced that seriously and respectfully disagreeing with each other about something so … [Read more...]

Convergence or divergence over spirtual gifts and cessationism?

Challies nails his colours to the mast on the charisma debate, making it clear where he stands in a review of a book by Sam Storms which advocates a convergence of Reformed people and Charismatics. As one who has already converged I think I would find this book interesting. Here's what Tim said:"While I admire much of Storms' ministry and have benefited greatly from reading some of his previous writings, and this book was useful in helping me understand how charismatic teachings are blended with … [Read more...]

What are your favorite preaching podcasts?

A growing number of churches are podcasting their sermons. I wonder how many of my readers have got into the trend already. It is a much easier way of staying on track of what sermons are available for you to listen to. It would be great if some of my readers could share their favorite sermon podcasts. If you are new to the idea of podcasting simply follow one of the following links, and download itunes if you dont already have it.My own three fravorite sermon podcasts at the moment are- … [Read more...]

Why not have a noisy time?

Have just been listening to a great talk from Terry Virgo on fanning into flame the gift of God. The whole talk is well worth listening to. Towards the end of the message, he reminded us of the need to sing to God in our own time, and also to follow Paul's example who said he prayed in tongues more than anyone.Too often we speak of quiet times. I am increasingly convinced that I need to have more and more noisy times with our God. Think I might head off and have one right now..... … [Read more...]

Humility: true greatness by C.J.Mahaney – one of the books every christian should read

There are few subjects that are both as critical to the church and as poorly understood and practiced as humility. There are few men more qualified to teach us on the subject than C.J.Mahaney. When I had the priviledge of an interview with CJ by email a few weeks back I was again reminded of his amazing humility and have not been disappointed in the content of his new book.As I discovered a couple of years ago when it fell to my lot to preach on meekness there is little in print on such … [Read more...]

Good News – the end of rules : blogging through Galatians

This mornings sermon on legalism and grace also addressed some of the issues on the atonement I have been speaking about. I would be interested to know what Richard and others would make of it. Here are my sermon notes, the audio is also available already-----------------------------------Good News- the end of rulesReligions the world over have one thing in common: rulesIf we are honest rules both attract us with their ability to give us certainty about what we should do and repel us because we … [Read more...]

Talks by C.J.Mahaney and Carolyn Mahaney

Sex, Romance and the Glory of God - Part 1 (MP3)Sex, Romance and the Glory of God - Part 2 (MP3)Message to Men (MP3)Humility: True Greatness (MP3)Interogating the legalist within (MP3)The Soul of Modesty (MP3)Modesty Heart Check (PDF) Message to Women: What Christian Wives Need to Know (MP3)True Beauty (MP3)A Woman's Beauty Regimen (MP3)What To Do About the Things We Can't Do Anything About (MP3) HT … [Read more...]

CJ Mahaney interviewed by Nigel Ring

CJ Mahaney is described by Nigel as "a longstanding friend of Newfrontiers."As I discovered recently myself CJ is a joy to interview. … [Read more...]

Arguing about the atonement

It seems that some peoples mechanistic idea of the trinity "It cannot be separated in any way" is behind at least part of the disagreement with penal substitution which is rampant these days. Spurgeon would have had exactly the same things to say about the people today who deny the plain teaching of scripture that Christ bore in his body the punishment due for our sin. And yes, Steve Chalke is among the number of those who deny this teaching (follow the link for more information)Last night I … [Read more...]