Terry Virgo in the blogosphere and UCCF

For more information about Terry Virgo, follow the link as I have collected some informataion and sermons from around the web or see my interview with Terry Virgo.HT to Life On Wings who has been listening to Terry Virgo and two things stood out: "Quoting Mahesh Chavda on the Holy Spirit; 'I sensed the withdrawing of my dearest friend'. 'I HATE CHURCH THAT ISN'T CHURCH'."I have to ask myself, I have to ask you, is the Holy Spirit your dearest friend? O may God help me to make himself to be the … [Read more...]

"God is the gospel" by John Piper : book review

With this book Piper raises the bar. It is clearly his argument that Joy in God is the goal of the gospel itself. He really did mean it when he said the chief purpose of man is to glorify God BY enjoying him forever. Now, he makes plain that it is God himself who makes the gospel good news. Before we get into the review proper, why not Read the Introduction and Chapter 1Listen to the Audio introduction by John Piper Piper's book opens as follows:From the first sin in the Garden of Eden to the … [Read more...]

Book review- The Deliberate Church, Mark Dever

This book was for me a book of two halves. The first half outlined the thesis of the authors, namely that it is God's word and in particular the gospel that should be allowed to set the direction of the church. The opening chapters were quite simply outstanding. I liked the fact that Dever is clear that we do actually need to do something quite deliberate if we want healthy churches that will grow in the right way. The following quote is in my opinion worth its weight in gold-"In whatever we do … [Read more...]

Hurricane Katrina relief: Sovereign Grace interview

I have been encouraging my readers who wish to help the New Orleans situation to consider giving to the Sovereign Grace relief fund if they haven't already found a charity they wish to support.Adrian I am pleased to welcome to the blog today Pat Ennis, the executive director of Sovereign Grace Ministries. Pat works very closely with CJ Mahaney who is the leader of Sovereign Grace. Pat, welcome. To start off with can you tell us a little about yourself and your role within Sovreign grace? Pat … [Read more...]

Interview with C J Mahaney

An excellent short interview with C J Mahaney over at Justin Taylor's Blog, concerning CJ's new book 'Humility: True Greatness'I would highly recommend that every one get a copy. It will be worth it. … [Read more...]

International Bloggers fundraising effort for New Orleans victims

While the main stream media is dissecting a disaster, bloggers have already raised over $600,000 to support the victims of America's worst modern natural disaster.Hugh Hewitt has a great post about how it is not the time for recriminations just yet- when people are dying we have to simply help them. Bloggers, from around the world are urged to join the relief efforts in a very real and tangible way by blogging about opportunities to donate.A concerted effort is underway to encourage bloggers and … [Read more...]

What makes a church healthy

Mark Dever of 9Marks lists 9 things that make a church healthy.  Incidentally, I noticed his name came up in more than one list of people's favourite preachers.1.  Expositional Preaching  2.  Biblical Theology  3.  Biblical Understanding of the Good News  4.  Biblical Understanding of Conversion5.  Biblical Understanding of Evangelism  6..  Biblical Understanding of Membership 7.Biblical … [Read more...]

Loving even our blogging enemies

C.J.Mahaney made my list of five favorite living preachers. Thus my commentator was onto a sure bet recommending one of his talks. The message was on Eph. 4:29 entitled "Together, Part IV: Encourage". It is available online and seems to be part of an interesting series.We could do well to ask ourselves, especially as theobloggers whether in our urge for truth overcomes our love of others we disagree theologically with. C.J. asks us to consider whether our speech has the effect on others of … [Read more...]

Evangelicalism RIP – killed by its friends?

Blogotional did a great job of bringing together my call for us to learn from any corner we can with pyromaniacs concerns about the decline of the concept of evangelical as in any way useful as a definition.One of the things that Phil and I spoke of minutes before the first london bombers was what we termed an evangelical war over doctrine which was being fought by theological 'terrorists'. Up till now I havent wanted to share that term as recent events made it seem inappropriate. Imagine my … [Read more...]

Who Are Your Favorite Well-Known Living Preachers?

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 16th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 17th most-read post was my interview with Dr. Sam Storms.In this post I simply asked my readers to identify their favorite preachers, and listed my own as well. I saved all of the comments that were made to this post at that time and have now placed them at the end of this post. If you are interested in letting us know who your favorite preachers are, please e-mail your … [Read more...]