Strange Fire – A Charismatic Response to John MacArthur

See also the following posts: Strange Fire – A Charismatic Response to John MacArthur My review of the book Strange Fire: MacAthur accuses charismatics of being like Mormons John Piper responds to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference RT Kendall responds to MacArthur’s Strange FireChristians have a long history of disagreeing with each other over doctrine. There is nothing new about that. Sometimes that disagreement can get quite heated. So for example, in the time when Wesley a … [Read more...]

Of Tone, Discernment, and the Charismatic Question

Phil Johnson has a second post answering my two-paragraph criticism of him. My schedule does not permit me to make a full reply as I am traveling on business. (All the posts you will see for the next few days were written before I left.) All I will say in reply, therefore, is this: Thank you, Phil, for sounding a much more conciliatory tone and for the acknowledgement that these issues are less important than the core of the Gospel, in which we both continue to delight in being united. You … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Adrian Meets Phil Johnson

Well, here is a video clip from my meeting with Phil in Waterloo, London. I apologize for the poor sound quality, but you might want to listen through as there is a surprise at the end . . . .  … [Read more...]

PHOTOS – Adrian meets Phil Johnson

We interrupt this interview to bring you a meeting with an even bigger catch - yes, the king of Pyromaniacs! I had the real blessing to hang out with my dear friend, Phil Johnson, today. We had some real fun, and even shot some video which I hope to be able to share with you in the next few days, although some technical problems are delaying that.As always, we had a great time, and we chatted theology and blogs whilst his dear wife was graciously alternating between looking interested and … [Read more...]

links for 2006-04-19 Phil Johnson Has First Ever Word of ProphecyIn the comments section of Dan Phillips post,"Resurrection Not Essential?" Phil said, "Am I a prophet or what?" Another commentator added, "Good ol' Adrian Warnock finally got through to him, I'm afraid!"(tags: adrianw cool pyromaniacs)What Every Pastor Needs--Personal Purity"God, create a clean heart in me, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" A soul-searching meditation for pastors and congregation alike. Clean hands and a … [Read more...]

A public apology to Johnson for a perceived rebuke

It seems I have fallen into the very same trap that I have been trying to address in my recent posts on "tone" in the blogosphere. I recognised this trap yesterday and tried to address it to some degree in my post 2001 posts and counting.What trap have I fallen into? Well it is the trap of writing in such a way that I can be misinterpreted. My original post which was intended to serve as a complement to Phil for his measured and appropriate response to Michael instead led some - not least Phil … [Read more...]

Update on Spencer v Johnson

UPDATE - please see my public apology to Phil after reading this post.Following my post yesterday entitled Power struggles in the blogosphere and the pulpit Michael Spencer has attempted to help us to understand everything with a post entitled "The titanic struggle explained."His funny post fills me with great hope that a thaw may indeed be possible in the God blogosphere's cold war. It just remains to be seen how the followers of these two giants of the blogosphere respond. Will they too begin … [Read more...]

Power struggles in the blogosphere and the pulpit

UPDATE - the following post has been seen by some as a public rebuke of Phil Johnson - it was never intended in that way and so I have left it in place without editing it. But, after reading it please see my public apology to Phil for more information and clarification.When I started this post, I was going to begin it by saying "It grieves me greatly to report that it seems hostilities have resumed." Having gone back and re-read my sources again, now I am not so sure. I am actually beginning … [Read more...]