Sam Storms On Pastoring As A Reformed Charismatic

In the following interview, Sam and I speak about what it is like for him to pastor as a reformed charismatic. It is a very interesting exchange, and one I very much enjoyed filming: … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Sam Storms Turns The Tables On Me

Today I continue my interview with Sam Storms. I allowed him to turn the tables on me and interview me about the resurrection. He makes a great interviewer, I think: … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Sam Storms on His Books About 2 Corinthians

One highlight of my time in Minneapolis was finally meeting Sam Storms. I really enjoyed filming a series of interview clips which will be shared on the blog over the next three days. This first section of our time is about his set of two new books on the much neglected epistle of 2 Corinthians. This is probably the most important book of the New Testament for understanding how a minister can relate to his people through great difficulties in a christo-centric way. It is also one of the most … [Read more...]

Pastors Conference Day Two

A full day of further incredibly helpful and much needed pummeling about joy would be a good way to sum up today.  Worship continued to be meaningful and full of the presence of the Spirit.  The talks continue to be posted on the Desiring God site so you can read full notes, watch, and listen to them there.Eric Mason is a very gifted preacher. He spoke about having written a Ph.D thesis on how suffering helps our sanctification. He shared how then God had required him to live in the good of it … [Read more...]

Pastors Conference Day One

Yesterday was an amazing day.  The relational warmth of the people here and their passion for Jesus is infectious.  It was exceptional to meet Sam Storms, who I interviewed via email back in 2006, and whose ministry I have watched from afar. Look out for a video interview with him in the not-too-distant future here.I went to a "pre-conference" with Paul Tripp. He relentlessly pursued us all to make sure our private lives matched the public, urging pastors to make themselves vulnerable to o … [Read more...]

Ten Things That Please God In Worship

Sam Storms writes on worship in More Precious Than Gold, 50 Daily Meditations on the Psalms (Crossway Books: Wheaton, IL 2009), 180-184.Sam reports how a man once approached him and told him, undoubtedly sincerely, that he was uncomfortable with the way Sam worshiped. Sam’s reply? “I’m certainly open to correction, and I’m sorry you were offended, but I’m not particularly concerned with what puts you at ease. When the day comes that you are the object of my praise and adoration, I’ll pay a bit … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 19 and 20

The 20th most read post on my blog at the moment is my interview with Sam Storms.In 19th place is another interview, this time with Josh Harris. … [Read more...]

Pick Your Christian Conferences Now

UPDATE You can watch the Newday promo video right here:The summer is officially here, or at least it is in England, although with our odd weather, we can't guarantee what we will experience over the next few weeks! But it is a good time to think ahead to next year and think about what events you are planning to attend. I will share a few of my personal picks. There are also a number of other Newfrontiers conferences in different countries—why not explore their website and look for the c … [Read more...]

4th Most Read Post – Sam Storms, John Piper, and John Bunyan Versus Wayne Grudem, Al Mohler, and Mark Dever

No. 4 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on August 21, 2007, and was one in a series of posts that catalogued a major debate about baptism and church membership which took place online between such theological heavyweights as John Piper, Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem, Lig Duncan, and Mark Dever.The posts listed below were all so popular they could have made the top 30 in their own right. It's worth reading all of them: The Pipers Respond to Dever in the Baptism DebateWayne Grudem … [Read more...]

Help for our Prayerlessness – by Sam Storms

Part of the reason for my blog holiday has been, hopefully, to fit more time for prayer into my schedule which, even without blogging, remains tightly packed. As usual, I have not found that as easy as I would like—although I am praying more than I normally do. What is it about prayer that we find so difficult?I thought I would interrupt this blog break to bring you the following prolonged extract from Sam Storms' forthcoming book on Colossians. The daily devotions I am sharing here are all on t … [Read more...]