PJ Smyth preaches about the Porn epidemic among Christians

My friend PJ Smyth preached the above video sermon at the Movement Conference (other videos also available online).  He began by saying ""I want to talk about porn."  This is a very good sermon that I highly commend you consider watching, especially if you are a man, though of course if you are a woman who has become hooked on porn this will also be very relevant for you.Here are a few notes I took when I watched this live online:"Every second 3000 dollars are spent on porn. 40% of C … [Read more...]

Popular posts: PJ Smyth on suffering, sickness and healing

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run. Today we feature,  "PJ Smyth on suffering, sickness and healing." PJ Smyth's practical theology of healing and suffering came out of his personal experience of cancer. This was not just another TOAM talk.  Picked up within minutes of posting by Matt Chandler, who has had his own battle with brain cancer, this post is very helpful and has been read by many poeple.  One d … [Read more...]

TOAM PJ Smyth on Suffering, sickness and healing

This evening during the worship we were encouraged to make the following prophetic declarations that are all part of our history together. Half of the room called out each promise to the other half who replied “We will!”Remember we can do more together than we can apart Remember we are called to change the expression of Christianity throughout the world Remember we are called to plant thousands churches and churches of thousands Remember there are no well worn paths ahead of us so keep pio … [Read more...]

PJ Smyth on How to cry well when facing cancer

This year, news of PJ Smyth's lymphoma was the sandwich in between which the rest of the event was the filling. If you were at TOAM you could not miss it, and it brought the urgency of everything else into sharp focus. In the first session we were told he had a lump in his neck that would be removed. In the last session, Terry shared a text message which PJ had just sent him immediately on arriving home from a doctor's appointment, which had confirmed it was Hodgkin's lymphoma.PJ  will be … [Read more...]

President Zuma of South Africa at Godfirst Church

City churches can make an impact on society. Especially if they grow big and make some noise. Godfirst Church, led by my friend PJ Smyth, is certainly doing that. I am not particularly surprised that they have made such an impression that the president himself wants to come and check it out! The church is meant to be a blessing in the earth. We want to see many saved, and large gatherings that compel the world to take notice. Every person in every place is important. But for too long we have … [Read more...]

Video Interview With PJ Smyth

PJ Smyth Interview from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.At TOAM I interviewed PJ about his perspective of the conference, and his concerns that Newfrontiers must not become "domesticated". … [Read more...]

TOAM Session 9 – R.A.W. By P.J. Smyth

1. Risk When Joshua was old God told him he was old he was told that there was still much to do.Elephants are very undomesticated. They take risks. They are raw. Never say you won’t do something because there is a risk attached to it. We are a herd and we need to be skilled at uncertainty.“Maybe the Lord is with us!” Keep that word maybe in your vocab. God save us from weak effeminate Christianity.Jim Elliot said lets gamble our lives for Christ. We need to stand firm and act like me … [Read more...]

P-J Smyth – E-books and Sermons From a Newfrontiers Church in Johannesburg

My friend, P-J Smyth, is a popular Newfrontiers speaker, and the leader of GodFirst Church Johannesburg. He has recently overseen a rather nice-looking update to his church's website. A number of sermon mp3's and a range of e-books are all available. P-J is a punchy, impactful, and clear communicator. I recommend his material highly. As just one example, the following quote comes from a book on the Bible, available free on his site, entitled The Sword. "The Word will bring you faith. Romans … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Summary Post and MP3 Availability

The majority of the MP3s from Together On A Mission are now available direct from the Newfrontiers Resources page, or from the following summary posts I wrote during the week.Session Summaries TOAM08 - Stephen Van Rhyn - Prevailing Under Pressure (Daniel)TOAM08 - Mark Driscoll: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Luke and Acts TOAM08 - Terry Virgo on Stephen (Acts 6-7)TOAM08 - David Stroud on 1 Samuel 14TOAM08 - Apostles and Prophets Together on a MissionTOAM08 - Mark Driscoll on the Missional … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – MP3s Now Available for Leaders Seminars and Training Tracks

Some of the mp3s have now been released for the leaders' seminars and training tracks. As additional ones are released, I will post them here. LS01 JOHN GROVESOur Journey With God, Part 1, Where Have We Come From?LS02 JOHN HOSIERPreaching That Communicates, Part 1LS03 RAY LOWEWhat We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity, Part 1, Contending for the WordLT02/01 DAVID HOLDENBuilding Counter-Cultural Churches, Part 1, Are We Different?LT06/01 MICK TAYLORFitting It All Together: Explorations in Biblical … [Read more...]