Richard Cunningham at New Word Alive

Richard Cunningham at New Word Alive from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.I interviewed my old friend, Richard, who is one of the main forces behind the event. We spoke about the vision for this conference, and he also revealed that next year Wayne Grudem will be one of the speakers. … [Read more...]

Richard Cunningham on The Parable of the Sower – Luke 7

God’s word and Men and women’s hearts were made for each other.Sowing Jesus knew how to sway a crowd. The seed falls on different kinds of soil. In a sense this is the most unsurprising story to a rural community. They know some seed doesn’t grow. Cant have been his most electrifying story on one level. He is sifting the crowd. Jesus does this often, for example when he told the crowd to eat is flesh! Why have we come to this conference? Are you hungry for him? For his word? Or do you just want … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Richard Cunningham on Romans 12

While I was driving through the night, Richard Cunningham was speaking to the students at New Word Alive. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can listen to this, and so can you if you pop over to the NWA site and order CDs. I will share some short notes here.We are told by Paul to act in a certain way in view of God's mercies. We are not to be those who conform and fit in. It’s not the easy-going lifestyle, but the considered one.Richard’s 11 year old nephew was recently told he will die. Wit … [Read more...]

J. I. Packer on the Atonement

I received the following two articles from the communications director of the UCCF, and they have been kind enough to give me permission to republish them here. The first article is by J. I. Packer, and the second one is by Richard Cunningham, and were originally published in a UCCF magazine.Penal Substitution RevisitedJ. I. PackerThroughout my 63 years as an evangelical believer, the penal substitutionary understanding of the cross of Christ has been a flashpoint of controversy and division … [Read more...]

Response from UCCF to the SPRING HARVEST Decision to End the Word Alive Bible Teaching Week After 14 Years

The UCCF has now issued a full statement about the end of Word Alive’s association with Spring Harvest, which I blogged about on Friday. Here is the full text:UCCF STATEMENTFor Immediate Release23 April 2007Response from UCCF to the SPRING HARVEST Decision to End the World Alive Bible Teaching Week After 14 YearsFor the past 14 years, the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship and Keswick Ministries have been delighted to partner Spring Harvest in organising Word Alive, one of Europe's t … [Read more...]

Word Alive and Spring Harvest to Separate After 15 Years Because of the Atonement

UPDATE November 2008- Steve Chalke has expressed his views more fully in a chapter in The Atonement Debate, and I have posted a response to this.____________________FURTHER UPDATEFull statements have now been issued by UCCF and Keswick, as well as Pete Broadbent of Spring Harvest, who also made a further statment. N.T. Wright has weighed into the atonement debate offering clear support to Steve Chalke. Also, Dave Bish is doing a great job of collecting blog posts about this into one … [Read more...]

Interview with Maurice McCracken who heads the UCCF relay worker scheme

Adrian: Following on from my interview with Richard Cunningham before Christmas, it is a delight for me to welcome Maurice McCracken who works for uccf:thechristianunions co-ordinating Relay a year long discipleship and training scheme for recent graduates. "Mo" also occasionally blogs here which he was too modest to tell me about (thanks to Bish for the tip off!)First, welcome to the blog Maurice please could you tell us a little bit about yourself.Maurice: Thanks for the welcome! I was … [Read more...]

Adrian Interviews Richard Cunningham, director of the UCCF

In todays blog interview Richard makes it very clear that as far as the UK's Christian Unions are concerned charismatics (especially from newfrontiers) are welcome but those who question the atonement ought to go elsewhere......Adrian: It is my pleasure to welcome to my blog today the Director of UCCF in the UK, Richard Cunningham. For my American readers, UCCF is equivalent to your Intervarsity Fellowship Richard, it is a pleasure to welcome you, please can you begin by telling us a bit about … [Read more...]